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Did you already have a picture prepared for this AMA? You must have anticipated the request.

EDIT: Fucking eh, OP seriously delivered on this one. Kudos to you on having a decent outlook on your situation. You seem like a good guy, and regardless of any physical condition you've got a solid attitude. I'd bet you go far in life.

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A former Secretary of Labor is engaging in online discourse with someone whose username is "poopasaurus_rex"... I feel like this is what the internet was truly made for.

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Perhaps as an alternative to offering young people aid for college tuition based on military service, which is not viewed as being as attractive as it once was, we could offer financial aid for college tuition in exchange for service in a new public works project.

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On this same note, I'd like to know how his service is better / different than Scott, and why I should consider signing up to his service.