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You think you have it bad, but you at least aren't Balakay

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Hey guys, love your work. My wife and I watched every episode of Key and Peele, plus try and spot each of you in other shows.

How is your relationship offset? Are you guys friends, or are you like Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage or Penn & Teller where you're just coworkers?

I know you guys ended Key and Peele so you could branch out and try other things. Does that mean more stuff like Keanu, or what?

Keegan-Michael, since you have a hypenated first name, what do your friends and family call you? Any truncated form or nicknames? Also, do you still keep in touch with any of the MADtv people (obviously other than Jordan)?

Jordan, what about you? What do you remember from your MADtv days, and anyone you keep in touch with?

And for the both of you, is there anything you'd like to do, but just haven't had the opportunity so far?

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See, I never thought Toofer was stuck up or insufferable. Toofer was a little higher class in his tastes and background, but that really wasn't a big deal.

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Holy shit, I thought you were pranking us with that story, until I googled it and saw it was real.

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You wouldn't get killed. You'd just get kidnapped, strapped in a chair, and forced to watch a little TV before getting released...