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upvoted just because his username is jon buttwillig

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tell me everything about working with and knowing david lynch, please

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Mr. De Blasio

Congratulations on your primary victory. I look forward to your coming term.

My question involves airBNB. What are your opinions on airBNB and similar short term apartment rental services, and the subpoena that the state AG just served on airBNB to turn over the information on all NYC hosts?

As you are no doubt aware, as it was a central message of your campaign, New York is an increasingly difficult city for middle class people to survive. While I understand the hotel tax issue, and the safety concerns, people rent private residences for short stays all over the world. Why should New York City be any different? While I wholly agree that "slumlords" and "bad actors" who are abusing the airBNB system by holding property solely to re-let on short term rentals should be stopped, do you think that normal hard working New Yorkers should be able to rent out their apartmetns when they go away on vacation, or otherwise?


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what's up dudes?

congratulations on 20 years of biscuits! do you have any intentions to ever go on an extended (or even not so extended) multi city tour ever again? the random shows in burlington and portland are much appreciated, but lots of us would like to see you in the cities and markets which haven't been played since ~2010.

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Thank you for your reply.

As an airBNB host who somewhat relies upon the extra income, and as an airBNB host who has hosted and met some wonderful international travelers who have been completely respectful of my apartment and neighbors, the news of the subpoena was jarring and unpleasant, tho not quite unexpected.