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Really looking forward to seeing Captain Fantastic, it sounds wonderful. Is there any special challenge when working with child actors?

And as far as Silicon Valley goes (currently my favorite show), what's your dream storyline for Gavin in season 4?

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I love the AD soundtrack so much! I can't stop listening to it. A couple of questions...

1) Are the lyrics posted anywhere? Especially to Getaway and Practice Kisses, I can't make out all the lines and it's a bit maddening because they're both so catchy!

2) What would it take to convince you and Will Arnett to release a full "Franklin Comes Alive" album? = )

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Thanks so much!

I think I could swing five dollars...

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That means Shot By Love was used in the Gothic Castle scene because Gob and Tony are so in love, right? = )

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It's a fantastic song, I was so glad I could listen to it on its own after hearing it in the background of A New Attitude approximately two dozen times... (that's a slight exaggeration it's probably only actually one dozen)