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What was Toby Huss like on set? Was he always in character? I have a hard time imagining him being anyone but Artie.

As a side note, when my ex-girlfriend pissed me off, my go to response was "Bite my scab!" It pissed her off to no end, so thanks for that one.

EDIT: past tense.

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Who are all these people in the 80s that got BJs from Max Headroom?

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JW's might as well be scientologists. They're a drain on society as a whole and should be treated as such.

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It would probably take a long time and you would have solid ground to work on and not be spinning around our planet trying to put together a massive spaceship. I don't know honestly, at this point I'm just pulling stuff out of my ass. I was hoping an actual engineer would chime in.