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jonny_nutsack245 karma

solidarity. bro.

jonny_nutsack233 karma

i like the candidness. do you hate men now?

jonny_nutsack228 karma

LEXI! LET ME MAKE OUT WITH YOU! no? it was worth a shot.

EDIT: FUCK YEA. highest rated comment is being a creeper to an ex-porn chick. Lexi, this song goes out to you:

jonny_nutsack157 karma

Dude. I feel like you could get so much ass because of this. You'd bashfully tell a female friend "would a girl find it weird if they saw a dude had 3 balls?" they'd go yeah... why?

Then you'd say "...cuz my friend".

Then, their curiosity would grow, until they can't take it any longer and go, "Gandalf, show me your goods!" Then you'd be like, " Behold my ballz!"

jonny_nutsack67 karma

I'll remember that line next time unattractive females accost me.