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What would you say is the coolest thing you can do that others can't?

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Hey Stephen and Emile! Thanks for doing this AMA. You guys are awesome. I read The Motel Life a few years ago and absolutely loved it, so I'm really excited to see what's brought to the table since you both are wonderful actors.

I have a question for the both of you about The Motel Life and one for each of you about previous works. Hope you don't mind!

What drew the both of you into wanting to play these roles? And how are these roles in The Motel Life different than what you've played before? Have either of you read the novel before being approached for the movie?

Stephen, I've always wondered. How did you like filming the movie Blade? It's been awhile since it's been out but every time I watch that movie I can't help but wonder how badass/fun that last fight scene would have been to film.

Emile, what would you say was the most grueling part to film in Into The Wild? And how was it working with Sean Penn?

Again, thanks to both of you for doing this AMA! Keep up the good work and I cant wait to see The Motel Life!

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Awesome film guys!

Saw it the day it came out and was not dissappointed at all!

My question is, how did you guys come up with so many puns?! And who decided on what food-animals were going to be made?! The Taco-dile supreme is my favorite!

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What's your most faaaaaaaavorite Lois line?

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For someone who's just starting out int he producing/DJing world, what pieces of advice can you give? And what things do you recommend/not recommend doing?