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Hi Sharlto! I recall Neill Blomkamp saying in an interview that you improvised all your dialogue for District 9. Was this your choice or his? And how much of a challenge did it present in the context of being your first professional acting role?

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Hello Alan. I was wondering whether late 2010, after you had made the decision to publish the Wikileaks US diplomatic cables, was a stressful period for you personally? Did you have any anxiety about the extent of the reaction as it emerged?

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Hi Spike. Were you expecting your Kickstarter campaign to result in the level of media controversy we've seen in recent weeks? I thought your point about bringing a new audience to the site was well made.

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Emile - what was the shoot for Into the Wild like? Did you enjoy it? Was it difficult/stressful?

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What has been your most memorable fare to date (for good reasons)?