Hey there, I'm Lucie Bee. I'm an Australian Porn Star and Escort. I've been in the adult industry for about 3-4 years and started doing Porn at the beginning of 2013! I've worked for mainly Australian companies so far and will be branching out internationally next year. I'll also be launching my own website, which I've already started to shoot content for, with my next big shoot in January 2014 :)

I'm hoping to continue studying next year with a view to one day becoming a sex therapist/educator. I have trained as and occasionally volunteer as a peer sex educator, teaching young people about sexual health and positive sexual relationships.

Outside of work I'm a big comic book/graphic novel buff, obsessed with Doctor Who and watch/read a lot of sci-fi fantasy. I game occasionally and try to attend as many conventions in a year as possible. I'm just starting to dabble with Cosplay!

You can find me on twitter: https://twitter.com/luciebeexxx More Proof!: http://imgur.com/H6ZMIFG

I'm currently 'on call' so ask away, I will get to your questions!

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SpiderDairy150 karma

Would you fuck me? I'd fuck me.

luciebee57 karma

I'm not sure. I think I'd need a little more info before I could make a decision.

Bro_do_u_even_Reddit124 karma


luciebee67 karma

Hi Bro! I'm not in the market for a microwave at the moment, but when I am, I'll keep you in mind.

indn103 karma

Time for records!

  1. Farthest squirt?

  2. Quickest squirt?

  3. Longest session?

  4. Most number of partners at once?

  5. No. of virgins had?

  6. phone number? :D


luciebee119 karma

  1. I don't squirt!
  2. I still don't squirt (I'm working on it)
  3. Longest continuous sex session? About 3-4 hours!
  4. So far, about 5.
  5. I'm not 100% sure, I know for sure of at least 6 in my personal/pro life.
  6. Muahaha....I prefer to take things slow, you should tweet me first ;)

balex70 karma

Reddit discount?

luciebee106 karma

Not so much.

10tothe24th60 karma

It's simple: double your fee, then offer a "reddit discount" of 25% off.

...I should be an escort.

luciebee13 karma


BeerClown65 karma

Who's your favorite pornstar?

luciebee140 karma

....that's a really good question. I guess my top two would be James Deen and Stoya. I met them at Sexpo this year :)

BeerClown47 karma

good answer...I also appreciate those two

luciebee103 karma

They're stupidly pretty in person. I met them whilst half naked. Nothing came of it. #sads

Taibo59 karma

I'm sure someone must've came.

luciebee192 karma

I did. Later. Alone. In my room. sigh

TokerCoughin245 karma

She's just like us

luciebee307 karma

One of us. One of us. One of us. chants

TokerCoughin42 karma

Hello Lucie. On a serious note, you're quite pretty, and although I have yet to hear of you, I think I may now have to scour the web.

luciebee66 karma

Why thank you! Most people have yet to hear of me...I'm working on that XD Try twitter first. Smut starts there ;p

indn19 karma

They do Sexpos?!

luciebee33 karma

Oh they do ;)

iamanawkward46 karma

I'm curious to know, how much of your time spent with clients is distributed between purely sexual favours and people just looking to spendquality time with a (IMO really cool) girl? Do those interested in sex heavily out number those that come for any other reason?

Also, from what I've seen on twitter, I really enjoy your healthy attitude towards sex, so thanks for having such a refreshing perspective compared to a lot of other people on social media.

Thanks for the AMA!

luciebee41 karma

Thanks for your question and your comments .^

I'd say most of my clients are interested in both. I have a lot of return clients and they're pretty rad. They're very used to me and my personality, they know I love to chat and I love to listen just as much. Meeting new people and interacting with them is part of what I love about my job.

Don't get me wrong, I do have plenty who are looking for sex alone - obviously, but even then, I have a particularly naughty streak, they know I like to play. I'm hardly the hottest of all the Australian escorts, but I like to think I bring my own special something to the table.

I think there's a lot of people out there with disturbingly unhealthy, repressed attitudes towards sex. I feel very sorry for those people. There's a lot of fear and self loathing there, I know too well because they usually take a lot of that out on the industry and the people who work on it. All we can do is stay positive and continuously try to educate.

iamanawkward7 karma

I'm trying to think of a way to articulate this without sounding patronising, but you're one of my favourite porn stars period and it's almost entirely to do with how genuinely cool and down to earth you seem.

I've almost never considered using an escort service, but if I were so inclined it would be because of your attitude and how relatable you are, being "the hottest" is far from everything (to me at least). That being said, I definitely wouldn't sell yourself too short in the looks department if I were you, just saying..

Thanks for the reply!

luciebee9 karma

Not patronising at all!! :D Thank you again :) xxx

PizzaDiavolo38 karma

So you like comic books... who would you say is your favorite super hero? And why?

luciebee73 karma

Jean Grey/Phoenix. Because she goes absolutely freaking insane. The Dark Phoenix Saga was just epic, I loved the story line and I loved that they bought the Phoenix Force back in the Avengers v X-Men storyline. I'm interested to see what they do with Hope Summers now as well. The Dark Phoenix suit is my next cosplay :) I'm having it made it in latex.

A close second would be Cable or Deadpool. Or both of them together. Their dynamic is hilarious.

PizzaDiavolo14 karma

Thanks for the answer, I cant wait for the picture of you in the cosplay dress :)

luciebee50 karma

Not a dress...a latex cat suit. EVEN BETTER. XD

ShinyDiscard14 karma

/me makes note.

luciebee17 karma


clawclawbite2 karma

Cable and Hope is a really interesting relationship to see well done. The conflict between trying to protect her, and trying to help her grow to be able to protect herself because he knows he can't always be there.

Now I'm wanting to see how Hope and Deadpool would play out.

luciebee4 karma

I feel like given a weapon, Hope and Deadpool would play out with a maimed, bloody Deadpool. Especially if she's inherited her daddy's temper.

wolfmanlt37 karma

Who's your favorite Doctor? Are you sad that Matt's leaving?

luciebee96 karma

I enjoyed Matt, but I'm not sad he's leaving. I think there was only so far they could take him as the doctor. His character didn't have the same depth and capacity for growth in my opinion, as Tennant.

My favourite doctor...Probably a toss up between David Tennant, Sylvestor Mccoy and Paul Mcgann. So, 10th, 6th and 8th.

4-bit5 karma

I've never heard of you before, and am not familiar with your work, but in one sentence you've earned my love.

luciebee7 karma

I'm pretty new...;D

I'm just glad there's so many Whovians commenting on this. XD

porfilous24 karma

ITT: redditors trying to fuck a pornstar.

luciebee8 karma


Hellmark22 karma

Australians, you had a porn star AMA while we slept? Evil evil bastards...

luciebee13 karma


craigpark21 karma

At the message parlor, did you do any type of special favors? How does that even work, is it offered or just given? Also at what age, did you lose your virginity? Do you climax every time you have sex for work?


luciebee39 karma

I worked in a massage parlour that specifically offered erotic massage. So, full nude massuse, with a happy ending and other extras. Full sex was not on offer. There was an extras menu the client could choose from when he arrived. As he was introduced to each girl available, she'd advise which of the extras she did or didn't do.

I lost my virginity in my early teens. Not the earliest of my teens...but early enough.

I don't always climax, no. I'm lucky enough that I often do. But I definitely always enjoy my work. I don't need to 'get off' to enjoy sex.

craigpark6 karma

Thanks for the response! Damn I need to get ass to australia right now. Have you ever turned down any clients? How often do you have sex including your personal life?

luciebee19 karma

I've turned down a few clients here and there. Usually they were off their face drunk or on drugs and frankly that's not something I need to deal with. It affects their ability to perform sexually and generally I get blamed even though it's not my fault...so I try and avoid those situations.

Once a day. When I'm working. At the moment, my personal life is pretty much eating, sleeping and reading. I'm not a big one night stand kind of girl.

chipmunksocute2 karma

Is it once a day because you only have one client a day? I would imagine escorts have multiple in a day. Or do clients pay for like a whole day of your time and you do lots of non sexual activities too? Or just bone for 5 hours?

luciebee2 karma

It's one a day in my personal life. I do see more than one client in a day and clients book me for a variety of periods of time, to do a variety of things. No one booking is the same.

CrockMuncher19 karma

Do you ever think about the amount of kids who fap to you daily?

luciebee50 karma

Sometimes. It makes me giggle a little.

just-a-time-passer10 karma

How do the actresses in the adult industry generally feel about kids fapping to them? This guilt or wish to "respect" the actresses lessened the porn I watched quite a bit in my younger days. :X

luciebee7 karma

You go in to the industry knowing roughly what they content you're producing will be used for. And you're well aware that it'll reach a variety of audiences.

The way I see it, if they think it's worth fapping to, if it turns someone on, then I've done my job. But to be brutally honest, I don't think about it much after I've shot the scene. Once it's out there, I'm usually focused on my work or home life and whatever I'm shooting next.

thatflyingsquirrel18 karma

Do you have an interesting life goal? Something to aspire for in your professional life or persona life?

luciebee56 karma

I want to eventually get right in to sex education. Particularly in regards to young people. I think there's this massive fear factor in sex ed these days, rather than teaching young people that sex is OK, but doing it safely is probably a good idea. On top of that, I want to be a practicing sex therapist. I think there's an awful lot of people out there having very dissatisfying sex lives, that don't need to be. I'd like to change that.

thatflyingsquirrel24 karma

That's interesting. What do you know about some of the research that is recently being explored showing that pornography is contributing to decreased male satisfaction? Also, your feelings on how psychologists are finding a link between young males having increased troubles finding a partner due to their compulsive self-sexual habits decreasing overall desire and perhaps ruining realistic expectations?

luciebee43 karma

I don't think you can blame porn for that behaviour. In my opinion, bluntly, that's taking the easy way out. I think one of the big issues facing sexuality in young people is communication. People are encouraged to feel ashamed of their sexuality and sexual behaviours, rather than explore it and communicate with their partners. Women in particular seem to find it difficult to vocalise their desires. People have a lot to say about porn, a lot of it negative and I don't deny that young people have a tendency to learn, to a certain degree, from pornography, but I think having better sex education programs would be one way of hitting these kinds of issues head on.

Also, the notion that the sex depicted in porn is all bad because it's rough or because of where a guy ejaculates, really annoys me. It pigeon holes, in particular, women's sexuality. I know some men and women in to some particularly hardcore stuff, but apparently they're supposed to be feeling degraded because of it. It's horribly conflicting.

existingdolphin6 karma

On the topic of sex Ed, where did your libido start at when you entered the industry vs now? Recent issues have required me to gain knowledge on the subject

luciebee18 karma

I had a very, very healthy sex drive when I entered the industry and I'd say quite honestly that I've maintained that up to now. I wouldn't say there's been a marked increase or decrease.

ItsHollyAgain8 karma

I completely agree! People need better sex ed - at all ages

(plus fellow sex geek love! I just came back from a sex ed conference)

luciebee13 karma


I am beyond jealous. Which one?! I'm currently planning my trip to Melbourne for the International Aids Conference next year :D

ItsHollyAgain6 karma

i'm in America. I went to the CFLE Sex Ed conference. We had over 500 people this year! it was my 3rd year going, and it's just amazing. I am hoping to minimize con drop b/c when I get home I am so pumped up and energized from hanging with these amazing people. I totally met a bunch of my sex ed rockstars and geeked out. I'm envious that you get to go to that conference!!

luciebee12 karma

Oh my god that sounds amazing! I'm so jealous! There's not much going on here in Aus, I mean there is and there isn't...there's some amazing events and talks, but not so much on the conference side of things if you're not right in the industry. I'm making a little headway, trying to get to more things, they're such amazing learning experiences and you're totally right, you meet and hang with the most amazing, like minded individuals.

It's kind of why I love sci-fi conventions as well XD

JustAnotherCrackpot2 karma

On top of that, I want to be a practicing sex therapist.

Ok I have herd this term before, but Im unaware of what it actually means. Anyone care to fill me in on what exactly a sex therapist is, or what the do ?

luciebee10 karma

Essentially a sex therapist assists and educates, in the same way a normal therapist would, however their focus is sex and sexual dysfunction.

J0hntheg0d18 karma

Worst porn/escorting related experience

luciebee33 karma

Probably the worst experience I've had in the industry was when I worked at a massage parlour. I hadn't started doing 'full service' then, so he tried to push the issue. I pushed him off the massage table and from then on he seemed to behave himself.

I'm not in the industry to be treated like crap. I'll only take so much before I'll tell someone to get lost.

SerpentineLogic26 karma

I'm not in the industry to be treated like crap. I'll only take so much before I'll tell someone to get lost.

True, regardless of the industry.

luciebee21 karma

I like the way you think.

brianowns16 karma

What is the most absolute thing you wouldn't do (pertaining to the industry of course)?

luciebee57 karma


And Bukkake. I don't fear ejaculate, but there's only so much I want on, in or around me at one time.

duf0014 karma


luciebee11 karma

I'm glad ;)

Rattional15 karma

G'day my fellow aussie!

weird question I know, but do you believe in God?

luciebee65 karma

Gday! :D

No, I don't. I used to think I did, but I grew out of it. It was a symptom of a catholic education.

Reasonable_Dan12 karma

Does size really matter? :/

luciebee33 karma

Nope! Not to me anyway. It's really about how you use it and more to the point, what other skills you have in the bedroom ;)

SnowRidin2 karma


luciebee4 karma

Oh, I've said no to a package before. If it's going to be a totally painful experience, then I'm not even going to try. I have a pretty good idea of what my limits are these days.

rokthemonkey11 karma

What made you get into the porn industry?

luciebee23 karma

I've always been pretty relaxed in regards to sex. Talking about it, being open and upfront about it, proud of my sexuality...it's never been a big issue for me. I was always intrigued by the adult industry growing up. I kind of fell in to it because I had nothing else to do. I started in a massage parlour, did that for a while, did some nude photo shoots for a bit of a laugh and then thought, what the hell!

I'm pretty happy with my decision :D

doctor_seuss5 karma


luciebee19 karma

The family I'm closest to and who matter the most to me are supportive. So long as I'm safe, happy and healthy, they're happy. They've flat out stated that they don't judge me and they won't judge me, it's not what they would have picked out for me to do, but I'm continuing my education and still working towards all my goals, which is all they've ever wanted for me.

indn4 karma

One word for your family: they rock!

luciebee13 karma

They do :) I'm a big fan of them.

lundal034 karma

I've never thought about this before...but would family watch your work? Is that weird? Probably weird.

luciebee4 karma

I have no idea. And I'm happier not knowing. Definitely weird.

Wendek11 karma

I've yet to check your work but, do you do only "hardcore fucking" type stuff or also some soft/artsy type porn ?

luciebee16 karma

I do a bit of everything. Most of what I've done so far has been pretty standard, gonzo stuff.

vvskiies9 karma

  1. Whereabouts did you grow up?
  2. DC or Marvel?
  3. What games do you play?

Would like to say that your handwriting is excellent, which should be obvious given your professions.

luciebee18 karma

  1. On the Mid North Coast of NSW, Australia.
  2. Marvel. DC is kind of growing on me more, but mostly because of Batman.
  3. I'm on SWTOR when I can get online. I love the Arkham games, anything by Suda 51 a happy Lucie makes.

Why thank you ;)

Darrik5 karma

Empire or Republic?

FYI Jedi's. kick. ass.

luciebee2 karma

....Empire. FORGIVE ME.

Darrik2 karma

Goddammit, you and everyone else in the world is empire it seems

luciebee3 karma


vvskiies1 karma

A follow up question

On a scale from fresh of a boat (1) to bogan (10), whereabouts are you?

luciebee2 karma

I'm probably about a 6.

RabidLeroy7 karma

On the topic of sex education, I am all too familiar with a former film attraction featured in Epcot Center, dating from 1989 and titled The Making of Me, which focused more on growing up and the development of babies, than full on sex (which, considering the audience is parents with the very young, the film is done very tastefully enough to not need anything extra).

Which begs me to ask, what was the most unexpected, humorous, or motivating memory during your history of teaching the important aspects of sex to your audiences (from high schools to adults), and why?

luciebee17 karma

Nothing will ever compare to standing in front of a crowd of 16 year old boys, at a music festival, doing a condom demonstration on a large red dildo.


More than that, I've had some amazing experiences with clients. Some experienced, some inexperienced. I've been lucky enough to be able to connect with people on a very intimate level and help them enjoy their sexuality in a very open and safe environment. I've also been able to walk them through and teach them things that they never, ever thought they'd experience.

I've worked with clients with disabilities and they are some of the most rewarding experiences. Everyone deserves to experience touch and sensuality.

Sl1pp3ryGyp5y6 karma


luciebee21 karma

Green! :D

Sbbrian36 karma

Thats not very creative.

luciebee25 karma

Lol, what were you expecting?

CapAnson6 karma

What do you think of/Have you even participated in the Abby Winters/Girls down under sites/videos? It's about all I know of Australian porn I'm afraid.

luciebee7 karma

I've been on Girls Out West a few times, as well as aussieass.com, mileywhite.com, pinupland.com and I've just shot a scene for Popporn3D.

I've interviewed with Abby Winters and I'm hoping to get to Europe and shoot with them sometime in 2014.

CapAnson5 karma

Oh that's right I seem to recall they're in Netherlands now. Cool deal.

luciebee8 karma

They are! Amsterdam! Woo!

Airwave4275 karma

Everyone always seems to ask what was the worse escorting related experience. I want to ask. What is the best one?

luciebee6 karma

Seriously, there's so many. I have some amazing clients, I really couldn't narrow it down. I've had some amazing sexual experiences and some amazing emotional and intimate experiences with clients. And I've also just had some stupid amounts of fun and laughter.

I feel very lucky to be able to do what I love.

Rick_the_Limey5 karma

Where you're from people say "G'day mate!"

And your sexual morals are straight,

But here most of the men More than 9 times of 10

ITT: They came to masturbate.

luciebee2 karma

That was truly poetic. Thank you.

Puck90a5 karma

I heard Ja'mie King said you're a slut. What is your response to that allegation?

luciebee7 karma

She's probably right. That said, I probably won't be losing any sleep over it...

SaysAutumn4 karma

As a fellow Australian, It's awesome to see more sex positive people in this country and I greatly admire your current and future career choices!

I'd be interested to hear your view on how we should go about tackling the sex taboo in our country and other western culture? With a prevalence of "slut shaming" in my generation (young adults and teens) I personally feel this issue needs to be addressed on a national level asap because people are EMBARRASSED about having healthy and normal sex lives, let alone discussing them in a mature way. Even issues of genital hygiene and STI symptoms/prevention are lacking in our limited sex education programs.

Stay awesome and I hope you're in Brisbane sometime :D -Curt

luciebee12 karma

Sex Education, PROPER sex education absolutely MUST be a priority on a national level. Right now, it's not and we're left with fringe groups, not for profits and some excellent school level programs, but that's it and they're all struggling to get a piece of the same funding.

If the Government won't prioritise it's own programs, or prioritise it within the national curriculum, then it really needs to provide more support to those groups that are on the ground educating people, so they can better do their jobs and supply resources to those most in need. It doesn't only need to be happening in schools, it has to be through out the community, both older and younger generations. The education of most Australians in this area has been and continues to be sorely lacking.

The feelings of shame and fear surrounding sex and sexuality are what lead to preventable infections and unplanned pregnancies. It's all well and good to give people base information on their bodies, but to not give them the information and resources they need to make safe decisions, both physically and emotionally is a massive failure in the duty of care of educators and the government. I'm particularly concerned about the lack of adequate education in religious schools.

I'll definitely be heading to Brisbane, most likely in January of next year and then again for cons later in the year!

hailtheking0074 karma

Will you be touring Singapore as an escort sometime soon? I missed it when you came here the last time.

luciebee7 karma

Dates will be out and about sometime soon.

rickjackwood4 karma

As someone working in porn, what are your limits? What will you do, and what won't you do??

luciebee17 karma

My aim is to do just about as much as I can.

As it stands right now? Well, bluntly, I'm not doing anal. I'm rather be doing that in my personal life first so I can actually comfortably do it in porn.

As above, hard limits for me are scat and bukkake style stuff.

The number of people doesn't really bother me. And kink is something I'm very much OK with, however I usually hang around the dominant end of the spectrum, with the occasional switch.

I guess size is an issue. If someone shows up with something the size of a baby's arm...I'd probably have to say no. It's tricky to do 'hard and fast' when the thing can barely fit inside you O.o

I-confess-to-this4 karma

Is there eally a law demanding a certain breast size in porn in Australia in order to get rid of any suggestion of an appearance of underage sex? If so, does the Australian government really enforce that law?

luciebee8 karma

There are restrictions, however that's largely regarding video/dvd/magazine content. To be honest, I'm not sure how much they enforce it. I'm a small bust size and I've been in magazines. And I've seen girls with a small cup size in the same magazines.

I mean, technically, no-one is supposed to sell X-rated stuff in NSW (the state I'm from), but you see it in practically every adult store. The police can technically raid and prosecute them for it, but it happens so rarely that no-one seems to care.

I-confess-to-this3 karma

Thanks, I wasn't sure if someone was having me on about that to be honest. I guess that someone like Amai Liu would get in trouble if she intentionally dressed down her age and used the right make-up though. Good luck with your new site.

luciebee8 karma

Yeah, I had the same reaction when I first read it. There's a cool book on the subject, 'Money Shot' by Jeff Sparrow. Australia has some...er...interesting stuff going on with it's censorship guidelines.

I don't think I'll be putting anything on DVD anytime soon.

nspot3 karma

Do your parents know ?

luciebee3 karma

Yes they do!

jones_supa3 karma

What makes a good condom?

luciebee61 karma

Preferably one with out holes.

djfromhell2 karma

What do you think of the new prequels of Ghost in the shell?

luciebee2 karma

I haven't had a chance to watch yet. But I think the concept of a prequel series is pretty neat.

krusokat2 karma

how wide are your labia?

luciebee4 karma

That's an excellent question. I've never measured.

reagan20162 karma

So, do you like to do it?

luciebee2 karma

Like to do what? Porn? Escorting? Yes! Both! Or I wouldn't continue in the industry. The minute I stop enjoying it, is the minute I leave the industry.

flickerkuu2 karma

WTF is a sex geek.

luciebee2 karma

Google it!

ionicbondage1 karma

How do you feel about bisexual men?

luciebee5 karma


I mean, I feel strongly about bisexuality in general. I'm bisexual. And very happy.

I also like MMF threesomes, whether a guy is bisexual or not, but I'd be lying if I said they weren't a little better with bisexual guys. It's just a little more hot when everyone is involved, even just partially.

jonny_nutsack1 karma

  1. How sexually liberal is it in Australia? Worst than the US?
  2. Do you like these porn sized dicks or are you more into average joe size (girthwise)?
  3. Has working in the sex industry made you wary of men?

Airwave4272 karma

I am going to chip in for the 1st one. We have a political party called "The Australian sex party". They even won a seat in the senate last election. So nothing like the US lol.

luciebee2 karma

And I'm a card carrying member of that political party :D

So, in answer to 1. I'd say we have our moments but we're definitely more liberal.

  1. I think you need to check out my porn. I've walked with a variety of dicks. There's no such thing as a 'porn sized dick' in the Australian industry. If you have a dick, you can use it the way we need you to use it and you're not an utter twat, then you too can be in porn.

I'm not a size queen.

  1. Working in the sex industry has made me more aware of relationships. And where they can go wrong. It's also given me a bit more insight in to people in general. I have male and female clients.

stinger281 karma

Do you do any performances in Melbourne?

luciebee5 karma

Do I shoot in Melbourne? Not so much. Australia has some interesting legal restrictions, so we can only shoot in certain places.

I do tour Melbourne as an escort, but other than that no 'live' performances ;p

QwEbA1 karma

What gets you going in bed?

luciebee10 karma

I like it a little rough.

anon1081 karma

How did your family react when you were on porn industry?

luciebee3 karma

I think I covered this earlier on, but they're very supportive of what I chose to do. It's not necessarily what they would have picked out for me to do with my life, however their primary concern has and will always be that I'm safe and happy. And I am!