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Who came up with the name Broken Lizard and why?

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Would you rather be Sam Seaborn in Pawnee, or Chris Traeger in the White House?

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I know your kidding, but I always love to show people this man. He's currently in the candidate program and is quite possibly one of the most qualified persons in the country.


Prepare to feel inadequate.

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It’s tough to say. I used to travel on average two weeks a month for my job but in the last 52 weeks I traveled for about 5 of those weeks.

For my specific job we anticipate our new ‘normal’ being about 15-20 weeks away down from 26. We’ve adapted our business model and learned we don’t always need to travel to accomplish our goals, but sometimes it is definitely warranted.

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Josh, would you rather fight 1 Optimus prime sized Shia Labuff, or 2 Shia Labuff sized Optimus primes?