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Where there some surprising things (good or bad) that you found in a certain country?

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Hello. Just want to say I love your work!

Now, as a composer for multimedia, do you have the help of other composers as well, or is it all your work?

Also rehearsals for these things are tough, usually only a matter of days to record a soundtrack. I know from experience the nervousness of doing it as a violin player, but what about you, the composer?

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Truly amazing work you two have been doing. Please keep it up. Don't think I will be doing arctic organisms but it is a cool subject to work on. Thanks!

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Hey guys! I have been very interested in your work and I am getting to do some coral research down at the Florida Keys with the Wave Foundation. May I ask, what got you interested in marine organisms in the arctic?

It is because it is a remote topic?

Are you interested in the life?

Or is it god damn fun?

Edit: College of Charleston for Marine Biology and other sciences.