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Don't you trust the average person to decide this for themselves? I'll donate to whatever charity I want to donate to. Your input isn't that necessary.

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Have you ever considered doing a Draw My Life video?

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I have Crohn's too. Best of luck for your health :(

What were you most nervous about before getting the colostomy bag? I'm personally terrified of needing one in the future, but apparently, they're not as petrifying as most people think. Do you feel this way?

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We are all aware that a vaccine probably won't be ready for several more months, at least. However, my colleagues and I are concerned that even when a vaccine is available, a large group of the population will refuse to get vaccinated, causing more issues. How can we incentivize vaccination safely and legally? And how can we make anti-vaxxers understand the importance of getting a covid vaccine when it is available?

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Hi Aluna! Big fan here from America. I have a few questions:

1) Why do you think AlunaGeorge hasn't taken off to a particularly large degree in the United States as compared to the UK? When DJ Snake remixed You Know You Like It, it went pretty big, but I've always wanted to hear your solo singles on the radio. Your Drums, Your Love is a total jam and people would love it if they had the opportunity to hear it.

2) If you could collaborate with any other artists at the moment, who would they be? A singer, another group, anything.

3) Does it ever bother you that people seem to think AlunaGeorge is an individual, not a group? i.e. "I love AlunaGeorge, she has a great voice!"

Thanks in advance!