Join me at the banana stand, I'll be playing some uke and answering any questions you'd like answered. ||| Hey guys, it's way past my yogurt shake break, I'm very impressed by all of the thoughtful and knowledgable questions I've received. Some of you know more about the show than those of us who work on it. Trivia fact: If you check very carefully, in the first minute and a half of the first episode of season 4, you might see someone playing the guitarron in a sombrero who looks something like d.Fly. I'll check back over the next few days and see if there's any other questions that need answering. Now it's coconut shake break time. Really glad I had some time to get back here and answer some of these newer questions. I'm floored by the collective knowledge of this group. I've got a little writing project, but I'll try to check in again next week.

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fobotrag1349 karma

hey dad. love, ian.

davidschwartzmusic963 karma

Love you too!

MadeInDeutschland658 karma

Who had the idea to add the Simon & Garfunkel music in Season 4?

Goddamn brilliant

davidschwartzmusic655 karma

I believe it was Mitch Hurwitz' idea. After all, he is a genius. I did get to arrange the Mariachi version of Sounds Of Silence. It was a fairly challenging assignment. Listen to the Simon & Garfunkel record. Especially the tempo changes in the first four bars. Classic!

fanodast369 karma

David Schwartz, why don't you.... share the song Getaway, full version Getaway, catchy tune Getaway? We're hopefully hopeful!

PS: Thank you for making this great show even better, I love your music!

davidschwartzmusic502 karma

I too am hopefully hopeful. The song should be up on the Netflix blog anytime now. Gabriel Mann and I will be creating a full length version that will be available on the after mentioned.

aquanaut251 karma

Bass player here, just wanted to give you huge props for the bassline on the AD theme. Tasteful, elegant, clever, perfect compliment to the tune.

davidschwartzmusic240 karma

Thanks, I love bass player compliments! I'm still a bass player at heart.

frankthepieking218 karma

Did you write all of the fictional songs too, eg Getaway, or just the link up/background parts?

davidschwartzmusic316 karma

Yes, I've written the great majority of songs for the show. It's something we started with the very first episode. It's pretty unique in television and I have a great time doing it. Gabriel Mann has been a co-writer and singer on many of the songs. As has been Lucy Schwartz and Larry John McNally. All great singers. Interestingly, we usually start and finish the songs in one night, often starting around 10pm, that way I can write score all day and get a boost of energy when we start the song. There's definitely some songs we wish we could've made longer versions for, but there's rarely the time. I usually have a week or less to do score and songs for each episode of Arrested D.

taurenlegend201 karma

How many ukeleles do you own?

davidschwartzmusic394 karma

You can't have too many ukeleles, but I've been getting close lately. I have a variety of different ukes I love my Mya Moe 6 string and resonator uke. My first uke was a KoAloha and is still a favorite. The arrested signature uke is actually a tahitian ukelele from Bora Bora and has four double course (strings), all the same gauge fishing wire.

TheDarkDoctor184 karma

Was it your idea to give each character's episode in the new series it's own unique flair? I absolutely loved it and have always loved the music on the series. Thanks for doing this AMA!

davidschwartzmusic285 karma

When we started this season, Mitch felt it should be some how different. Especially since each episode is usually more about a single character. I think he came up with the idea of adding something for each character. The woodblock solo performed by jazz great/drummer Peter Erskine, is a personal favorite of mine.

Upstream15138 karma

How do you feel about the Timocil song?

davidschwartzmusic315 karma

I feel great about it! Especially when I'm on my meds.

zatan130134 karma

Annyong Mr. Schwartz! Welcome to reddit, the unofficial Arrested Development fan club. Thanks for taking time to answer our questions.

1) Your music encompasses just about every style, so who would you say are your influences?

2) Do you ever hang out with other TV/film composers, like Post or Zimmer?

3) Aside from bass, did you play any other instruments for AD? Was that you whistling in the opening theme? Because that is some damn fine whistling.

And speaking of the opening theme, (can't believe I'm about to link this) how badly did I butcher your piece?

davidschwartzmusic129 karma

I love your re-orchestration of the theme! Awesome! My influences are varied. Like any composer it's a total sum of my life's musical experiences. Early on, as a bassist, I played in almost every style imaginable: Orchestra, jazz combos, rock bands, Glen Miller orchestra (as a sub for two weeks, way after the departure of Glen), country bands, soul bands. It gave me a lot to draw on as a composer. Although I've met Mike Post and Hans, unfortunately we don't hang out...yet, i'm still hoping. Besides bass, I play other instruments as needed. I try to get other players as much as possible. Special mention goes to George Doering, guitarist, ukeleleist, and one of the best all around musicians I've had the pleasure to know. Also a great guy! The superb whistling is my good friend and musician James McVay. He calls his style, Merry Milkman.

fanodast115 karma

Did you arrange the "gothic" version of the Final Countdown as used here ( ) or did it already exist?

If a certain musical cue is used in a situation (as in this example), is it up to you or does the script call for it or how does the process between you and Mitch Hurwitz work?

davidschwartzmusic125 karma

Yes the arrangement was mine. Mitch, writer producer Jim Valley, myself and the music editor, Jason Tregoe Newman watch a rough cut of the show and discuss all the spots where we would like to have music. There's often a lot of back and forth and a great deal of laughter. Mitch is funnier in the room than anyone I know. We also decide what we'd like the music to do. A lot of this can change when I actually start the composing process.

stumper9398 karma

Just want to say this scene has one of the best bits of music. I don't know why, but the music fits so well with the looks on Gob's, George's, and Franklin's face. Also, are you the one or did someone else come up with "It Ain't Easy Being White?"-Franklin

davidschwartzmusic178 karma

I miss Franklin. I'm hoping for a Fox spin-off next season. That song was particularly fun to write. I crack up whenever I hear Will sing it. His relationship with Franklin always touches me.

smk320092 karma

Andale Hermano is awesome!! Do you have a version of it longer than 20 seconds??

davidschwartzmusic80 karma

I wish! It actually might be a little bit longer. We wrote that at 1:00am and then talked Antonio Soul into coming over to sing it with Gabe. Everyone's voice was totally blown out from singing and laughing. Bravo Hermanos!

Paradox90 karma

What inspired the ukulele theme? I liked the derivative that netflix used for their bumper. Was that your composition as well?

davidschwartzmusic150 karma

Right before we started the original series. I had just returned from a trip to Bora Bora, where I had found a Tahitian Ukulele. A wonderful Polynesian gentleman who played uke in the hotel bar helped me find one from a luthier friend of his. Mitch Hurwitz the incredible creator of Arrested D heard the uke on a short cue I did and asked if we could use it for the theme. It was definitely a break through moment and helped define the music for the series. Almost every episode has a old style swing tune composed for that episode. Using the use of ukuleles gives it a unique flavor.

shacoby71 karma

As I was sitting on my porch reading this AmA, someone from the house across the street from me came outside and started loudly singing The Final Countdown.

It was my favorite moment of the day.

davidschwartzmusic48 karma


gold_please62 karma

Do you ever use your last name in reference to Spaceballs to raise the sexual tension in a room full of ladies?

Because I hope you do.

davidschwartzmusic96 karma

I wish I had thought of that! May the Schwartz be with you!

sCumbag3455 karma

Estimate how many more seasons will we get?

davidschwartzmusic213 karma


frozenpandaman51 karma

Balls in the Air is my absolute FAVORITE. Just sayin'. That is all.

Actually, EDIT: oh my god. Is it just me, or does the version of 'Getaway' on your site include the lyrics "Your tricks, they got no magic..." ?! :D

davidschwartzmusic95 karma

Get Away – Arrested Development By David Schwartz & Gabriel Mann Oh, there’s nothing to ya Yeah, I see right through ya You’re losing it, you’re losing it You’re laughin’ but you’re tragic Your tricks they got no magic You’re losing it, you always miss Why don’t you go away Get away Far away Stay away You’re hopelessly hopeless Get away Why don’t you go away Get away Far away Stay away You’re hopelessly hopeless Get away

jday1724450 karma

Hello darkness my old friend

davidschwartzmusic80 karma

Ive come to talk with you again,

speedyjohn50 karma

What are our odds of getting a full-length mariachi "Sound of Silence"?

davidschwartzmusic100 karma

I'm in - if Paul Simon is.

senorchang3443 karma

Did you make the Motherboy theme and who is the singer? Also, did you create the Hung jury?

davidschwartzmusic52 karma

Yes to Motherboy. A personal favorite. Gabriel Mann is once again the singer and co-writer. Of course, I was thrilled to be working with Mr. Hung.

bdubyageo42 karma

Will we ever hear a ukelele version of "Christmas Time is Here"?

davidschwartzmusic62 karma

That's a good idea! Although the original Vince Guaraldi version is a classic.

thearmlessoctopus39 karma

First off let me say I love the show and your music. I have a few questions if you are not already overcome with too many.

  • How long does it take to get the end product for the show, from start to finish and how long does the studio give you to complete it?
  • Also I am very interested to know what the studio tells you when they request a piece, do they give you any guidelines as what it should sound like or mood it should evoke in the listener?

davidschwartzmusic53 karma

Turnaround is often less than a week. It can vary greatly depending on what's going on in post production and air dates. Arrested is very unique in that we don't have a formal review process of music. I'm honored and it also inspires me to write from my first instincts. Of course we now have a huge library so we have some options for the final dub / show mix. Also, I like to be on the stage for the final mix if the schedule allows. This is generally NOT the norm in television.

thearmlessoctopus16 karma

Thank you very much for answering my question, however in doing so you have rustled up my curiosity. You said how Arrested Development is "very unique" in the sense of music and how it doesn't have a formal review process of music, in what other ways is Arrested Development unique? and do you mingle with the cast well or to they tend to kept to themselves and you yours?

davidschwartzmusic38 karma

I think everything in Arrested is unique as it all comes from the unique mind of Mitchell Hurwitz. Composers are usually kept locked away in a dark studio. It's unusual to meet the cast. Although I'm not hanging out with our fantastic cast, or mingling on a daily basis, I have had some opportunities to interact with them.

invisibo39 karma

Who were the session musicians for the intro and credits?? The band sounded really tight.

Also, how much do you end up composing and using live musicians? A film composer friend of mine (sci-fi network movies mostly) uses almost all samples

davidschwartzmusic50 karma

I'm lucky enough to have access to some fantastically talented musicians. You can listen to theme on my website All the musicians for the theme should be listed there as well.

DaOverw8Lover37 karma

How many calls total did it take for the cast to be like "Yes, we want in to continue the show"? The new format seems to work around the busy schedules of the ensemble cast

davidschwartzmusic86 karma


rarghybalthazar36 karma

Thanks for doing this ama, big fan of you and lucy.
Did you compose the fantastic 4 musical and if so, can we please have a full version of invisible, this would make my day.

davidschwartzmusic79 karma

I too am a big fan of Lucy. We co-produced her new album 'Timekeeper". The album will be released August 6th. Yes, I composed the fantastic 4 musical. So I guess that would make me the real Mark Cherry. It was done in 2 days the week it was to be shot. It's always different when you're writing music that will be filmed to as a opposed to composing to existing film. I wrote the musical with Gabriel Mann. It was Mitch's idea that all the Mark Cherry songs should be almost the same song, only different. We are discussing bringing the show to broadway this fall.....NOT!

yviner34 karma

I only have one question.

Need an intern?

davidschwartzmusic55 karma

Not at the moment, I have a fantastic studio manager/assistant, Justin DiCenzo. Keep in touch, we occasionally do need an intern when it gets busy.

CalumArcadia32 karma

I'm probably too late for you to answer this, but there was a song on Arrested Development, I think Season 3, called Shot By Love which I've had stuck in my head for the best part of a decade. I can't find the song anywhere, and I just need to know if there is anywhere I can download it, or if you have it and can put it up on YouTube or something? Please dear God have it...

davidschwartzmusic36 karma

"Shot By Love" I co-wrote with my longtime friend, Larry John McNally. LJM sang it and it's one of my faves too. Sorry it has lodged itself in your head for such a long time. I will pitch it for the soundtrack CD.

two_insomnias26 karma

David, love your music so much! I'm particularly fond of "Man, I'm Blue," which I assume is an original composition of yours ("when I'm down, so down..."). Is that a full composition, or just a snippet/A section you wrote for a scene or two? I'm a jazz vocalist and sing with a couple trad/gypsy bands, and have been itching to sing that tune on a gig! Please let me know if I can find it anywhere... it would make my day. And I'll send you a recording, if so!

davidschwartzmusic41 karma

yes, that's my composition with Gabe. There's actually a 2:19 minute version featuring me singing the bass part. How do I get you an mp3? I will need your gypsy band version as payment. Thanks so much.

Needmo24 karma

Do you get to meet the cast a lot? Any interesting stories?

davidschwartzmusic56 karma

I actually have met the cast a few times. They are as funny and as bright as you might imagine. Interesting fact: Jessica Walters' dad was a great bassist and bass teacher in NYC. As a bassist myself, it's something we can bond with. I also worked with Will on "Running Wilde". I was in NYC visiting the set, Will was there in a smoking jacket and gave me a personal tour of the mansion that they were shooting in. All in all quite surreal.

popecat22 karma

David! I really enjoy the outro music and I think that the trumpet solo is really tasteful. I have a question- is there an edit in there or did the band flip the beat purposely? I noticed it sometime while I was watching the 3rd season.

davidschwartzmusic26 karma

That's trumpeter extraordinaire, Tom Marino. Tom and Rick Baptist have been my trumpet guys since the beginning. Two of the best. You have good ears. It is an edit.

VioletSky2219 karma

Oh man!

Looks like I'm 5 hours late to the party - there's so much I've always meant to ask! I LOVE your work! On to my dying pressing question(s):

Several years ago, I acquired the "unofficial" Arrested Development Soundtrack (I don't remember where I found it). It was great and there were lots of songs on it. However, it seemed to be missing a few tunes. One I was particularly fond of was what I called, "Rita's theme" - it was this airy, lovely tune that was played frequently throughout season 3.

I guess the point of my rambling is: Do you think we'll get to hear some of the "unreleased" tunes from seasons 1-3 that aren't yet out?


PS. I used one of your songs in a video I made to honour my dog when he passed away since I thought it was so beautiful.

davidschwartzmusic15 karma

Sorry about your dog. The tune was called "Stick it to Love" and there are many different arrangements of it; bossa, violin, solo piano etc. That's a great suggestion for the upcoming soundtrack release. Thanks!

kpjm4171019 karma

Whose idea to put "Cry Love" (John Hiatt) in? I'm not sure I've heard any other popular music in the show, right? Good song.

Edit: Save "The Final Countdown". But, I'd that's all part of the, illusion.

davidschwartzmusic21 karma

"Cry Love" has always been a favorite song of Mitchell Hurwitz.

Cool_Guy_McFly18 karma

Hey Mr. Schwartz, huge fan of the show! Who's idea was it to do the head down sad monologue so often? Did they have any idea it would be such a hit?

davidschwartzmusic28 karma

That's Snoopy's theme (Christmas Time is Here) and was a brilliant Mitch Hurwitz idea.

Iwannatalk2samson18 karma


davidschwartzmusic54 karma

I may have said this before, but I always try to write music that is fun, as opposed to funny. It's very much about pace and timing. I like to reference feel good music. There's a lot of television music from other shows that the music is there to tell you that it's funny. Wah-wah-wah waaaaaaah....pizz pizz pizz.... With Arrested, that's not necessary. Sometimes playing the scene very seriously or over the top mock-drama can be extremely funny.

TheUnbelievableMind16 karma

In the first episode of the new season, someone passes Michael and he says "That guy thinks he's a musician." Am I completely wrong or is that you passing him?

davidschwartzmusic35 karma

Not me. Jason Bateman's delivery of that line is pitch perfect. I did write the score under that scene called "She's Cute". Interestingly we made that song work in future episodes when the actors spontaneously sing a line of dialog. Michael sings "I've just a met a girl today" and Tobias sings "it's just a phallusy" twice. Amazingly, without too much adjustment, I somehow found a way too use she's cute as an accompaniment to these ad-lib melodies.

chopfull16 karma

Fantastic tunes! Your music IS an Arrested Development character! Anyway, I noticed you had an overhaul to your website ( The last version of the site had a Contact button where fans could send you messages directly. I don't see that option on the new site. How might a fan electronically send you a message, comment and/or question (other than via a Reddit AMA--haha, and thanks for doing this!)?

davidschwartzmusic13 karma

There was a guestbook, but it became a SPAM repository. The new site has a comment section. Hope that helps.

torrunh15 karma

Did you write Getaway?

davidschwartzmusic19 karma


stenkiw15 karma

Are Raine Maida's vocals used in the "what you trying to say to me" track? It sounds so much like him, and I heard the two of you know each other.

davidschwartzmusic12 karma

If memory serves, that was Alia/Maeby singing. I know Raine a bit and he's a fantastic singer and artist - but he's not a 15 year old girl.

Max059712 karma

Could you provide any insight on if a fifth season on Arrested Development would be possible/Likely?

davidschwartzmusic19 karma

There's nothing I would like more! But I don't really have any privileged info. I'm hoping there will be a movie next.

BigBassBone12 karma

Hello David Schwartz! I'm a recent graduate from the USC Thornton School of Music with a Masters in trombone performance. How does one break into playing on scores such as yours?

davidschwartzmusic12 karma

Interesting. My assistant Justin DiCenzo who started working with me this year happens to play trombone. He's quite good and he's playing on a number of cues. That's one way in!


What is your drink of choice?

davidschwartzmusic25 karma

If you happen to be at my studio at 4pm, it's yogurt shake time! I find if I don't have planned interruptions and breaks, I don't get out of the chair for ten hours. The 4pm shake break is very popular among my session musicians and assistants.

davidschwartzmusic23 karma

My scheduled 4pm yogurt-shake break. A favorite among my studio musicians and assistant! It allows me to step back for a minute, take a breath, and see the music in a new light. It's also very tasty! If you're ever in Santa Monica, visit SPARKY'S YOGURT. Sparky is my hero/lifestyle coach!

reallyhadto11 karma

Hello David. Would you consider making a longer version of Oh My?.

davidschwartzmusic10 karma

Sure! That's singer Antonio Sol.

reallyhadto10 karma

Holy crap, this needs to be done asap. How do we push for this, some sort of petition maybe?

davidschwartzmusic10 karma

Gabe is that you?

dr_peeper11 karma

Where can I find a clip of the middle eastern style music?

davidschwartzmusic62 karma


wexfun10 karma

Was it hard to go back to the show and come up with the same style of music after you've been away from it for so long?

davidschwartzmusic17 karma

It was a challenge going back after 6 years. I think all of us on the show felt that we had to top ourselves in every way. Once I saw the rough cuts, I felt very comfortable. I do feel the show has advanced musically.

Jayrmz10 karma

So it's YOUR fault I have the end credits music in my head all day EVERY day then? Haven't loved a show this much since I was hooked on Ren & Stimpy about 20 years ago. Hoping somehow they carry on foe a 5th season. Remember....there's always bananas in the money stand!

davidschwartzmusic4 karma


Hollowbody579 karma

As a producer that's mostly written dance orientated electronic music, I'm very interested in branching out into film scoring and composing. Any advice for someone like me?

davidschwartzmusic26 karma

There is NO one way. I got my break by writing a friends movie score that he self financed. The movie never came out, but one of about 20 people who saw the film was Cheryl Bloch. Two years later she gave me a chance to try to write something for Northern Exposure. It became the theme and I got my first scoring job! It was incredibly fortunate as the show was both very popular and very good. Josh Brand, creator of the show and the other producers were all extremely knowledgable about music and we would use different styles of music for every episode. This was an incredible learning experience and entrance to a composing career. One of the best ways to break in, is to work for an established composer, be a great assistant, and try to pick up everything you can while doing the job of helping the composer with what's needed. Also, take any scoring job that you can. Student films also can be a great starting point. And that student director may turn out to be the next Ron Howard. Incidentally, Ron is as nice as you would imagine.

runrvs9 karma


davidschwartzmusic39 karma

Sorry... I already said Maeby to someone earlier today

UserInYourFace8 karma

Looks like I might be a bit late for your AMA... Well, just wanted to say "Get Along Little Sheep" is such a fun song. You made the move to the Grand Slo' Opry genre sound so easy! Thank you for returning. The AD crew likely wouldn't have felt the same without 'uke' on the team once more.

davidschwartzmusic6 karma

Thanks! Sheep features the fantastic vocal of Clare Muldaur of Clare and the Reasons. That's also the young Lucy singing "get along little sheep". Interesting side note..the wonderful Charlie Bisharat plays violin on that track and Olivier Manchon (also of Clare and the Reasons) contributed some superb swing violin on a couple of cues for season 4.

draw4kicks6 karma

What were your biggest musical influences growing up and how did you get started writing for tv? How did you get the gig writing for A.D. in the first place? Thanks for the AMA, i'm a big fan!

davidschwartzmusic8 karma

You can find the answers to this below. Thanks!

kaykordeath5 karma

In the new season, there's a scene with George Michael and P Hound in a music room after the band walks out on them. There are a few bars of music on the chalkboard that APPEAR more than just random background. Can you shed any light on this?

davidschwartzmusic9 karma

I was there when that scene was being shot at Occidental college. The music was already up on the black board (green board?) when I arrived.

Mattmo8315 karma

What is your Favorite episode? And what was the hardest task you were faced with when composing Arrested Devolopement

davidschwartzmusic8 karma

I love all Arrested D episodes. The hardest task is getting enough sleep while composing 14 hours a day 7 days a week. That said it remains inspiring to me.

Onkston4 karma

Just wanted to say, love the series. The music is great as well.

davidschwartzmusic10 karma


hlasdf4 karma

My brother loves you and your show.

davidschwartzmusic25 karma

I love your brother.

edify3 karma

Hey David! Thanks for reaching out to reddit. What is one of the stranger sound recordings you have used while composing your original music?

davidschwartzmusic8 karma

My guitarist George Doering has a fondness for the STYLOPHONE. Although he is a virtuoso on the instrument, I find I have to hide the instrument after a couple of tracks are completed.

thetunepeddler3 karma

I really enjoy your scores for AD as well as Deadwood and Northern Exposure. I'm not to proud to say I've "borrowed" some ideas from you in my scores from time to time... So thank you.

Anyways, I was curious what your 3 desert island pieces of software would be for composing. Also, what's you current favorite virtual instrument.

davidschwartzmusic8 karma

Imitation is the highest form of flattery, just don't borrow too much! I've always been a DP guy. I'm also a big Native Instruments fan and anything by Spectrasonics is superb!

roygbivwtfbbq3 karma

Will there be another season?

davidschwartzmusic4 karma

I'd like that.

limbuster3 karma

For some weird reason I read the whole intro in Tobias's voice.

davidschwartzmusic5 karma

Are you Tobias?

Bob07JD3 karma

There was a big change with the way the show was shot between seasons 1-3 and season 4. Do you think that is kind of a slow transition into how the movie would be filmed if it were to be made? If that was the case, would the music change much or do you think you'll be able to create longer musical montages throughout?

davidschwartzmusic8 karma

I think the change comes from a few different things. This season was shot almost entirely on location -- former seasons were mostly shot on set. The episodes are also quite a bit longer than the 22 minutes we broadcast on Fox. I do agree it's more filmic and I'm hoping it leads to a feature film in the near future. I'm sure when that happens, the music will change. When it does, I'll be asking for a 200 piece orchestra and a children's choir. Also, an 80 piece ukelele orchestra. Maybe I'm getting ahead of myself here.

9demo3 karma


davidschwartzmusic8 karma

I don't think so, but there's a whole lot of woodblock. I gotta have some more woodblock.

mister_mammoth3 karma

As someone who has started unintentionally collecting ukes, do you have any advice on where to find unique ones?

davidschwartzmusic3 karma

Mya-Moe makes wonderful and innovative american ukes. Their resonator ukelele is the bomb. I'm also a huge fan of Ko'Aloha Hawaiian ukuleles.

busterbluthOT3 karma

Hi. Love the music choices in the series. There's a song that appeared a few times throughout the original--most prominently the series finale Season 3. The lyrics sound something like "What could be better". What is the name of this composition and is it possible to purchase?

davidschwartzmusic10 karma

Good question, the name of that song is "What Could Be Better", it's a personal favorite of mine. Hopefully there will be a soundtrack soon and I would hope this song is on it.

phatboy52892 karma

I love the music you've made for the show! Are there any specific differences in how you composed Season 4 as opposed to the previous three seasons?

davidschwartzmusic2 karma

Thanks! I think I answered that below.

heavyweather772 karma

Hi, David! In the opening and ending credits, I hear a lot of similarity in the bass part to the style of Jaco Pastorius. Particularly this tune. Is that a coincidence, or are you a late-'70s jazz-fusion nerd like I am?

davidschwartzmusic3 karma

I did have a short fusion phase. Jaco will always be the greatest. Have you read Peter Erskine's new book, "No Beethoven"? Excellent Weather Report and Jaco stories. A really fun read.

robinhood99612 karma

It seems like many of the songs used in arrested development aren't technically "complete" are there any that you really want to fully flesh out and create a "full" version of? also could we please get a full soundtrack release of all the songs? Thanks for doing this I ADORE the soundtrack to the show and you are beyond amazing.

davidschwartzmusic4 karma

Yes - it's always been a tough decision between finishing the songs and getting some sleep. And there's never been time to go back and finish them. There are a few that I've persisted with and gone back to create a full length version. Fade to Nothing is a good example. I hope to be able to have some longer songs for the soundtrack Cd.

bgzlvsdmb2 karma

Probably way late on this, but...

The end credits theme always sounds like a brigher, uptempo version of Billy Joel's "The Stranger". Am I crazy? Is that a coincidence? Or are you a thief?

davidschwartzmusic5 karma


Bob07JD2 karma

Hey David, I'm a huge fan of the show! One of my favorite recurring moments from the show is the Buster/ Oscar daddy moments. I just love that piano. Is that part of a full song or was it just put together as a 3-5 second clip?

davidschwartzmusic3 karma

Thanks! It's just a recurring motif. Mitch had this idea of setting up some huge unknown secret. I'm not sure what the longest version of it is.

itisnti2 karma

Hello Mr. Schwartz!

I have 2 questions

What do you like to draw on for inspiration?

How does composing for comedy differ from drama in your experience?


davidschwartzmusic3 karma

See earlier answers for the answer to part 1. Comedy and drama can be very different. It's really about supporting the picture and the story. So in that way, every show or movie is unique. Very often, I try to have the music provide an emotional element that's not on the screen.

thiss1 karma

I've never seen the show, should I watch it?

davidschwartzmusic10 karma


Skipdr1 karma

How did you come to compose such brilliant music for the series?

davidschwartzmusic7 karma

Thanks I still haven't really figured that out. It's what I love most about my job. The great mystery that happens when you combine music and picture. Having a show as inspiring as Arrested D makes it a little easier.

zabart1 karma

Is your nickname really D. Fly or is that just imdb misinformation?

davidschwartzmusic8 karma

Yes, but here is the correct spelling: d.Fly

People ask where the nickname comes from, but I will never tell.

chopfull1 karma

With all the music you have written for Arrested Development, it must be tempting to use mostly existing music from your AD library. I was relieved to hear new music from you for season 4! Keep up the new music! Thank you! And now a question: So much of season 4 seemed to be worked on at the same time (with Mitch directing and editing episodes simultaneously). Were you scoring in much the same way for this colossal release? If so, was it confusing or more difficult to your process?

davidschwartzmusic3 karma

It's always my goal to write as much new music as possible. Mitch definitely has some favorites from the original three seasons. I think he's also very afraid of me dying. I also have that fear at times. So, with that said, I still try to write as much new stuff as possible. I'm having so much fun and I hope that will help with longevity. The interconnectivity of these 15 episodes definitely created some tactical challenges. Sometimes I was working on 3 or more episodes simultaneously and it could get confusing. The last 4 episodes answered a lot of questions for me.

buttpleasures1 karma

Did you write the song that plays over the final credits in season 4?

Also, I saw you wrote the theme for Deadwood. Can you talk about your inspirations for it.

davidschwartzmusic4 karma

Actually, the end credits music existed in the first 3 seasons too. It just wasn't played on the broadcast version, as they were busy hyping the next show. Sometimes in Season 4, we played a full version of a song used in that episode. One episode we used a song by Gabe and me called "You'll never hear from me again" it's a classic R&B song in the Philly soul style sung by Louis Price from the Temptations. The lyrics are pretty funny. The last episode features Lucy Schwartz' "Boomerang".
I got the call to try and write a theme for Deadwood from producer Steve Turner. They needed the theme in 24 hours. I said I was under the Eifel tower and there was no way I could do it. He said they couldn't wait then I said it was the Eifel tower in Vegas and that I'd catch the next plane back to write. I ended up having 2 days incorporating the producers and directors notes. David Miltch said the music should show the possibilities of a new and wild frontier land. I also had the picture to work with. All that provided, great inspiration. Most TV themes are written before there is picture. It can be nice when you have the picture first.

Upstream151 karma

Who's idea was Fakeblock?

davidschwartzmusic2 karma

It came from the writing room. Probably Mitch Hurwitz.

lightwo1 karma

How do you feel about having the best show in existence?

davidschwartzmusic1 karma

I feel good. Very fortunate.

verticalrunning1 karma

What is arrested development?

davidschwartzmusic8 karma

It's something we've all experienced. Myself, quite a bit.

Bearicide1 karma

Hi David! Do you have any advice for an aspiring composer in college right now?

davidschwartzmusic2 karma

See earlier answer.

s40822111 karma

Whose idea was it to have an instrument symbolising the character that each episode focused on in the new season?

davidschwartzmusic2 karma

See answer to The Dark Doctor's question

Transposer1 karma

Hi David! I would love to cover some of your music for an Arrested Development tribute project. Can you provide any industry tips on the likelihood of the publisher (Fox Film Music Corporation) granting sync rights of music covers for a nonprofit fan project? I wouldn't want to get in trouble by not having permission for making said tribute available online! Thanks for doing great work!

davidschwartzmusic5 karma

Good luck! I'm trying to get permission to use my own music for a soundtrack CD, I'll let you know how it goes! Sometimes it's just a matter of working your way through a dense bureaucracy.

Transposer1 karma

Thank you for the response! Let us know what we can do to help your cause! We would definitely help show our support by voting with our wallets! Hey, would you go so far as to start a Kickstarter project so fans can pledge their money before the CD is actually put together? Would that help? Thanks again and I look forward to the CD!

davidschwartzmusic2 karma

Much appreciated!

Alvins_Hot_Juice_Box1 karma


Dok11 karma

You have exactly the same name as one of my friends.....maybe it's you?

davidschwartzmusic2 karma

Or not?

All_Your_Base1 karma

Normally, the proof is in the pudding, but you'd better send it to the mods.

davidschwartzmusic6 karma

Done! Very new to this!

StewartDC81 karma

I LOVE your music! Any chance of making a CD of the AD songs, especially those that weren't included on the DVD extras? Also, was that your own arrangement of "Jingle Bells" from the "In God We Trust" episode? Because that was fantastic!

davidschwartzmusic3 karma

Soundtrack is in the works. I'd like to include as many songs as possible. There's so much to choose from. I actually don't remember the Jingle Bells arrangement. It could be me...asking music editor extraordinaire Jason Tregoe Newman.

davidschwartzmusic3 karma

Jason said I did write the Jingle Bells arrangement. There's so much music in a show like this that it's hard to remember everything that I've done. Interestingly, Mitch Hurwitz can remember everything that I've done. His ability to remember details for every part of the show is uncanny. Did I mention he's hysterically funny?

friedjumboshrimp1 karma

Are you related to Irving Schwartz?

davidschwartzmusic6 karma

No, but I'd like to be.

MyAlarmClock1 karma

What is your favorite vacation spot?

davidschwartzmusic6 karma

Anywhere where ukuleles play.

pie_is_my_name1 karma

How many stars do you think are in the universe?

davidschwartzmusic2 karma


masterdisaster771 karma

Will you marry me?

davidschwartzmusic6 karma


jleonardbc1 karma

What's your favorite episode of Arrested Development? Favorite moment/joke?

davidschwartzmusic5 karma

I blued myself is definitely up there.

RexCandle0 karma

Proove it