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Move along please. Nothing to see here.

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Awesome take down.

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In your opinion are the Muslims you have come in contact with who protest about beheading and other Muslims that use violence to achieve their agenda really God fearing Muslims or are they (like I think the are) using the Religion as a front and an excuse for their evil deeds?. I believe a majority of Muslims look down on this type of behaviour.

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How can I get my cinematic music in front of the right people. I have a youtube profile where I showcase my talent, but it's hard to get noticed. It seems everyone wants to get into this. HERE is my profile if you find the time I would greatly appreciate any advice you could offer me. Regards, Drew Holt.

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No relation to Steve, but my Cousin Paul Holt works as a SFX and Scene construction creative in Hollywood. There are a few of us Holts around...lol. Thanks for replying. I really appreciate it. Good advice too. I shall persevere.