David Schwartz

is a composer, known for his scoring of the music for several television series. Notably, he composed most of the songs for Arrested Development, and he returned as the series composer for the fourth season, which debuted on Netflix.

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Love you too!

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I believe it was Mitch Hurwitz' idea. After all, he is a genius. I did get to arrange the Mariachi version of Sounds Of Silence. It was a fairly challenging assignment. Listen to the Simon & Garfunkel record. Especially the tempo changes in the first four bars. Classic!

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I too am hopefully hopeful. The song should be up on the Netflix blog anytime now. Gabriel Mann and I will be creating a full length version that will be available on the after mentioned.

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You can't have too many ukeleles, but I've been getting close lately. I have a variety of different ukes I love my Mya Moe 6 string and resonator uke. My first uke was a KoAloha and is still a favorite. The arrested signature uke is actually a tahitian ukelele from Bora Bora and has four double course (strings), all the same gauge fishing wire.

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Yes, I've written the great majority of songs for the show. It's something we started with the very first episode. It's pretty unique in television and I have a great time doing it. Gabriel Mann has been a co-writer and singer on many of the songs. As has been Lucy Schwartz and Larry John McNally. All great singers. Interestingly, we usually start and finish the songs in one night, often starting around 10pm, that way I can write score all day and get a boost of energy when we start the song. There's definitely some songs we wish we could've made longer versions for, but there's rarely the time. I usually have a week or less to do score and songs for each episode of Arrested D.

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I feel great about it! Especially when I'm on my meds.

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When we started this season, Mitch felt it should be some how different. Especially since each episode is usually more about a single character. I think he came up with the idea of adding something for each character. The woodblock solo performed by jazz great/drummer Peter Erskine, is a personal favorite of mine.

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Thanks, I love bass player compliments! I'm still a bass player at heart.

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I miss Franklin. I'm hoping for a Fox spin-off next season. That song was particularly fun to write. I crack up whenever I hear Will sing it. His relationship with Franklin always touches me.