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played Jackie Radowski on the television series The Baby-Sitters Club

Hosted AMAs

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Can you settle a sure bet?

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hahahaha, nobody knew it was Toby. Everyone knew I smoked butts on the set though. I used to make the PA who drove me to work give me cigs and blast superchunk. He later became the Editor for SPIN magazine.

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Its gotten me a fair amount of women for sure. Using lines like these, "Who wants to see my Big pete? " "You ever been slimed? Want to?"

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90's nick was a product of talented and creative staff and writers. People like Will McRobb, Katherine Dieckman and Chris Viscardi from P&P and Tommy Lynch (Alex Mack) as well as Brian Robbins and Dan Schneider. These people along with Nick president Gerry Layborne (sp?) were blazing trails. Thats why I think there is such a resurgence of the 90's shows. Those shows werent cookie cutter shows. There was depth and substance that seemed to have affected many people. Myself included

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Colorado Kool aid is slang for Coors Original made popular by the outlaw country stylings of Johnny Paycheck, and I will only be fielding questions on Rampart.

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I was sad. I loved Toby, he was the man and we woud just goof off all day. I was sad like all of you. Note: Toby gave me my first cigarette. He denies to this day but he did.

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not at all man, Nick was super cool and very relaxed as opposed to the "Rat" channel. I did get in trouble on Pete and Pete during the Range Boy episode where 12yr old me drove a gas powered ball picker upper thing all over the Nutley NJ driving range during lunch. People were pissed

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hahaha, totally random. I pretty much judged the confidence level of the kid and whether or not they thought they were too smart for us. Then I'd go extra hard to guess it. Most of the time though I wanted the kids to go to Smugglers notch and get a piece of the agro grag

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think how streched and wrinkled Petunia would be if I actually got it when I was 7. I dont know if youve seen me lately but she'd have a foopa...Nobody wants that