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Such an unimaginably awful situation to happen to anyone, but it's affirming to hear that you're able to move your life forward.

Two questions:

1) this whole thing about 'wilding' - was that something you actually said, or is that just a further media perversion? Some articles make it sound like you guys were up to 'petty gang activity' in the park that night, and other make it sound like you'd never even met before. I'm just trying to understand.

2) This question undoubtedly reflects my ignorance, and I understand that you didn't do it, but I'm having trouble understanding how someone could falsely confess to such a serious crime in the absence of like, torture. You said below that you were exhausted and overwhelmed, and hadn't eaten/drunk anything at the station in 15 hours, and I get that you would have been confused, but falsely confessing to a rape/attempted murder seems like a big leap from there. Can you help us understand the thought process/ police tactics a little better?

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hey corey, what up!

As someone well versed in the classics, and coming from a unique vantage point of a successful musician outside of the mainstream commercial complex, I was wondering how you feel about the trajectory of modern popular country music?

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A few summers ago I was staying in South Orange NJ, and I would drive around through residential areas and try and line up what I saw with my memories of events in the show, and somehow every memory I have from that summer now replays in washed out orangey colors, and a layer of nostalgia so thick you'd think it was 1996 and not 2011.

You guys are so great. Thanks for coming here. Tell me a story from the old days please!