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First off, I want to say congratulations on making it this far in Under the Dog and I wish you the best of luck in reaching your goal. I also backed Project Phoenix and am now saving up to upgrade to Developer status, so now I have to find out how to spread my money over both of your projects. Now, onto my questions.

1) What has it been like for you to balance both Project Phoenix as well as your current project Under the Dog and what have you learned so far from this experience that will carry over to your future projects?

2) You have already stated plans for incorporating additional rewards for those who backed both Kickstarter projects. How is this plan progressing so far? Are you planning more for physical rewards or digital rewards, such as Under the Dog character costumes and/or weapons for Project Phoenix?

3) approximately when are you planning on posting pictures of the mock-ups for the add-ons for Under the Dog? I am especially curious to know what the challenge coin and foldable utility box will look like.

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What is the biggest secret (or at least one of them) that Verizon doesn't want their new customers to know when signing up?

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Hello. I have been a long-time supporter of Tokyopop manga with a collection of over 1100 manga volumes to date and want to get into the manga industry helping to bring titles to the U.S. Because of this, I have a few questions for you.

1)How did Tokyopop acquire the titles they chose to import? What factors lead to the selection of those particular titles? I am speaking from titles such as King of Bandits Jing (a very underrated yet excellent manga series) to ones that are more well-known. 2) How did Tokyopop establish itself as one of the most well-known manga distribution companies today? By that, I mean what, in your opinion, was the biggest marketing strategy used to distinguish Tokyopop from its competitors? 3) How do you see digital manga as an instrument for changing the way fans from around the world access new titles? I hope you will forgive me for asking such probing questions, but I am anxious to work in a marketing position that will hopefully enable me to help get more anime and manga series out there to American fans. I already am starting to get involved with anime translation work, but I have goals of expanding my reach in this field.

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今晩は, 糸曽さん. (こんにちはかも?) It’s so great to see Japanese animation directors presenting new work here on Kickstarter. I loved the concept and story of Santa Company, and look forward to seeing the stellar work here. With the world of digital animation being more and more globalized, what makes crowd-funding platforms stand out for you (i.e. as a tool for animation works)? Is there anything you hope to see published in the future using this platform?

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What do you see as the biggest difference between performing for commercials and voice acting? How do you feel when switching between the roles?

(I'm asking this because I attended a panel at an anime convention with Todd Haberkorn and this was brought up)