Hirsch is staring at a large stuffed leather hippo. Hi reddit, we are actors Stephen Dorff and Emile Hirsch. We play brothers in the film The Motel Life, directed by the Polsky Brothers aka nerds. The movie is based on a novel by Willy Vlautin about 2 brothers who love and respect each other but get into some seriously hot water… water hot enough to boil some eggs. It's set in 1996 in Reno, Nevada.

It's opening 11/8 in 20 cities, and on VOD / iTunes (http://themotellifefilm.com/). We're here together with Victoria from reddit to take your questions.

Ask us anything. Please.

proof; https://www.facebook.com/themotellifefilm/posts/426144007507815

Hey guys, we have to go but check out the movie - if it's not in your town yet, watch it on ITunes or VOD, then go back to the theater, then tell your friends. Thanks for taking the time to come ask us questions. It's been a pleasure being on reddit. Until next time… - Emile & Stephen

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CorporalButtermilk84 karma

Stephen, any plans for a sequel to "Dorf On Golf"?

TheMotelLife27 karma

I wasn't in the first one? (Stephen)

aceafer52 karma

Emile, how was it working with Heath Ledger in Lords of Dogtown?

TheMotelLife69 karma

It was great. Heath was an enormously talented actor and a genuinely nice guy, it was a real pleasure. He was just always very big brotherly, looking out for all the younger guys, really had a wild and kind of enthusiasm for the work. (Emile)

EliseMcg40 karma

Mr. Hirsch,

When you were filming Into the Wild you guys filmed all of the scenes that took place at the parents house in my neighborhood. I was in sixth grade at the time, but I spent everyday after school there watching the action. There was one scene that was shot (and I believe cut out of the movie) where you started around the corner of the street and ran up the hill shirtless. I was one of the two giggling girls who were told to stand around the corner with the grip and you before the shot. I at the time, didn't know much about movies, but this experience really got me interested in them. I am now a film student studying cinematography, so thank you for allowing those two annoying kids to hang out on set.

One of the scenes I saw filmed was that Chris McCandless' last thought where he is hugging his parents. There were a lot of us around, watching and we had no idea it was such an emotional scene being filmed. So, my question for you is, was it hard to get into that emotional state while having all these gawkers look on for each take?

On an unrelated note, Alpha Dog is one of my favorite movies, what was it like working with Justin Timberlake and Anton Yelchin?

Thank you!

TheMotelLife43 karma

Wow, I think I actually remember you guys! That's funny. I kind of remember going around this one corner in the scene.

No, I think that one of the main things you learn really quick in film acting is how to deal with people watching, just like if you're doing a play and you have to hug someone, you have hundreds of people gawking.

Both were really nice guys, really enjoyed the experience, and it was always a pleasure to get to listen to everyone hanging out. (Emile)

embparty31 karma


TheMotelLife32 karma

Demented forever! (Stephen)

paplan30 karma


TheMotelLife66 karma

If you pull out your nose hairs, you can elicit tears very quickly. Sometimes, I look at my credit score too. You have to get into a zone. (Emile)

I don't really know. It's a combination of both. You just have to play what you're playing. I think playing drunk is really hard on film and always seems forced. I love the scene in the Motel Life where Frank's been drinking and I love how Emile plays that scene because it seems really real, because you know how when people act drunk it always seems forced. (Stephen)

I think anger is the hardest for me, because i try to be nice. (Emile)

Because he is a gentle, sweet man. (Stephen)

CorporalButtermilk29 karma

Do you ever wear the Speed Racer helmet around the house? Nude?

TheMotelLife47 karma

I only wear it nude in the bathtub as I'm playing with my turtles (Emile)

I played with turtles here, did I tell you that? (Stephen)

parmaser28 karma

Can you identify with Christopher McCandless/Alexander Supertramp in any way?

TheMotelLife7 karma

Yeah, definitely. Can you identify with THE MOTEL LIFE at all? LOL (Emile)

ClearEyesxFullHearts28 karma

Hi Emile,

I heard you will be playing John Belushi in a new biopic. Is there anything you can tell us about the movie? Are you nervous about portraying such an adored and treasured person? I’m very excited to see it and think you will be great.

TheMotelLife36 karma

No, not nervous. Part of the job. Real excited though. Haven't really gotten into it just yet, so I don't have too much to report, but looking forward to all the craziness to come. (Emile)

Frajer23 karma

Stephen- how insane was it working with Uwe Boll

Emile-did you know when you were making The Girl Next Door that Paul Dano was going to do great things?

TheMotelLife35 karma

I only worked on that movie for like a week and didn't have the greatest time. (Stephen)

Yeah, I knew before The Girl Next Door. I knew when we worked on The Emperor's Club together because he was great on that as well. A very nice talented young man. (Emile)

Did you know i was on that film as well? (Stephen)

goodlorde23 karma

Hi Emile,

I don't really have a question, but my cousin Andrew plays the younger version of your character Frank in The Motel Life and he talks about it all the time. I'm excited for this movie to finally come out because I can't wait to see it after hearing so much about it!

TheMotelLife27 karma

Good Buddy! Excited for you to see the movie as well. Looking forward to you seeing the movie with your cousin, and then going out and playing miniature golf afterwards. (Emile)

EarthboundCory19 karma

Stephen - You've worked with Elle Fanning in Somewhere and Dakota Fanning in The Motel Life. Who is your favorite Fanning?

Emile - No question, but I just wanted to say that I've loved your work since The Girl Next Door. Killer Joe was especially great.

TheMotelLife14 karma

They are both incredible, great family, just have got talent running through the water over there in their house. I know Elle better because i worked more closely with her, but I loved meeting with Dakota and her voice would make me think of Elle, but Emile really worked more closely with Dakota than I did. They are both fantastic, really nice parents, got to know the family well between the movies. Can't say enough about them in a good way. (Stephen)

Thank you very much, be sure to follow me on Twitter! (Emile)

Slevo18 karma

Would you guys serenade me using a banjo and an assortment of woodwind instruments?

TheMotelLife41 karma

Could your wind take my wood? ;) (Emile)

I have a huge collection of woodwind instruments. I am actually playing a show at the Apple store at 5 if you're local. (Stephen)

goatsgreetings18 karma

Emile - what was the shoot for Into the Wild like? Did you enjoy it? Was it difficult/stressful?

TheMotelLife19 karma

It was a mixture of pleasure and pain. Existential pleasure but at times, very physical, arduous tasks. (Emile)

kbak122117 karma

The Dorff - now that you have taken your freedom back, how does it feel? (ecig enthusiast here)

TheMotelLife16 karma

It feels great! (Stephen)

gemsandrhinestones17 karma

The Power of One is still one of all time favorite movies. That's all. Oh and damn you're hot Stephen!

TheMotelLife16 karma

well, damn you! Thank you baby. (Stephen)

championkid17 karma

Emile, loved you in dogtown. are you still skating?

TheMotelLife49 karma

Still skating all the time. Halfpipes, pools, - we're talking about finger boards, right? (Emile)

vertigounconscious15 karma

what's one thing people don't know about being actors in Hollywood?

TheMotelLife21 karma

Most people don't realize that a lot of times they watch the movies and it seems really action packed, but if you actually go on a movie set, they are usually really really boring and nothing happens, there is a lot of waiting around. People can't believe how boring it is when they actually get on a movie set and they want to leave right away. (Emile)

There's a lot of time that goes into making a movie. I think the perception is a little different, they don't realize how much time it entails. Movie sets are really boring usually and hopefully it all comes together in the end. You're basically shooting pieces all the time. I hate sitting around and waiting to go. (Stephen)

empossible15 karma

You two have been on some vastly different films, what is the strangest thing that has occurred to you or you've seen on set?

TheMotelLife24 karma

During The Motel Life shooting, in some very specific motels, we had to keep cutting takes because there was so much screaming and noise coming from the other motel rooms! People were getting arrested… (Stephen)

Ranting and raving, as they got hauled out with their hands cuffed behind their backs (Emile)

It was like an episode of BREAKING BAD on crack. But we love Reno. (Stephen)

chopsuey61214 karma

Hello Emile!

Let me just say right off the bat that you are one of my favorite actors and you have amazing talent. Speed Racer is honestly one of the last movies to give me that feeling of going to the movies as a kid. It was a blast to watch, and I feel like it's hugely under-appreciated.

What was some of your favorite parts of working with such a talented cast and crew such as the Wachowski's?

Also, what's it like to be with Paul Rudd in a tent in the middle of Texas?

TheMotelLife15 karma

It was great. They were so much fun to work with, they are so creative, they are such visionaries, I was a huge fan of Speed Racer growing up as a kid. It was a challenging film to make because of all the green screen and it was a challenging film to release and market because it was so different, and we didn't get to make any sequels, but it's an interesting, odd film that I am happy to be a part of.

It was good. But I get to be on -top! (emile)

coffeemug7314 karma

Emile, I knew the real life counterpart to your character in Alpha Dogs. Did you do a lot of research on him, or try and make him your own character?

TheMotelLife14 karma

I just made him my own character but I never met him. I was not playing a real-life person, however, he was inspired by a real life person but I was playing Johnny Truelove. (Emile)

blinkyblonky9 karma

Emile - Congrats on the new kid!

Edit: Sorry I originally asked him how it was working with Ledger and promptly deleted it without thinking of clicking the edit button because I noticed he already answered it above. Should have said that.... Mah bad.

TheMotelLife21 karma

Heath was a great, greatly dedicated actor who constantly was pushing himself and exploring and trying new things. But he also was not an overly dedicated actor either, he was able to drop the character and have a beer with his buddies as well. (Emile)

visindahouse9 karma

Hi Emile! I love your movie, into the wild

Gotta ask, are you an enviromentalist?

How did you feel to portray such great character that inspires me and my friends so much??

TheMotelLife14 karma

Yes. Very concerned about the environment, constantly pushing myself to learn more about it and think that we should take care of the environment and preserve it for future generations of our children.

It was a real privilege to get to portray someone who has affected people's lives in sometimes big ways, it's just a privilege. I can't take credit for it though, it's based on a really extraordinary person. (Emile)

vertigounconscious8 karma

what was your "big break" moment for each of you?

TheMotelLife21 karma

I think for everyone their big break is just being born. Because the odds of not being born, the odds are against you in terms of evolution. If you are the winning sperm in the race, you are in a good position from the get-go. (Emile)

I thought I'd really made it as an actor when I was sitting next to Jack Nicholson waiting to go on set and I looked at him and I was like "damn, this is cool" just because he was one of my faves, I had done a bunco of movies before then but I thought that was cool. (Stephen)

StephenMcTowelie18 karma

Hey Stephen and Emile! Thanks for doing this AMA. You guys are awesome. I read The Motel Life a few years ago and absolutely loved it, so I'm really excited to see what's brought to the table since you both are wonderful actors.

I have a question for the both of you about The Motel Life and one for each of you about previous works. Hope you don't mind!

What drew the both of you into wanting to play these roles? And how are these roles in The Motel Life different than what you've played before? Have either of you read the novel before being approached for the movie?

Stephen, I've always wondered. How did you like filming the movie Blade? It's been awhile since it's been out but every time I watch that movie I can't help but wonder how badass/fun that last fight scene would have been to film.

Emile, what would you say was the most grueling part to film in Into The Wild? And how was it working with Sean Penn?

Again, thanks to both of you for doing this AMA! Keep up the good work and I cant wait to see The Motel Life!

TheMotelLife17 karma

It was a great script, and I loved the part of Jerry Lee and I loved Emile as Frank. And I read the book, and I got really into it even more. But as a script it was incredibly strong (Stephen)

Just mirroring what Stephen said, the source material was great and the Polskys seemed like fresh guys who hadn't really directed a lot before but were really smart and instilled a trust once you talked to them, you had the feeling they would take care of business and they had a great DP, this guy Roman who is just a genius, and getting to work with Stephen, just a great dynamic, all the elements came together to make a drama that would be good to watch. (Emile)

Well I have never played a character like Jerry Lee before. He has one leg and is kind of emotionally all over the map, but a multi-dimensional character which is what attracted me to him. I've never played a character like him. (Stephen)

There's a shower scene, but no fight scene. I feel like Frank was a man of few words so there was a challenge in trying to make something that should be simple and subtle interesting enough to watch for the length of a feature film, you know? (Emile)

The rapids were DEFINITELY the scariest part. THey weren't the most grueling, but they were the scariest. I do have an appetite for rapids. And Sean is a great director and badass, gifted person. (Emile)

Yeah, that kind of movie where you get to dress up and have fun, when I did Blade I thought it was going to be terrible and then it made a lot of money and I still hear about it! I had fun on that movie, I had cool eyes and fangs and I didn't take it that seriously, I just went in and got into the role, got to meet Kris Kristofferson, cool sets. For what it was it was ahead of its time, it was a good movie (Stephen)

I LOVED the first Blade, I was so into it. (Emile)

Steve Norrington directed the first Blade. That and the Matrix 1 really set the bar for what was going on in comics, then every movie started having wires and every movie started doing the same kind of fx. (Stephen)

ajb19907 karma

Mr. Hirsch, you are fantastic in everything you do. Milk and Alpha Dog are a few personal favorites, but one of the best movies in decades is Killer Joe. What was it like filming that intense kitchen ending?

Mr. Dorff, you are the dictionary definition of underrated. I've loved every movie I've seen you in. Of all the great directors you've worked with, I'm most curious about John Waters. What was it like working with him?

TheMotelLife17 karma

I had chicken splatter all over me, I was exhausted, McConaughey was trying to get me, and I ended up getting the shit beaten out of me. I felt used and very exhausted at the end. (Emile)

It was great. John Waters is a true original, and a great person, funny, just made me laugh every day on the set. He drives a modern green Buick sedan to work every day and dresses up really fancy, like really fancy suits. He has a great infrastructure of a family that he's worked with for all these years in Baltimore, it's like his camp. There are 2 directors from Baltimore: John Waters and Barry Levinson. They couldn't be more different, but they are legends in Baltimore. The best thing to do with John Water is watch the Oscars. One time I had to watch the Oscars with him before we had to go to the Vanity Fair party afterwards, and he was making fun of everybody and we had so much fun. "What is she wearing? a helicopter on her head?" It was great. We had little cocktail wieners while we watched the Oscars. I think I made them. I make a good cocktail wiener and a quiche lorraine. (Stephen)

Truelikegiroux7 karma

Stephen - What was Wesley Snipes like in real life during blade?

Emile - Can we start a fucking tripod please?

TheMotelLife12 karma

He was nice, but he was BLADE, he was in the role, you know? The guy did his press in FULL WARDROBE. He did Letterman as Blade. With the sword. (STephen)

Dude, that is more Daniel Day-Lewis than Daniel Day-Lewis! He should have accepted his Oscars as Lincoln. (Emile)

We did these parties for the movie and he dressed as Blade at every movie party around the United States. I did Letterman the week after he was on, and David was like "you didn't come in costume like your costar?" (Stephen)

allinthedetails5 karma

Hi Stephen. Thought you were cute since I saw you on that Aerosmith music video for "crying". What was it like filming that video and is there any behind the scenes, funny memory etc you can share with us? Thank you.

TheMotelLife7 karma

I basically just did the video! And thank you for thinking I'm cute. I just remember showing up and shooting it for a couple of hours. Alicia Silverstone was a big deal at that time, because it was right after Clueless, so there was a big hoopla around her, Aerosmith was rocking' back then, so it was just one of those things where they called nme and the next thing I knew I was shooting that video. (Stephen)

deandean19985 karma

Stephen- what is your favorite movie to watch?

TheMotelLife9 karma

I always like watching that movie HEAT, it's always on TV. Some movies you can watch over and over. And I was watching Indiana Jones & the Temple of Doom, and I forgot River Phoenix was in that, he was pretty good too. (Stephen)

He actually looks like Harrison Ford! I love Indiana Jones, Star Wars... (Emile)

Godfather 1 & 2 I can always watch, SCARFACE too. Chevy Chase in VACATION. (Stephen)

The Twilight Movies are a guilty pleasure for me. (Emile)

johnfoof5 karma

Hey guys, thanks for doing this AMA! If you could go back in time and play one role from any movie what part would you want to play and why?

TheMotelLife6 karma

Tootsie. (Stephen)

Maybe like, in a musical. Bing Crosby's role in SINGING IN THE RAIN, because it would be fun to sing and dance a little bit. (Emile)

You could always do something onstage, like Hugh Jackman. Him and NPH can do anything. They can HOST anything. (Stephen)

deadairdave5 karma

NO TOWN IN THE HOUSE! The city of Reno is not to happy with the portrayal of our fair city. As a citizen of Reno, I think it is great. The grit of Reno is why I love it here. Its real. Did you guys get out and about when you were filming here or did you just have to stay on 4th st and downtown?

TheMotelLife9 karma

We went out, you know, we saw all of Reno pretty much. We also shot in other places, Carson City … we loved it, the bars, the casinos, the motels, the people. (Stephen)

Some of the restaurants were really nice, the people were really friendly in Reno, it's a great place and we are proud to have worked there and we hope the people of the city actually like the movie. (Emile)

Filecake5 karma

Stephen Dorff! I am not sure you would remember this but you were in a made for TV movie called "Always Remember I Love You" which (I believe) was filmed in Vancouver and co-starred Patty Duke. My twin brother and I played the main character as a toddler in the several flashbacks throughout the movie. I was wondering if you had any memories of that production.

TheMotelLife8 karma

I don't really remember shooting that, but I remember Patty Duke, I remember people liking that TV movie because they put it on every year at the holidays every year, so I still get people asking about it! And some random people talk about it, but it was years ago. I think I was like 12 or 13. (Stephen)

iamanis4 karma

Emile, Into the Wild will always be a favorite film of mine. Love it and you are great in it. What is something you learned or took away from portraying Christopher McCandless? Is he more misguided or wise?

TheMotelLife5 karma

I think it's a mixture of the 2 for a lot of people, and depending on your point of view on it, I think it goes both ways. There's a lot of things that are really great about him and a lot to learn, but obviously there's a lot you want to avoid from his behavior as well. (Emile)

bladerunner9104 karma

Question for both of you: If you could star in any film adaptation of a book, what would it be?

TheMotelLife8 karma

The Motel Life 2? Just kidding… (Stephen)

As a little kid, I wanted to be in Ender's Game because that was one of my have books as a kid. But I want to see Ender's Game later today, not to plug another movie. I think Stephen and I could star in 50 Shades of Gray and take turns playing Christian Grey. I have not actually read those books though, but a girl described some of the stuff in those books, it sounded pretty graphic. I can't believe women are into all that crazy stuff. (Emile)

He reads a lot more books than I do. And he's super into the internet (Stephen)

sahaaaar4 karma

Were you familiar with Willy Vlautin's work before becoming involved with this project? For those who don't know, W.V., along with publishing three novels, is the singer of alt. country outfit Richmond Fontaine.

TheMotelLife8 karma

I didn't know who Willy was before, but he's a very talented dude. I've now met him and know that he's a talented musician and I am excited they are re-releasing his novel so that more people can check out the Motel Life. And he's a helluva guy. (Stephen)

I didn't really know either, I had heard about the novel and heard it was really good but hadn't had the chance to read it. But he is a quality novelist and musician as well. I did read the book and really appreciated it. (Emile)

Star_Tropics4 karma

Stephen, You are awesome. I watched "The Power of One" in 7th grade when learning about Apartheid. I know the younger version of PK worked more with Morgan Freeman on the set, and you worked with Daniel Craig. I'm just curious how important this movie is to you personally having been very early in your career and also the impact it had on you as a person/actor.

Emile, What's your favorite story ever written?

TheMotelLife6 karma

Huge, that was the movie where I became an actor. I was going to go to college because I couldn't get a feature, and then I got that movie role. I spent almost a year in Africa and London on that movie, with the intense John Avelston, and I loved working on that, I got to work with amazing actors and kick the hell out of the future James Bond. It was a great experience as a person and as a movie. Love that movie. (Stephen)

I don't really know if I have a favorite story ever written. (Emile)

vertigounconscious4 karma

If you weren't an actor, what would you be doing?

TheMotelLife12 karma

I think I would an astrophysicist. I might not be a working astrophysicist, but I would call myself an astrophysicist. (Emile)

I would probably want to do something like be a hotel owner. Or needlepoint quilts, or maybe open a restaurant. Margarita bar. Or a skydiving instructor (Stephen)

I wonder if I could be a land bound skydiving instructor? (Emile)

bobmillahhh3 karma

Mr. Dorff, I just watched "Immortals" last night, and it was a lot more fun than any of the trailers I watched for it would have me believe. My question is this: can you pull off an English accent, or was it a decision by the filmmakers to have everyone speaking however they would normally speak?

Edit: Thanks for the response!

TheMotelLife4 karma

Great question! I asked that question to Tarsem and he said "Speak the way you want" so everybody spoke in their own dialect. And I'm glad you liked it. (Stephen)

mickcube3 karma

stephen: were the black flag and sub pop shirts in "somewhere" yours, or wardrobe?

TheMotelLife5 karma

Those were Sofia Coppola's, everything in that movie is her design and idea pretty much. (Stephen)

adamgb3 karma

Stephen I'd just like to thank you for getting me in trouble for quoting Deacon Frost in middle school.

Blade was easily my favorite movie growing up, and still remains a great vampire/action flick.

TheMotelLife3 karma

Thank you! (Stephen)

vertigounconscious3 karma

what's your favorite hobby in your free time?

TheMotelLife10 karma

I like playing the piano myself, and I also like shopping and driving. (Stephen)

I am an avid movie watcher, I like going to see all the new movies. I've also kind of gotten into knitting recently, and needlepoint. I'm working my way up to a quilt. (Emile)

PatternWolf3 karma

Stephen deacon frost from blade was one of my favorite villians and you really made that movie fun. Do you think they'd let you in another marvel movie now that they are so huge?

TheMotelLife5 karma

I don't know! Blade was the first Marvel movie they ever made, and now Marvel is owned by Disney, so it's a different thing. (Stephen)

BabyBunt3 karma

Hi Stephen and hello there Emile!

Have there been any movies and/or performances (doesn't have to be a tear-jerker per sé) in the last couple years that were so good that you were moved to tears?

Also, which actor/actress do you want to work with but haven't had the chance yet?

Thanks again for your time!!

TheMotelLife6 karma

Yeah, The Butler made me cry. I thought it was really good. (Emile)

I liked that movie AMOUR, it was kind of sad in that movie. (Stephen)

Meryl Streep. (Emile)

I'd like to work with De Niro, I know him but I've never acted with him. (Stephen)

I auditioned for The Good Shepherd a while ago! He is so talented, and he has so much creative energy, he's incredible. (Emile)

indeeds3 karma

Dorff, you play a good villain....BE MORE VILLAINOUS!

TheMotelLife2 karma

Yeah, I'm kind of having fun playing different kinds of characters! I did the villain thing for a while. (Stephen)

DiegoInglewood3 karma

Emile, Prince Avalanche is one of my favorite films of the year. You and Paul were both amazing in that. I love David Gordon Green's work and I wanted to know what it's like working with him. He seems like he has a pretty strange directorial style (for example, asking Craig Robinson to read lines like a robot and telling Kevin Corrigan to do karate in Pineapple Express)

TheMotelLife8 karma

David is a really quirky, creative chap who is fun to work with because he's always throwing odd ideas at you and he is able to change scenes and dialogue on the fly, so it's a very fluid experience working with him - he is always changing things, he's so on the fly he's half-insect. (Emile)

BEEfStU_1402 karma

Do you mind posting proof in the description of your post?

TheMotelLife2 karma

We're getting the movie to post in a few.

hate_tank2 karma

Stephen, I love the movie The Gate. Would you ever consider making a sequel to it?

TheMotelLife9 karma

I'm currently in production on the sequel, and we are shooting it in Arizona… no, but there was a sequel. I wasn't in it. And probably not, but people seem to remember that movie. Tarantino always comes up to me and says "I love THE GATE man!!" They found me at my school and next thing I knew I was shipped up to Canada and they wanted me to scream at these little monsters, and we were the movie that beat ISHTAR. (Stephen)

SDr62 karma

I just watched Felon the other day. Great performance Stephen!

And with Alpha dog, Lord's of Dogtown and Savages on your (Emile) resume I can't wait to check out this new one!

No questions here just fans of you both!

TheMotelLife4 karma

Thank you very much, we appreciate you watching our movies, even the smaller ones, and this (The Motel Life) is one of the smaller ones so you should probably check it out. (Emile)

Thanks for having great taste. ;) (Stephen)


MegatronBeauty2 karma

Stephen, I loved your work in the film Somewhere and my question is do you plan on doing more films with Elle Fanning? You two had great chemistry and you could see the bond you two had on screen.

TheMotelLife5 karma

We're actually talking about taking "Somewhere" on a dinner theater tour when she finishes school… just kidding. But I would love to work with Elle again, she is taller than me now so I would need some boots. She's an amazing girl, an amazing actress, and I love her as a person and as my movie daughter and a friend, and I would love to work with her again. I would need an apple box to stand next to her. (STephen)

johnnymills1 karma

Emile, you have been in a ton of great movies, but one of my favorites is "Girl Next Door" did you have a feeling that it was going to be much more than a goofy teen comedy when you read the script?

TheMotelLife2 karma

we were hoping that we would get Academy Award nominations and AFI awards but we all knew we were kidding ourselves. We knew it would be relegated to 'teen sex comedy.' (Stephen)

BgDog181 karma

Dude, I just watched Cold Creek Manner the other day for the first time. What the heck happened there? I thought you played your character great but I can't imagine you looked at this script and thought "this is gonna be awesome"

TheMotelLife2 karma

DUDE. Where's my car? (Stephen)

ICman3rdClass1 karma

To the both of you: how do you like filming in my home state?

TheMotelLife2 karma

We loved it! We loved working in Nevada, it's a great place, I took a little excursion to Tahoe. We loved Lake Tahoe, we loved the trees and the landscape, the sunsets and the weather was beautiful. (Emile)

We loved the people of Reno. (Stephen)

uberlad1 karma


TheMotelLife5 karma

Persistence is really important, loyalty to your friends. Make sure you get your sleep. Health is so important. (Emile)

Enjoy it while you are here! 'Cuz you can't go back when you're gone. (Stephen)

deadmanborderland1 karma

Hello Emile,

How difficult is it to play a homosexual character (Milk)? How did you go about getting in character?

Also, it seemed liked you had a lot of chemistry with Sean Penn and the other actors. How did you guys generate such great chemisry?

TheMotelLife2 karma

It was a challenge like any other job but I enjoyed getting to explore the character.

It was a great script written by Dustin Lance Black. He captured the nuances of the character and the era and he ended up getting the credit for it, so all the credit goes to him. (Emile)