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EDIT 1-We wanted to throw something out at you for our podcast. If you have any cool ideas for adventures around the country that might be cool for us to do, we are open to suggestion. If we decide to use any, we will contact your reddit account and see if you want to be apart of the adventure. Discuss.

EDIT 2- Thanks for all the questions and hope we answered them well enough for you. We'll check back and answer any questions you still may have. Thanks reddit, as always this is a blast!

If you havent already, check out our podcast! or find us on itunes.

Bye now!

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Ned_Luke98 karma

Hey guys...never saw Pete and Pete, but I gotta tell ya, Danny, you flat out slayed it as Jimmy in GTA V...glad I got to be your video game daddy. This cat is crazy and we had a blast together. Ned Luke (Michael GTA V)

dannytamberelli49 karma

DAAAAAAD! Thanks for saving me all those times!

dannytamberelli37 karma

and also, great work figuring out all this on your own. Now to teach you Righteous Slaughter

Ned_Luke47 karma

haha...I really wanna know why I only have one point...actually, I really wanna know just what the hell these points are...Seriously, you rock it, Danny. So proud of you.

dannytamberelli36 karma

reddit, show my GTAV dad how this all works. He's old and needs help...

jsto3416 karma

can we get an AMA from you?

dannytamberelli23 karma

i'll get him in touch with the right folks.

Ned_Luke28 karma

Who's your favorite Dad? Me or Hardy...and ya better answer the right way.

dannytamberelli25 karma

tough call pops, i guess you since you had all those fun toys. Hardy only had a 1979 Cutlass Supreme.

Ned_Luke18 karma

haha...good answer. by the way, Giants and Mets...nice year you're having there.

dannytamberelli19 karma

thats a low blow mr White SOX... Lets go D!

chroniccough13 karma

that is really what you get for selling his boat

dannytamberelli21 karma

i tried to sell it. Lets be clear. They STOLE IT

elmyrah26 karma

Was working on Pete and Pete as surreal and wonderful as it was for us watching it?

dannytamberelli40 karma

absolutely, the show really changed me and my perception about the world and growing up along with the rest of you that watched. It was awesome to see as I grew up that it affected so many people similarly

bangedmyexesmom12 karma

That show was a HUGE part of my childhood. I rewatched it recently and was blown away by how amazing it still is. It's like Kafka for kids. I don't have a question, but would appreciate you acknowledging my existence.

dannytamberelli16 karma

Great analogy! Glad you were so into the show.

tallyhallic18 karma

This is silly, bur I remember going to the grocery store and looking for the presidential cereal with marshmallow president heads. I even asked a clerk and described them in great detail. He told me "This isn't Pete&Pete, kid." I was hurt.

Would you support the creation of that tv only prop? What was your favorite episode to make?

dannytamberelli15 karma

I would support that cereal. There should be different kinds. Republican, Democrats, Fezziwigs etc.

mintyice16 karma

Hey Danny, you signed my box of Hemp cereal once at a Jounce show in South Jersey. That was cool.

dannytamberelli20 karma

i still have that picture on my phone!

mintyice12 karma

Upload that shit! I gotta see it.

endlessalex14 karma

I love you guys. I'm a life long fan, and I've really enjoyed the resurrection of Pete & Pete these past few years, with you guys doing the reunions and the podcast and such. The show means a lot to me, and I really appreciate how much you guys still care about the show and its fans. Thank you for that. Do either of you guys have an episode that stands out as your favorite?

dannytamberelli20 karma

Im glad youre into it, bc we are too! We have just been having a lot of fun dicking around together again and seeing how stoked people are to hear us fool around. We thought the podcast could be a good medium to keep some of the nostalgia alive while still being able to bring our adult (only by age) selves out.

I am always the biggest fan of Hard Days Pete bc it made me want to be a musician but I also really still dig What I did on my summer vacation

RodCannon211 karma

Danny, I wanted to mention how awesome it was to meet you at Chiller Theatre earlier this year and hope to one day meer Mike as well. Do you guys keep up with anyone else from the show?

dannytamberelli12 karma

We all keep in touch to an extent. Since the reunions the contact has been more frequent so thats another plus about the reunions for us

nova272610 karma

I heard about a book coming out called Slimed that is basically about Nickelodeons golden age. Did anyone contact you guys for input or stories?

michaelmaronna23 karma

Matt Klickstein wrote the book and he interviewed the both of us.

dannytamberelli15 karma

what he said

PaulVentura10 karma

Hey Danny, heard you are a huge phish phan. what's your favorite show that you've been to/that you wish you went to?

dannytamberelli13 karma

my 2nd show 12/30/97 MSG might still be my favorite

soupypsouperson10 karma

Danny! I've seriously had a crush on you my whole life. I think you're the main reason I like redheaded men still today?

Anyway, my question is, when you're young and in a family sitcom situation, do you start to treat them like your own family? Would Judy & Hardy "mother" you guys?

Also, do you ever stay in touch with Michelle T or Toby Huss or Alison Fanelli??

dannytamberelli7 karma

Well thanks, im glad I gave other gingers hope that people still find us attractive!

dannytamberelli15 karma

Hardy and Judy would do fatherly and motherly stuff. Judy once gave me an edited version of The Meaning of Life with the tits edited out...Thanks MOM!

PimpinPedo9 karma

Loved you guys on Pete & Pete. You both kicked ass back in the day.

Anyways, if you can only eat one type of food for the rest of your life, what would it be?

dannytamberelli19 karma

Mike might say I like hummas, but I would go with a NJ bar pie from Kinchleys in Ramsey NJ. FOR-EV-ER

kterka243 karma

hey , kinchleys is about 5 minutes up the road , good pizza but cash only , kinda a pain in the ass

dannytamberelli7 karma

every third beer on the house though. Cash bars are still good for buy backs. a lost art these days

onefinelookingtuna9 karma

Who was your favorite guest star on Pete & Pete?

Also Michael, Slackers is highly underrated.

And Danny, great work on GTAV.

dannytamberelli15 karma

Iggy, David Johanson and Bill Hickey

swiggyzoom8 karma

Hey Danny, can you tell us some interesting behind the scene stuff about figure it out?

dannytamberelli25 karma

One time this kid was mouthing off to us that we weren't going to guess what he did. He was a cocky little shit. With no cheating, Lori Beth and I nailed the little sucker. He didnt even get a pair of LA Gear pumps.

HughRistik8 karma

DANNY! What was it like being the voice of Arnold on the Magic School Bus? Anything cool happen behind the scenes? That show was the best.

dannytamberelli12 karma

I got to go to Canada a lot since we did all the recording was done in Toronto. One time we did a live action special in philly at their museum of natural history. I got to try and smash a giant cockroach with a mallet. I was unsuccessful.

KimJongsLicenseToIll7 karma

What was Toby Huss like on set? Was he always in character? I have a hard time imagining him being anyone but Artie.

As a side note, when my ex-girlfriend pissed me off, my go to response was "Bite my scab!" It pissed her off to no end, so thanks for that one.

EDIT: past tense.

dannytamberelli11 karma

Toby was and is always his own character, its just depends how far he wants to go with it. He's got a lot of good characters in there. You should check out this guy on funny or die called Brad Logan. its amazing.

Also, good job on the insult getting under her skin! Thats when you know its a keeper!

endlessalex7 karma

what do you think is the most important thing you learned from working on Pete and Pete?

dannytamberelli11 karma

Coffee stunts your growth. Playing music is rad.

toorealghost7 karma

Do you still have the tattoo?

dannytamberelli35 karma

i keep her locked up on a piece of paper, suspended in time much like Walt Disneys head.

ereag7 karma

I'd like to point out that I had no idea that Danny was in GTA V, but I saw some friends playing and I said "Hey, that guy sounds like Danny Tamberelli" and they all disagreed. I'm glad I was right haha. Good job, btw!

dannytamberelli26 karma

hahaha, no im NOT JONAH HILL! Im me! Glad you like the game!

endlessalex7 karma

oh! and what's your favorite Polaris song?

dannytamberelli24 karma

Corronado II

segueing_segway6 karma

If you could be each other for one day, what would be the first thing you would do?

dannytamberelli14 karma

I would try to rekindle my relationship with Bill Clinton

michaelmaronna2 karma


dannytamberelli2 karma

big zing. Enjoy that 313.27 check

endlessalex6 karma

Favorite Pete and Pete villain? It's really really hard not to love Endless Mike.

dannytamberelli9 karma

Papercut was a pretty good one, and also Pitstain. Didnt get that joke for a while. Then came puberty

cute_grrl5 karma

There have recently been a handful of Pete and Pete reunions. Any chance one could happen in North Carolina? You can stay at my house if you need to.

dannytamberelli9 karma

thanks! Hopefully if we do a reunion we will get hotels but if that should fall through, we now know there will be a backup plan set in place. We appreciate it!

ereag5 karma

Have both of you been friends since the show, or have you recently rekindled your friendship?

dannytamberelli15 karma

its true, although Mike for years would send me the earliest bday wishes...6 days early for years. But dont let Mike fool you, we have always been friends. I think. Mike?

michaelmaronna19 karma

I thought he had the same birthday as Lori Beth Denberg. Groundhog Day. Turns out I was wrong. But he is an Aquarius. Right?

dannytamberelli12 karma

at least you got that

ikeamonkey4ever5 karma

how do you know jeremy and what is he doing on your podcast.

dannytamberelli7 karma

hahaha, jeremy and I have been writing comedy for a few years. He and Mike are not friends. we all need a scapegoat or a BaBaBOoey to coin a Howard phrase. Do you not like him?

lookiammikey5 karma

How was it growing up as child stars? Did people try to take advantage of you?

dannytamberelli22 karma

of course they did. But luckily for me, I went to public school my whole life and developed friendships with people outside the business that helped me be able to read people. I think im good at recognizing a friend and moocher/user. Mike Maronna is just a friend but he mooches my weed sometimes. Other times its the other way around.

lookiammikey2 karma

That's great, always good to know you have trustworthy friends. I can't imagine how difficult that would be to sort them out at such a young age. On an unrelated note, is your band playing any upcoming shows around NYC? I recently moved here and I've seen you mention that you play shows around town.

dannytamberelli4 karma

Yeah it was hard sometimes, but its made me better at being aware of my surroundings and the people around me. we just played for the CBGB fest last week. We will prolly have something going on the end of nov/early dec has the deets

tape_echo5 karma

Did you get more stubbies for today?

dannytamberelli6 karma

Im hopping on the Colorado Kool Aid train very soon

Astroman1295 karma

To Danny- Have you seen the new Figure It Out on Nickelodeon? And does it make you feel miserably depressed if so?


And have you ever made out with Summer Sanders's face? Was she as nice as she seemed to us viewers?

And would you guys ever legally change your names to Pete?

dannytamberelli14 karma

I have seen it and it only makes me depressed to know how young the kids are on the show...No Summer makeout but she did promise to marry me and then broke it off for some swimmer. I got over it

michaelmaronna12 karma

never change my name to anything else unless I married Antonio Villaraigosa and changed my name to Michael C. Villaraigosamaronna

Kritical024 karma


Saltalamacchia has a new contender.

michaelmaronna10 karma

Saltalamacchiamaronna? I like the sound of that.

dannytamberelli7 karma


bWiggidyWack5 karma

Danny, I saw you at The Underdog Lounge when your band was playing. You played my fav song (Police and Thieves) and it was great. You are hot. Thanks.

dannytamberelli16 karma

you must have been that tall ginger drink of water in the back right? I saw you making fuck eyes at me. It was inappropriate and most likely made me mess up

TheCeilingisGreen4 karma

Pete and Pete was the shit! My favorite show as a kid. Looking back on it I can see a strong NJ influence on the show. Really captured the NJ mind state with all the weird characters. Was this intentional? I know a lot of stuff was shot around there. Blew my mind when I realized the stand Ellen worked at in the Mr Swirley episode was in the Willowbrook mall parking lot.

dannytamberelli9 karma

I think it was unintentional but since it was all shot in NJ, it feels that way. It also makes you think that what we may think is inherently NJ, it could just be a slice of American suburban culture.

sky_kid4 karma

This is a question for Danny. I grew up a few years behind you in Wyckoff and there were TONS of ridiculous stories passed around about your exploits in elementary and middle school that only snowballed as your career with nickelodeon progressed. Anyway, is it true that you locked Mr. DeMase (middle school art teacher) in his supply closet? I remember this was one of the most pervasive stories we all heard and I always wondered what the real story was.

dannytamberelli14 karma

hahahaha, I never locked the art teacher in the closet. I didnt jerk off in the bathroom at Eisenhower, I DID freak out the high school art teacher Mrs Carroll. I walked around the class with an imaginary plate of cookies and handed them out to every person in the class. She was yelling, "there are no cookies!" I also used to whistle in class and she would constantly search for a bird. I also brought one of those electronic button things with pre programmed curse words. That was fun. Hope this clarifies.

michaelmaronna2 karma

You really were the personification of your character, weren't you? I don't remember Bart Simpson having a tattoo every episode.

dannytamberelli3 karma

theres some truth to that i think.

Katelyn894 karma

What is one thing you each hate and love about each other?

dannytamberelli25 karma

I hate Mikes wirey chest/shoulder hair. I love his attention to detail.

ereag3 karma

Did you both go to college and what did you study there?

dannytamberelli10 karma

I went to Hampshire College in Amherst Mass. Studied music and got a degree in Interdisciplinary arts

Kritical023 karma

Danny: What was your experience like working with Rockstar for GTA V?

To both: If you were offered to bring back a newer version of Pete & Pete with you as adults, would you?

dannytamberelli9 karma

Rockstar was awesome to work for, they are really good people and we had a good time bustin each others balls for having balls all over our bodies in the mocap suits.

I dont know what I would do, depends on if it was something worth exploring. To be fair though, theres something so good about the show that it seems sacrilegious to try and reinvent it. Thats why I like doing the podcast

BeGreaterThanAverage3 karma

What has the biggest suprise to come to you two since doing the reunion shows? Pete and Pete was before social media so not sure if you saw a jump on social media after the tour if you had any interesting stories that came out of that.

in the manboobscomedy video of saying the reunion was nostalgic shit for aging hipsters was hilarious because there was some truth to that I suppose.

michaelmaronna6 karma

The biggest surprise is that our fans continue to be so awesome 20 years later.

dannytamberelli2 karma

i second that emotion

megnarkillroy3 karma

Hey Danny, when is the next Manboobs sketch going to drop?

dannytamberelli4 karma

should be up in the next week. Its called Lay off my Viral Video Cam.

MakeYoBubBubsBounce3 karma

Hey, guys. I'm sure you get this a lot, but your show was my childhood. So thanks for that.

So you're both Giants fans. In your opinions, how much of the blame should be on Eli for the collapse of the team this year?

dannytamberelli5 karma

There should be some blame on him for sure as well as the O line not giving him protection. I was at the Eagles game and watched the receiving core have no idea where they were lining up and running renegade routes just to give him a chance. I hate Kevin Killdrive. His tenure should be up. On the other side of the ball though, no pass rush on the GMEN? Thats just fucked up.

KustyTheKlown3 karma

i just want to say that i think your band is pretty good, and i think its cool how you're such a fixture on the nyc jam scene. i'd also like to say that phish sucks. and BISCUITS!

dannytamberelli4 karma

hahaha, thanks for the kind words on the band. Brownie is a friend, im cool with Bisco...but my jam roots are fully in Phish. Though I must say the whole scene is boring me these days, wouldnt you agree?

KustyTheKlown3 karma

i grew up on the phish just like you. started 10/7-8/99 at nassau. saw most of my phish in 2.0. i loved 2.0. despite the dysfunction, they were at their loosest and most experimental and it yielded things like nassau tweezer, spac piper, it ghost, it jim, etc.

they just dont do that shit anymore. tahoe tweezer was a sign of life but i cant go to 10+ shows a year hunting for that one massive jam. i saw 10 shows in summer of 2009. i was so excited to have them back. they entirely let me down and i never really got back on board. missed too many excellent biscuits shows (6/3-6/4-6/5/2009) for lackluster phish

the biscuits have always owned my heart. first show 12/29/00 at the vanderbilt (LI BISCUITS!). their current dysfunctions and "destination band" status makes me sad, and dont even get me started on conspirator (constipator) and michetti (meh-shitty).

now that we've had this little interaction, i'll say hi next time at bk bowl and not just laugh to my friends "ahhhh its little pete again"

dannytamberelli4 karma

please do, and come to a Jounce show at bk bowl. thats our NYC home these days

gorevidalsassoon3 karma

A few summers ago I was staying in South Orange NJ, and I would drive around through residential areas and try and line up what I saw with my memories of events in the show, and somehow every memory I have from that summer now replays in washed out orangey colors, and a layer of nostalgia so thick you'd think it was 1996 and not 2011.

You guys are so great. Thanks for coming here. Tell me a story from the old days please!

dannytamberelli6 karma

Hahaha, theres a cream for that I think.

Here goes: In 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue...

gr8toutdoorz3 karma

Can you address the rumors that New York Met Utility player Justin Turner actually played Little pete and that Danny Tamberelli had to step in and assume his role on figure it out so Justin could pursue baseball???

dannytamberelli5 karma

great question and if it werent for all these damn NDA agreements and gag orders i'd be able to tell you. Lets just say that you are onto something...

Doucherocket3 karma

Hey Danny, I've seen pictures of you wearing a Devils hat, and others wearing a Kings hat. What is this blasphemy?

dannytamberelli8 karma

This is true and I get this all the time...You may also catch me in a Stl Blues hat too. I love hockey and got into it on the set of The Mighty Ducks. I became obsessed with Brett Hull. So I was a Blues fan. Then I started going to Devils games bc im from NJ. So I was a Devils fan that followed the Blues. Then when I moved to LA to shoot All That I was 15-18. I couldn't do much but one thing I did a lot was goto Kings games. So 2 years ago was really hard for me but also easy. The drummer in my band cant stand that I support two teams and calls me a child. I just cant help it. Forgive me?

lworst763 karma

Hey Danny! Told you I'd be here. Just popping in to say hello.. let's beer garden soon

dannytamberelli5 karma

Hello! JC Beer Garden for sure!

doctorbooshka3 karma

I hated you in GTA V till I found out you voiced it. I wish they had given you a mermaid tattoo in game!

dannytamberelli7 karma

hahaha, maybe in a DLC...

Wickedestchick2 karma

Hello my sexy gingers. I am a big fan! I loved your show, still do. ANYWAYS Im geeking out over you all but i guess i have to ask a question. My question is who was your favorite guest on the show? Or have you ever had a geek moment with a celebrity? Thanks, good luck in your future and peace out! <3

dannytamberelli2 karma

Mikes was Juliana Hatfield and I would say Iggy FTW

KaitlinAuditore2 karma

All That was my favourite show when I was a kid. I don't really have a question but I just wanted to say Hi and Thank You for all the joy you and the rest of the cast brought me as a kid!

dannytamberelli2 karma

thanks a lot! Check out We make sketches and have people like Kenan, Josh Server, Mark Saul from All That. Hope you dig it!

josiepackard2 karma

Danny: do you have a yoga mom?

dannytamberelli2 karma

who told you? Who put you up to that???

Yes, i do and as you can see I don't partake.

Oriolefan442 karma

To Danny, which member of all that was funniest off camera

dannytamberelli18 karma

It was always a pissing contest to continue the jokes after we stopped rolling. Kenan was usually the winner, Kel was usually the insult king. Josh and I would poll position for the bronze

Aadarm2 karma

Danny: What did the slime taste like?

dannytamberelli7 karma

Vanilla pudding, watery. Chemical-y?

Hardesty862 karma

Did the myth of a pee revealing pool chemical - start with The Adventures of Pete and Pete?

Have there been any scrapped ideas for locations to visit for the podcast?

Thanks guys.

dannytamberelli5 karma

hahaa, i think the color changing pee buster was around before Pete and Pete. No scrapped ideas yet, but we did have a snag with the ice cream truck so we are waiting to find the right place or time to make that work.

michaelmaronna5 karma

you're so conciliatory. I say wait until that soft serve is frozen solid and make him an offer he can't refuse.

dannytamberelli3 karma

i like that idea mike, strongarm the bastard!

shittingonlawns2 karma

What was Emilio Estevez like irl

dannytamberelli13 karma

Emilio was the shit, very nice dude. Came to my 10th bday party. Bought me a hockey stick. Took us all to see Waynes World in the theatre. Brought that smokeshow ex wife of his Paula Abdul around. Ah, memories...I'll be right back...oooh Paula

PiccoloBeBe2 karma

I read that pay to be on nickelodeon game shows was like 50 bucks. Also heard the actors parents weren't allowed on set or to read the scripts for many of the shows. Confirm or deny?

Also, funny enough that was literally just talking about how great Pete and Pete was growing up. Thanks for such an awesome show!

dannytamberelli8 karma

One of my parents were on set all the time and they read the scripts bc my mom would help me learn the lines. As far as pay for gameshows, Im sure it wasn't alot. I think we got something silly like $300 as a panelist for Figure it out. Granted we did 4 shows a day, but still. Im just glad it wasnt called pennylodeon or i'd still be paying off college

thetechwookie2 karma

Grew up loving Pete and Pete. I have a question! Me and my friends used to argue about this. Did Billy Corgan ever make a cameo appearance on the show?

I know Iggy Pop was Monas dad, and Michael Stipe was the ice cream man (i think) but I could have sworn that Billy popped up in there once.

Any thoughts Pete, or Pete?

dannytamberelli4 karma

No Billy Corgan. I was a huge Smashing Pumpkins fan at the time. If he showed up on the set, my head would have exploded and this AMA would not be happening. So thank God for that...

KnuckleMeat2 karma

From what I've gathered, the younger of brothers gets the big dick. Is this true with TV brothers?

dannytamberelli6 karma

hahahaha, we haven't crossed swords. That might be a new podcast adventure.

greenvega92 karma

Danny, First I saw you at a DBB concert in NYC in 99 or 00. Then I saw you at some hippy fest in Cambridge MA in 01. Then I saw you on the D train in 09. Then you came in to the restaurant I worked in (Hill Country BBQ) soon after that. I never said hi. Hi.

dannytamberelli5 karma

thats a lot of running in the same places. Glad we can finally say Hi. Deep Banana Blackout was one of my favorites!

michaelmaronna8 karma

So glad that wasn't dave matthews band and a typo

dannytamberelli10 karma

me too...Although I did go to some of those shows in high school to get some ass

kturt1332 karma

Danny, I have a super serious question. What did that old Nickelodeon slime taste like?

dannytamberelli3 karma

heavy dude, super heavy. Why you gotta bring the AMA down like that?

stale applesauce, there? Happy?

kturt1334 karma



dannytamberelli4 karma

sorry, i hadnt had my Coors original stubbie

flippityfloppityfloo2 karma

Mike and Danny!

I grew up with you both as a staple on my living room television. Out of all the shows on Nickelodeon at the time, it's one of the few that was always a must-watch. Thank you for your excellent work on the show.

To the both of you: I am the moderator of the Washington Nationals subreddit. If you ever both come down to see a Nats/Mets game, would you be interested in doing a meetup with some of our die-hard fans and then do a post-game analysis back at my and my roommate's apartment for your podcast?

dannytamberelli4 karma

I'm down but it has to be 2015 when Harvey gets back or we wont stand a chance!

cozyhbk2 karma

Holy shit I was just watching Pete and Pete last night! A hard days pete I think it was. Just wanted to thank you guys for an awesome childhood! Do you guys think the giants will break even this year? Also what are your thoughts on Eli?

dannytamberelli4 karma

I hope they can right the ship. Im going on Monday to hopefully see their first W...I said that about the Eagles game I went to as well..Fuck, i think I just jinxed it. Eli is scared that he's gonna get pummeled every down and rightly so. I just hope he can buckle down...I havent been happy for football yet this season and it sucks. Also my freshy Gmen hat is just collecting dust..

Schwarz0rz2 karma

Do you guys keep in touch with any of the All That crew??

dannytamberelli7 karma

I still talk to a bunch of cats from the show. Josh, Nick, Mark Saul. I still give Kenan guitar lessons once in a while.

Rob_Saget2 karma

Hey guys!

  • How did you two first meet?
  • Moment in your careers that made you go "Wow, I never would have dreamed I'd get to do this"
  • Would love to have both of you be a guest on an episode of my podcast to nerd out about tv, film, etc. Can we make this happen?

Thank you again for this AMA and look forward to your responses!

dannytamberelli2 karma

First met on the first day of shooting in 1989 in NY somewhere I think. It was super hot out and I was in full jeans and long sleeved turtleneck in July. That was my first memory of sweat and its been sticking with me ever since.

Interviewing players for the All Century team. I got to interview and talk to Willie Mays, Nolan Ryan, Ernie Banks, Brooks Robinson etc. That was a special moment for me and my Pop who came with me. I also got to interview all stars from the 1998 Super Bowl in SD.

tealhorses2 karma

You still here Danny? I just got a new pipe, what should I name it? (It's 2 shades of green).

dannytamberelli4 karma

Call it The Green Machine.

Anarchybabe1011 karma

Any thoughts on getting an actual Petunia tattoo?

P.s. I loved the show and the theme song is still amazing.

dannytamberelli3 karma

Thoughts are that i may be a little warped for getting petunia. I have so many fond memories of her that I think having my own real one would take away from all the late nights and showering we used to do...

BeGreaterThanAverage1 karma

Sorry if already asked but have you ever tried writing or filming a web episode of Pete and Pete for fans or even a parody of sorts for fun?

dannytamberelli3 karma

we just did a reunion spoof video for Funny or Die. It was pretty amazing.

BeGreaterThanAverage2 karma

I did see that and it was good. I was dissipointed to find out I missed you two on the comic con floor.

dannytamberelli4 karma

we were like great white buffalos running through all the cosplayers. Someone told us we were flawless cosplayers. I was happy for the kudos. The compliment, not the 90s candybar

michaelmaronna3 karma

I was happy for the Rolos. Also that reunion spoof was like 9 months ago. Due for another one soon.

dannytamberelli4 karma

fine, you heard it here first Reddit, we'll do another one.