Join me at the banana stand, We'll be listening to the new Arrested Development soundtrack. //// Hey everyone, I'm signing out now. Thanks for asking such great questions. The Arrested Development soundtrack album is available from Amazon and iTunes

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Frajer22 karma

Was it hard having to write a song for a puppet to sing?

davidschwartzmusic90 karma

Franklin is real. Almost a brother to me.

youjik3313 karma

I love the AD soundtrack so much! I can't stop listening to it. A couple of questions...

1) Are the lyrics posted anywhere? Especially to Getaway and Practice Kisses, I can't make out all the lines and it's a bit maddening because they're both so catchy!

2) What would it take to convince you and Will Arnett to release a full "Franklin Comes Alive" album? = )

davidschwartzmusic37 karma

  1. Get Away – Arrested Development By David Schwartz & Gabriel Mann ! V1 BRIDGE Get out of my car Get out of my club Get out my bar Get offa my rug Get out of my boat You’re goin’ too far And on that note Get offa my star ! CH FINAL Why don’t you go away Stay away Get away Get away Move away Run away Find a way Far away Anchors away Stay away Get away You’re hopelessly hopeless Oh, there’s nothing to ya Yeah, I see right through ya You’re losing it, you’re losing it You’re laughin’ but you’re tragic Your tricks they got no magic You’re losing it, you always miss ! CH Why don’t you go away Stay away Get away You’re hopelessly hopeless Get away ! V2 You wish you were for real You just can’t seal the deal You’re losing it, you always miss Such a brown-noser You’re nothing but a poser You’re losing it, you’re losing it


I’m growing up, I find my way doing my thing, making my hay I’m learning how to be a man Living large, who’s in charge Yes you are, superstar That’s the only way I can

I’ve had hits and I’ve had misses Practice kisses, baby baby Practice kisses, baby baby

Hiding out in my crib You know that’s what it is Up in lights on the marquis Every day, who I am 9 to 5 superman Baby come and fly with me

I’ve had hits and I’ve had misses Practice kisses, baby baby Practice kisses, baby baby

  1. 5 US DOLLARS - Anything Mr. Arnett wants to do, I'm in!

youjik339 karma

Thanks so much!

I think I could swing five dollars...

yanabanana4 karma


davidschwartzmusic15 karma

Condition one has been met now it's up to Arnett

yanabanana2 karma

If we actually bring you the money and bought a plane ticket could we totally come see this magic happen, because that would make my life.

youjik331 karma

I don't know if I could handle being in the same room as Franklin without swooning though

davidschwartzmusic12 karma

I'm still hoping for a Franklin spin-off.

yanabanana8 karma

I just want to say first of all that your music has made Arrested Development even more amazing than it already is. The way you have added to the scenes is just phenomenal. I've already been listening to the Arrested Development Soundtrack on repeat and it is fantastic! Big fan of yours and it's great to get to ask you a question!

I was wondering if you had a) a favourite song from AD and b) a favourite instrumental piece from AD. And, of course I would love to know why you picked them if you have the time to answer!

davidschwartzmusic9 karma

I really don't think of favorites. It's what I'm working on at the time and afterwards it's just the mood I'm in. Last night at the CD release party, the soundtrack was playing in the background. It was really enjoyable to hear the music on it's own.

ShotgunMunroe6 karma

Is a full version of the mariachi version of Sounds of Silence going to be on the Arrested Development OST, and if not, will it ever be released?

davidschwartzmusic5 karma

It is included in the Mariachi Blanco medley on the new soundtrack CD.

ItsScubaSteve6 karma

I LOVE Deadwood. How was it like working on it?

davidschwartzmusic11 karma

Deadwood was a favorite of mine. The visuals were always musically inspiring. A friend of mine who was a producer on the show, asked me if I would take a shot at writing the theme and they would like to hear something the next day. I told him I was standing under the Eiffel tower... the one in Vegas. I got on the next plane, came back and wrote the theme. The director Davis Guggenheim really liked it, but felt there should be a section in the middle that was very different. Sort of a musical bridge. I thought that was a great idea and it really contributed to the final theme.

otismatis5 karma

Do you write music, then fit it to a scene, or watch/read a scene, then write music to fit it?

Also, how much of your work is composed by diligent construction, and how much by spontaneous thought? Which do you enjoy more?

davidschwartzmusic9 karma

I write almost exclusively to picture. The picture is the inspiration. There are times where I have to write to a script and then I try to imagine what the picture will look like. The initial inspiration is almost always pure spontaneity. The diligent construction comes when orchestrating/ filling out the parts.

otismatis3 karma

Awesome! Thanks for the reply. Also, "I Get Up" is still my go-to song for dancing in front of my mirror while getting ready in the morning. I owe you one!

davidschwartzmusic4 karma

That is an awesome image, you dancing to "I Get Up". You are welcome.

davidschwartzmusic4 karma

BTW, that was the first or second song written for Arrested Development

perfectworthlessdove5 karma

Silly question about the woodblock other musical gags, because they're used so extensively in season 4. There's a lot of interesting gags that you only get after you've watched it through twice. For example, Lucille hums Getaway in Tobias's first episode and we hear the woodblock after George Michael says privacy early on in the first episode. Did some of them get added very late, or were you presented with a lot of footage out of order with context given and then it was pieced together later by editors?

davidschwartzmusic6 karma

Mitch is constantly thinking of ways to improve every element of the show. His mind is never diverted from that goal. Some musical moments were written in the script. Many just came as we bounced ideas around. Luckily for us, Michael Cera turned out to be a world class Woodblockist. With Getaway, I had to write the song, so Lucille could sing one line of it in a scene that came before we actually learn about Mark Cherry.

Corrupt_Spartan3 karma

Hello. Just want to say I love your work!

Now, as a composer for multimedia, do you have the help of other composers as well, or is it all your work?

Also rehearsals for these things are tough, usually only a matter of days to record a soundtrack. I know from experience the nervousness of doing it as a violin player, but what about you, the composer?

davidschwartzmusic5 karma

I try to write as much as I can by myself. If I'm lucky enough to be really busy, then it's great to bring on a 2nd composer to help with the flow. The amount of music that has to be written with a very short turnaround can be daunting. I'm most nervous the minute someone tells me I got the job. Once I start writing, I get so involved in the process that I forget to be nervous.

perfectworthlessdove3 karma

Hi David! I love your work so much. I have a question about the reuse of your songs in the course of the show. For instance, Shot by Love is first heard in Burning Love but then we hear it again later as ambient noise when GOB and Tony have their meeting in the Gothic Castle. A more prevalent season four example - Practice Kisses is heard briefly in episode seven and then we hear it again as Steve Holt(!)'s ringtone, when George-Michael and Rebel meet, and when we see the military at the frozen yogurt shop. Are you with these choices every step of the way, or are these sometimes choices Mitch makes first? When do you decide to make a new song for ambient noise versus reusing an old one for world building?

davidschwartzmusic5 karma

I love when we can use a cue or an original song thematically. Mitch has a stunning musical memory and will often find great places to reuse a song. Even when the lyrics are quiet, I think the subliminal message can come through.

youjik333 karma

That means Shot By Love was used in the Gothic Castle scene because Gob and Tony are so in love, right? = )

davidschwartzmusic6 karma

I guess you could say they were Shot By Love. Special shout out to Larry John McNally, the singer on that song. My co-writer was Gabriel Mann. It's on the new soundtrack!

kindigo3 karma

Hi David! Thanks so much for all the great responses. Super last-minute question: the Sound of Silence leitmotif is one of the best jokes from Season 4, I think. Was that your choice, or Mitch's, or some third thing? Was it originally scripted that way?

davidschwartzmusic3 karma

That was 100% the genius of Mitchell Hurwitz. I believe it was in the script. We really had fun with it this season. I hope Paul Simon forgives us.

Lydiduh1 karma

Ah, so Mr. Hurwitz is to blame for me never taking that song seriously ever again

davidschwartzmusic2 karma

If you've seen Paul Simon on SNL, you know he has a fantastic sense of self deprecating humor....I hope

yanabanana3 karma

~ FANS LOVE DAVID ~ (sorry, re-using an old banner. thank-you for being awesome and humouring us all :) )

davidschwartzmusic4 karma

You're very welcome.

nonchalant-hydra2 karma

Hey David! Love the show and love your music, to me I feel it's a huge part of any show especially AD. My question is: do you know when the soundtrack will be available on iTunes? Also: I get up and you here with me are my favorites by you and Gabriel Mann!

nonchalant-hydra1 karma

Thanks so much! And thanks for the AMA! This is an awesome thing that you do with the fans

davidschwartzmusic7 karma

I actually think it's the other way around. It's the fans that allow us to keep doing Arrested Development. That's what brought back the fourth season. It's one thing to write by yourself everyday in a studio, but it's another to imagine people listening and hopefully enjoying the music that accompanies each episode.

bsus14122 karma

How do you get yourself psyched up to create the music? Does it start naturally from a point, or do you have a general idea of how the piece is supposed to go and then just shape it to fit the scene?

davidschwartzmusic2 karma

The schedule of television does not allow for the luxury of getting in the right mood. Once Arrested is up and running, I'm pretty much doing it during most waking hours and having a great time. If I'm driving or just about to fall asleep, I might be thinking of how to solve a certain musical problem. Usually I just start at the beginning of an episode and write to picture.

Lydiduh2 karma

Ever since Season 4 of Arrested Development I've been absolutely enamored with the amount of love and detail that you put into the soundtrack. The amount of non-visual gags that the team gets to fit in just via the music is so stymying to me! There is one thing I wondered-- In A New Attitude, there's a slightly western-y sting at one point that has almost the exact same chord structure as the Brokeback Mountain theme, and with the whole theme of the episode the thought of that being purposeful cracked me up. Was it just a coincidence?

davidschwartzmusic2 karma

Total coincidence. I was just going for an ambient western motif that fit the location and the mood.

CharlatanAlley2 karma

How can I get my cinematic music in front of the right people. I have a youtube profile where I showcase my talent, but it's hard to get noticed. It seems everyone wants to get into this. HERE is my profile if you find the time I would greatly appreciate any advice you could offer me. Regards, Drew Holt.

davidschwartzmusic5 karma

Thanks. The competition is fierce and always has been. Everybody has a different story. I think the best advice I can give is to keep going for any opportunity, score student films, if you start working with directors and editors and they like your music, they will bring you along when they have new projects to work on. Couldn't help but notice your surname is Holt. Any relation to Steve?

davidschwartzmusic13 karma


BashyLaw2 karma

Are you responsible for the Arrested Development theme song? It's my favorite. I sometimes like to play my cat like a mandolin (his name is Lando, so the stretch to "Landolin" isn't the most inventive) and make the AD theme sounds.

Sheet music? I imagine my cat would appreciate it.

davidschwartzmusic7 karma

Thanks. Yes I am responsible for the theme song. I'm also extremely allergic to cats. I will make an exception for Lando. Here's an instructional video for your Landolin.

cod_gurl942 karma

Why don't you go away, get away?

davidschwartzmusic9 karma

I guess I'm just hopelessly hopeless. Thanks for your support

danajsparks2 karma

I absolutely love "Boomerang." I feel like its lyrics could apply to several of the relationships in season 4. But I was wondering if you had a particular relationship(s) in mind when you picked that song.

davidschwartzmusic1 karma

The song Boomerang is actually not my composition. It is written and performed by Lucy Schwartz & Matt Hales. It appears on Lucy Schwartz' new record Timekeeper. I gave Mitch Hurwitz an advanced copy of the record. When he had time to listen to it he fell in love with Boomerang and asked if Arrested could use it for the final episode of season 4. Of course everybody was thrilled.

yanabanana1 karma

Lucy's your daughter right? So cool to have both of your music on the same show. You must be so proud :)

davidschwartzmusic2 karma

It's a delight to work with Lucy. Of course I'm very proud. Her first professional job was the voice of "Mr. F" for Arrested. She was only 14 at the time.

A_Random_Midget2 karma

What's your favorite animal?

davidschwartzmusic6 karma

The human animal

pineyfusion2 karma

I noticed that everybody in Season 4 with the opening credits had their own little instrument, kind of like with Peter and the Wolf. Any reason for that? Also what were the actual instruments used?

davidschwartzmusic4 karma

We felt that this season was different, especially in the early episode that featured mainly a single character. I quote Ron Howard, "...This is Tobias' Arrested Development", so we decided to add a musical signature for each character/episode.

youjik332 karma

I loved the variations on the themes. And would love to get them all on a volume 2 soundtrack, hint hint!

(or as a secret bonus track on the now-inevitable Franklin Comes Alive album)

davidschwartzmusic1 karma

It's possible!

yanabanana2 karma

Where can I get the rights to the Fantastic Four Musical?

davidschwartzmusic3 karma

I would start with 20th Century Fox then move on to Netflix. It'd be a good idea to check in with Imagine entertainment.

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davidschwartzmusic1 karma

Not my roommate. I think if you do what I do, you learn to love all types of music. The more you know about music, the more you realize how much you don't know. It's a life long learning process. I really try to enjoy music the same way I did before I was a composer (without analyzing it- which is not always possible but that's what I try for)

hawksin61 karma

do you have a favorite episode of AD? Or do you have a favorite character from AD?

davidschwartzmusic3 karma

It's such an amazing cast. My favorite character changes all the time. I think it's really amazing that you could have a cast that any single member could be your favorite. Screw it....Franklin!

yanabanana1 karma

You said that Michael Cera played the woodblock and Will obviously was Franklin and Gob. Were any other actors in the show featured in the soundtrack and/or background music in ways we may not know about?

davidschwartzmusic3 karma

Lindsay & Tobias sang Teamocil. Oscar sings "All You Need Is Smiles" a song he infamously for David Cassidy to sing. Michael and Tobias "I just met a girl today / Fallacy" Don't forget William Hung sings "Mock Trial" with Judge Reinhold. Of course, there's the entire Fantastic Four musical. Please feel free to contribute here if any of you fans can think of more

toastiejoe1 karma

I've honestly never seen Arrested Development or Deadwood, would you recommend either? I like cowboys and I like Michael Cera.

davidschwartzmusic2 karma

If you like cowboys & Michael Cera, you'll LOVE Arrested Development and Deadwood

chaoticfarz1 karma

Do you think there will be another season of AD?

davidschwartzmusic2 karma

I think so but there's nothing to report as of this time.

PsychedelicAmpersand1 karma

I always have trouble hearing the lyrics to Balls in the Air right. What are they, exactly?

davidschwartzmusic3 karma

v1 " how much can you do?! you lift and push and struggle! when the foot's on the other shoe! just grab a hold and juggle! ! ch1 " all those balls in the air! how hard can it be?! so hard you're getting dizzy! flip those balls in the air! keep those balls in the air! v2" ! how fast can you go?! looks like you might be in trouble! if you just wanna let it flow! try not to burst your bubble! ch2" get those balls in the air! how hard can it be?! so hard you're getting dizzy! flip those balls in the air! keep those balls in the air! ch3" all those Balls in the air!! How hard can it be?! So hard you’re gettin’ dizzy! flip those Balls in the air! (woah) ! ! all those Balls in the air!! How hard can it be?! So hard you’re gettin’ dizzy! flip those Balls in the air! KEEP THOSE BALLS IN THE AIR!

MrLionMan1 karma

Have any theories for where Deadwood would have gone story-wise if it had been able to continue? Or perhaps you have some inside information on this front?

davidschwartzmusic1 karma

Composers are usually in the dark about anything to do with scripts, acting or production. So, no is the answer.

MrLionMan1 karma

But you totally would've scored Al's inevitable death scene right??? Throw me a bone here man!

davidschwartzmusic1 karma

I would've loved to, but I only did the theme song and the first few episodes then went back to working on Arrested Development.

second_to_fun1 karma

I love Arrested development! I am now on season 2. Do you have a lot of input on the directing of the show? The way the cinematography and directing is done makes me laugh so much, it's amazing!

davidschwartzmusic1 karma

No. Like most composers, I come in after the directing, cinematography and editing are done. The music is the last thing in the chain and is often made days before the episode airs. That's why it's high pressure and so much fun.

lizlemonkush1 karma

Will you be doing the music for the movie?

davidschwartzmusic1 karma

As far as I know! If there is one, I will be a part of it.

wes81 karma


davidschwartzmusic1 karma

As boring as it is, I'd have to chose me. I'm pretty grateful for the life I have. it would be nice to have a time machine though...

DefinitelyNotIceCube-1 karma

What is your favorite movie you didn't score, and why is it Barbershop 2: Back in Business?

davidschwartzmusic2 karma

I've been meaning to watch Barbershop 2: Back in Business. Just haven't gotten around to it yet.