Forgive me reddit for I have sinned... It has been 5 years since my last AMA.

Reddit sucked me back in when people couldn't get over that I was Arnold on the Magic School Bus and Jizzle from GTAV. Some of you scolded the newbies for not knowing about Pete and Pete and All That. Some of you liked my band, Jounce. Thank you. I am here to set the record straight and chat about whatever you want that pertains to my experiences as a child actor who didn't get an E! True Hollywood Story. I am without Colorado Kool-aid, so I might have to take a break to go get some.

EDIT1 It's 5:30, gonna go take that break and come back later. Thanks for your questions and hanging with me this afternoon! I'll pop back in later tonight and answer any other questions you kids wanna know.

EDIT 2 Im back poking around again at 835pm

EDIT 3 its 1135 and im gonna call it. Thanks for an excellent day! I will see your posts as they are linked to my normal reddit account so I will get back with answers to any further questions.

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MinnowPaws55 karma

I loved watching you on "Figure It Out" as a kid. What's one of your fondest memories from that show? What's Summer Sanders up to these days?

dannytamberelli53 karma

many times at lunch, bc we had access to Universal, we would sneak on a few rides in between filming. I also had a stalker once that used to come to Universal every day to see me. She sent me a vhs video professing her love...She ended up befriending a student at my school and ended up coming to my high school. I freaked out when I saw her while I was in gym class.

14thCenturyHood15 karma

Was the VHS creepy or sweet in retrospect?

dannytamberelli55 karma

i dont still have it to gauge. As a 16 yr old kid, I think I took it a little overboard. I did have her kicked out of going to the Figure it Out tapings, which i feel like was mean now. She did come to my school though and befriend someone who I was friends with who never told me beforehand so...I dont feel that bad. I do remember her saying God told her we were going to be together. so theres that

SirLenzalot49 karma

Did you meet Stick Stickly and do you remember his address?

dannytamberelli60 karma

PO Box 963 NY NY

Snowbank_Lake23 karma

I will remember that song FOREVER. Man I loved Nick in the Afternoon.

dannytamberelli28 karma


The_bad_guy_31247 karma

This is like talking to my own childhood. First of all thank you so so much for Pete and Pete, what a fucking show. That show had a very surprising amount of cameos for a nickelodeon show. Can you tell us any stories or which were your favorite? Would you ever get petunia redone? Do you speak with Michelle Trachentburg at all? Also, can you get those bastards to release season 3 on DVD.....

dannytamberelli53 karma

Hey, much appreciated! Iggy and David Johansen were my favorite rockers. Chris Elliott and Bill Hickey were my biggest star struck moments. Petunia will stay forever engrained in my brain and stuck on my arm. It's like the people who stared too long at the eclipse and can still see at what point they were watching because its etched into their corneas. Me no talky to Michelle, I have attempted instagramming but to no avail.

2CousinsDrinking29 karma

If there was a cocktail called The Mighty Duck what would the ingredients be?

dannytamberelli37 karma

4 oz Canadian Club dash of bitters soda water garnish with duck jerky

Snowbank_Lake8 karma

I want that now... I wonder how many bars would make it.

dannytamberelli15 karma

there should be something else but if its mighty, it better be strong.

chazzz42023 karma

Hey Danny, as a 28 year old, your nickelodeon shows were a big part of my upbringing.

Years ago, I facebook messaged you and asked if you would wish me a happy birthday on my profile page. To my surprise, you responded and actually wished me a happy birthday. I still reminisce about that with friends and pretend like we're buds. Anyway, I just thought that was really cool/hope you don't think I'm a weirdo. Could you wish me happy birthday this year? I'll send you a message the day of.


dannytamberelli39 karma

I think that can be arranged. We are all a bunch of weirdos, you're in good company.

charming98922 karma

Pete and Pete is one of my favorite shows from childhood. I'm rewatching it with my daughter now. What show today do you think is the most like Pete and Pete?

dannytamberelli37 karma

I love hearing that people are showing their kids the show! It makes me very happy. There really isnt too much like it out there. There are shows that have DP's and directors from Pete and Pete that give me that vibe like Scrubs and Mindy Project. Malcolm in the Middle was more of a contemporary. Will Mc Robb, a co creator has a pilot on Amazon called, A Kid Called Mayonnaise which gives me a lot of the feeling and sensibility of Pete and Pete. Worth a watch for sure!

Frajer19 karma

Do you think Arnold ever got to have a normal field trip?

dannytamberelli30 karma

i'd like to think so. He complained about those too.

Cupcakeann18 karma

Would you ever consider playing the role of Pete again, but being an adult Pete, who is raising a son behaves similar to young Pete?

dannytamberelli25 karma

I think if it was an homage and not a full reboot, i'd be interested in seeing what the creator was thinking. I am concerned in general for karma to bite me in the ass with kids as there was a fair amount of little pete in me.

TheDiscordedSnarl10 karma

I was going to ask that but I don't think it'd sell. It'd seem like a cheap nostalgia cash grab to me. We don't need our childhoods ruined, Pete And Pete is too good to "corrupt" (lack of better words).

dannytamberelli21 karma

thats exactly it. I dont think they could really do it justice without seeing it as a Fuller House scenario.

TheDiscordedSnarl17 karma

This. The world doesn't need a Fuller House.

dannytamberelli18 karma


jaredsmith8317 karma

Thanks for doing this for us, Danny. My wife and I were actually watching Pete & Pete the other day, reminiscing about being 90's kids. The good ol days. Anywho, flash forward to being older (but not necessarily grown ups) What's your favorite mixed drink these days? Or are you more of a beer guy?

dannytamberelli32 karma

the good old days indeed. Im 35, feeling pretty grown up these days. I am an equal opportunity drinker. I drink gin and sodas with bitters if they got any at the bar. Bourbon, Rye and Irish Whisky neat or on the rocks. Beer is good. IPAs, Reds and beer flavored beer mostly. I have an untappd account if that helps. Cheers!

wickedfrigginhot8 karma

Holy shit I have to reply to this. I LOVED Pete and Pete as a kid, and looking back on it now it's crazy to think you're only 3 years older than me. I have to admit I was giddy with laughter when I realized you were the voice of Jizzle too. I gotta ask for your Untappd name... I'd love to say I recommended my childhood TV hero an IPA...

Sorry if that comes off as weird, man. But thank you for being such a huge influence on my childhood.

dannytamberelli6 karma

I appreciate the nice words. I laugh too when I think about that little prick Jimmy too. Search my name, I will pop up with a pic of me and my baby, Blondie. She's my bass.

lumpking6915 karma

I had no idea you were on the magic school bus! With the new show making a return, have you been asked to voice a character or perhaps be a guest? Do you think an older version of your character could return?

dannytamberelli28 karma

I haven't been asked to be a voice actor on that but I would if they asked. Arnolds dad would be a solid character. Send your letters to the network!

more_like_poosername14 karma

Yo what up Pete! Or, are you Pete? Anywho, I would like to know, what was some of the juicy drama behind the scenes of All That?

dannytamberelli44 karma

I got Josh in trouble with the producers because he was being a dick about something and it really upset 15yr old me. I was the youngest older kid and the oldest younger kid. I was the little sis from West Side Story just hanging around the older kids until they HAD to let me in. After my first season though, we were all cool. Kenan and I had known each other for years, he was my sherpa into the older kids hangout

TheDiscordedSnarl11 karma

Goddamn those Pete and Pete memories. Great stuff. Too bad it only lasted 3 seasons. Best stuff ever written and you got to perform it.

So when ARE you getting a real tattoo of Petunia? ;)

Do you still hang out with your Personal Superhero? (and why'd he leave at the end of season 2?)

Since I can't think of a non-inane question, I'll ask this instead. What's your "guilty pleasure" -- that one thing you turn to when you need to disappear from the world and just lose yourself a little bit?

dannytamberelli21 karma

I will never get a real petunia because I think she looks great on so many other arms. You'd be amazing by the amount of real petunia tattoos are out there...

Artie and I still page each other from time to time. He always types 80085

Guilty pleasure right now is watching Bachelor in Paradise with my fiance. I have never watched reality tv at all, let alone be giddy to watch it. The trash level is high but and I cant quite figure out why I liked it, but last night I was asked if I wanted to start watching Friday Night Lights or the last Bachelor in Paradise. Sadly, I chose the latter.

TheDiscordedSnarl12 karma

Wait, fiance? Wow. TIL holy shit Little Pete is engaged Everyone grows up so fast... good gods I feel old as shit now. Heh.

dannytamberelli18 karma

indeed my friend. It happens. Mike has a 10 month old baby boy. What feels older than shit?

TheDiscordedSnarl2 karma

Well, if you want another guilty pleasure to watch with your fiance, I'd suggest the nightly Live Safari: -- the guides take questions live from the chat.

dannytamberelli5 karma

seems interesting, i'll check it out. I hope there is a dedicated person doing the internetting so the guides can be alert and guide. That's a serious texting and driving thing that might have just as horrible results.

DCResidentForLife11 karma

Hi Danny! My dad and I watched Pete and Peter together when I was a child! WE loved the show. I have a lot of good memories of that show. Anyways, I like to travel - like a lot. Where are some of your favorite places that you have been before?

dannytamberelli18 karma

Love hearing the parent/child pete and pete watching stories! In country, my favorite place in all the US is Bar Harbor, Maine. (off season if you can, its a tight window) Pozzallo, Sicily Thailand, specifically Chang Mai Sevilla, Spain

Got any hot takes on new places to go?

SpecifiedLemon9 karma

What is your favourite line from Jimmy on GTA V?

And how much did you get to know the other cast and how much did you get along?

dannytamberelli15 karma

the cast got along just fine! I did put the call sheet in my pants when we filmed the teabagging scene so everyone in the crew got to teabag Michael, Ned Luke.

"thats nuclear fusion bitch, lets blow shit up"

shep24279 karma

You enjoy voice acting for GTA V? Any more video games in your future?

Also I always died laughing when, on Figure It Out, to get slimed was just being Danny Tamberelli.

dannytamberelli8 karma

GTA V was the coolest because I had played video games my whole life including previous GTA's so to be in an actual game was pretty surreal. Nothing in the pipeline, but i'm always auditioning.

And yes, whatever they could do to slime me at least 3 times a day. We would shoot 4 shows a day, I was taking at least 3 showers a day.

MrFalcon8 karma

Any recent fights with the ocean? It's really getting out of hand...

dannytamberelli15 karma

no but I feel like since the internet said I was responsible for 9/11 because of Pete and Pete, then the same argument can be made for me not beating up the ocean and the recent increase in powerful storms. I say we all make a promise to not let the ocean get out of the dutiful beating that every man, woman and child is responsible

EuropeFreeRadio8 karma

Yo Danny! Thanks for doing this AMA! Pete and Pete has always been one of my favorite shows and young Pete's insults have helped to shape me as a grownup. Were any of those your own improvisations or were they all scripted? How much leeway did you and the cast have to improvise? Thanks again!

dannytamberelli17 karma

I was able to spew out some of my own insults but to be honest, I can't remember which ones were mine and which ones were written. Once you were given carte blanche to say these insults, they just flew out. Chunderhead, Chowderhead, jerkweed, etc. I know that I got in trouble for calling someone a dillhole in 6th grade. That might have been a beavis and Butthead reference...Damn you Joe Stillman! Writer for Pete and Pete and B&B

10ofClubs8 karma

How are you doing today? You've brought me a lot of joy over the years and I hope you're doing well since I don't think there is much I can do to repay you.

dannytamberelli12 karma

Im doing fine, thanks. Your kind words are enough. I aim to please!

jerkinator7 karma

I was a huge fan of yours as a kid and was convinced you or Davy Jones would be my future ex-husband. Needless to say that never panned out ha!

Did you have one "bad guy" or neighbor character or sub-plot in Pete & Pete that you wish there had been more of? I was a fan of pit-stain for some odd reason and wish we got more backstory on some of your nemeses.

I sent a lameass question to your last AMA and got looked over, so maybe this time I'll try to not be as lame? Thanks for hopefully answering this one :)

dannytamberelli10 karma

I thought I was pretty good on that last one, sorry I missed you! I would have to agree that there really wasn't much backstory on any of my arch enemies like papercut and pitstain beyond maybe why they had that nickname. Papercut was always my favorite so maybe he should have got more attention. I mean he sliced the brim off my cap...thats some serious shit right there. He had to be juicing.

leighann557 karma

Did you ever hook up with co-star Amanda Bynes? I always felt there was some tension between y'all! I've been wondering for years

dannytamberelli25 karma

not at all, she was another sister to me. Both my little sisters flew to LA while I was filming and we were all tutored in the same room. It was strictly platonic. That tension might have been bc I treated her like a little sister and she treated me like an older brother. Sometimes she'd be mad at me

JasonBerk7 karma

Hola DaƱiel! I randomly brought up Pete and Pete last week to this girl, and she didn't know what it was. I believe she was one of those Disney kids. What should I do? This is highly unacceptable.

dannytamberelli18 karma

oof, gotta be careful with those disney kids...Could go 1 of two ways. She watches Pete and Pete with you and she digs it. You become an influencer. She watches it and decides right there that there that you are a weirdo who might have done weed in highschool and she ghosts you.

I believe its totally worth finding out

beaverteeth926 karma

Do you still talk to a lot of your Nickelodeon co-stars? Which cast member on All That was the funniest, and why was it Lori Beth Denberg?

dannytamberelli19 karma

I still talk to: Pete and Pete: Mike, Toby, Dave Martel, Will and Chris, Katherine All That: Josh, Kenan, Kel, LB, Mark Saul, Alisa, maybe Amanda Bynes???(not sure if i am being catfished on twitter)

LB was the best! Nothing else to say

billyhead6 karma

Just wanted to say thank you to you and Mike for making my childhood. I even flew up to Chicago from Atlanta a couple of years ago to see you guys record a podcast and watch Polaris play. I love listening to the podcast cause it feels like hanging out with old friends (highly recommended for those of you who don't know about it).

I guess my question is if Mike is as much of a villain in real life as he is on the podcast? It's hilarious. He's got a sharp wit.

Anyway, take it easy and have an awesome day!

dannytamberelli12 karma

Mike is the most cynical, dry and biting guy I have ever met. He's a good dude and a groomsman in my wedding. I mean it with all sincerity, yes, he's a villain. He's a bigger pot stirrer than my 3rd grade principal Mr. Buffington told my parents i'd be. HE TOLD MY PARENTS...IN 3RD GRADE.

PrometheusTeth5 karma

Lifelong fan here. It's my birthday so this is pretty cool you chose today!

As a Jounce and overall music fan who's taste was heavily influenced by Pete and Pete; I'm curious as to what you are currently listening to or a fan of?

dannytamberelli7 karma

Happy Birthday duder! Thanks for digging the Jounce! Currently i'm listening to a bunch of stuff. I do a lot of listening to old stuff(early punk, reggae, GBV) that i've been listening to forever but I am in a recent kick of newer bands and tunes in no particular order that are pretty great: Sheer Mag Hop Along Wavves Tera Melos New Mark Mulcahy record, I have not been able to take it out of my car, its so good

turtlesweater5 karma

What is your favorite kind of sandwich?

And also, of course, thank you for the years of entertainment. Pete & Pete was one of my favorite shoes while growing up, and now with your podcast (which I happened to find through my favorite band Tera Melos) you just keep killin' it. And congrats on the engagement!

If you ever find yourself back in Detroit, hit up Sgt. Pepperoni's for a slice. I think even the Pizza King would approve.

dannytamberelli5 karma

Favorite sandwich in all the world is a prosciutto, mozz, roasted peppers, sundried tomatoes, oil, vinegar, long roll.

Thanks for all the kudos and glad you're digging the podcast through the TM guys! For a big guy like me, you'd always think I could house the skinnier, lighter fake tv brother...but alas, I do have a gag reflex. Mike doesn't.

ryanbobyan2175 karma

Have you ever considered getting Petunia tattooed on you for real?

dannytamberelli3 karma

never considered it, she told me it was never permanent and that one day she'd leave me. I didn't believe her, but then that cold day in 1995 happened. It's too hard

Jzsjx9jjqz4 karma

Favorite NJ diner? Also, is it pork roll or Taylor ham?

dannytamberelli15 karma

I was a Skyline Diner fan and its Taylor Ham. Just like they are band aids, not adhesive bandages.

lumpking695 karma

/r/newjersey welcomes you with open arms!

dannytamberelli10 karma

nothing but all the love for NJ

Sworly4 karma

I apologise for adding to the 99% of comments pertaining to Pete and Pete, but I've been in love with the show since I was a kid; even recently, I dropped about $200 to purchase a crew jacket that originated from the filming of Season 3.

That aside, my question is: What was, hands down, your favorite episode, and why? From what I'd imagine, "Apocalypse Pete" seems like it'd be the most entertaining, or maybe even "Halloweenie", but that's just me surmising.

dannytamberelli5 karma

wow, serious coinage to drop. Is that the black Wellsville Electric and Gas Carhart? If so, I still got mine too and I rock it in the winter because its a fine coat. Worth the $200 now that I think about it.

I think Last Laugh might have been the most fun episode for me to play aside from Hard Days Pete. I got a bass on that episode and music really became my life after that. Last Laugh though was great because I was a good guy and bad guy and even at a young age, I thought that it was pretty badass to play those 2 kinds of roles in one character. Working with Batman was a highlight of my life for sure. I love your picks too btw. We just went back to Halloweenie haunted house and season 2 Wrigley house in South Orange NJ. The street was basically the same and the lady who owned the haunted house was still there and the house is just as creepy and old as I remembered it. Hard to beat any of those episode picks

sherryst814 karma

Do you miss the Ramapo Valley Brewery as much as I do?

dannytamberelli4 karma

Many an epic night in that bar. I was once outside of that place smoking and a cop pulled around. My buddy who I was with starts to bolt and causes the cop to come right to us. I had a bag of weed in one of my cargo pants pockets and the officer grabbed the other pocket and not the one with the herbs in it. I then told him I was in the band and we started talking about his obsession with Rush. I had a rush of adrenaline thinking I was gonna get popped. Also saw a guy try to stab someone ( owner possibly?) with a pool cue. Rowdy spot, solid beer. Ooooh damn, last tidbit from that joint, Jounce's old drummer had a birthday there adn we got him so trashed that he was literally falling asleep playing Mississippi Half Step by the Dead...Miss that place

coryrenton4 karma

what is the weirdest thing you've seen a fellow actor eat (as their preferred meal, not for a scene)?

dannytamberelli11 karma

well as a NY/NJ guy, every time I am in LA, I am hyper aware of all the healthy options fellow actors are eating. Nuts, cottage cheese and grapes. All at once.

FightinRndTheWorld4 karma

I can't think of any questions for you that haven't already been asked. I'll just say thanks for all the great childhood memories. I am very excited to share Pete & Pete with my kids here in a few years.

Wait a second..Colorado Kool-aid? Are you from Colorado? That's my question!

dannytamberelli10 karma

hahaha, I hope you show your kids! I can't wait to show my kids too. it will help save the world! I am not from Colorado, I am NJ boy who lives in Brooklyn these days. Colorado Kool-Aid, "is a can of Coors, from a rocky mountain stream. It'll set your head on fire and make your kidneys scream, man it sure is fine."-Johnny Paycheck

exit98newjersey4 karma

Danny! Seen you with Jounce a couple times as we've worked together with Shady Street Show Band and Swift Technique. Ever think of doing something awesome this fall/winter in Asbury Park, NJ? Cause you totallllyyyyyy shoulddd dudeee

dannytamberelli2 karma

duly noted. Love Asbury Park NJ to death. I'd be down. Been playing in a group called Middle Blue that has Mike Clark from the Headhunters on occasion. Maybe we could make a night of funk?

dimplejuice4 karma

Favorite basslines?

dannytamberelli18 karma

any line played by Mike Watt, Paul Jackson, James Jamerson, Bootsy and John Entwhistle.

Bassline from Zep's Lemon Song might be the best rock bassline ever pressed.

Beck's Paper Tiger is up there too

j1e2f3 karma

Hey Danny, Which Skit on All That still cracks you up till this day?

dannytamberelli8 karma

anything with Kenan as Ms. Pidlin or Principal William Baynes Pimpell

14thCenturyHood3 karma

Hey. Pete & Pete is an integral part of my childhood. I still love it.

What were your favourite celebrity guest stars you got to work with on P&P?

Bonus question: What defined your own childhood? Do you have a tv show, a movie, a song or book that you grew up with that made a huge impact on you?

dannytamberelli5 karma

I listed a few already, but I did fail to mention Steve Buscemi and LL Cool J in there so I will add them here. I met LL on All That years later and he remembered that he was on pete and pete which I thought was cool. Steve I see on the train in Brooklyn but I have yet to go up to him. We are trying to get him on the danny and mike live podcast we do in BK every month. The Wonder Years, The State, Beavis and Butthead and SNL were the big ones for me.

jerkinator3 karma

THE STATE! Why do so many people forget that shit existed?! Ken Marino is fucking hysterical.

dannytamberelli6 karma

I wanna dip my balls in it had me laugh so hard I nearly couldn't breathe. Just the best

hubbalab323 karma

Hey bud did you do any of the bakers dozen shows?

dannytamberelli3 karma

Lemon #10 It restored a lot of faith in the music that I had lost a while ago. I had a tremendous time and Phish made me a believer again.

mrpitifulscott3 karma

If Blues Legend Johnny Stevens produced a Johnny & friend's album, would you play on a track?

dannytamberelli4 karma

I spent some formative years studying under Johnny Stevens blues and soul techniques, aka The Harp and Amherst Zoo House. I wish him nothing but the best and I sure as shit would play a track on whatever he asks of me.

loluchka803 karma

Hello Danny. Thanks for doing this! Loved Pete and Pete. Do you still keep in touch with any of the other child actors from the show besides Mike? Do you you remember Rick the actor who played Bill Korn? Thanks

dannytamberelli7 karma

I still send holiday wishes to my TV parents Judy and Hardy. Toby Huss and I exchange dick pic's, consensually. Will and Chris I speak to all the time. I do remember Rick. We all got tutored on set together.

loluchka803 karma

I know this is completely random but I've been pretty much best friends with him the last 3 years.Rick (bill korn). He has never mentioned that he was on the show pete and pete and we (his band) are getting a huge kick out of this new information. We haven't told him that we know. We just don't understand why he wouldn't ever tell us this. We would like to invite you to a show. The name of the band is Hot Date. @hotdateband. Would you be down to come to a show and come on stage to sing a song? Or play the bass? Completely surprise him?

dannytamberelli6 karma

what a weirdo...He should be proud as fuck to be Pete and Pete alum! Could be a funny surprise. If it's in NYC, it's more doable than not.

lumpking692 karma

Toby Huss

Did you love him in Carnivale as much as I did?

dannytamberelli6 karma

how much is much? As much as you love breathing? As much as that feeling you get when you finally release that pee you've been holding onto while stuck in traffic? As much as you love your HBO on demand???

lumpking695 karma

as much as the first time I saw a real boob.

dannytamberelli3 karma


1lwtri3 karma

My band played with Jounce in Dayton a year or so ago. You guys were awesome on and off stage, hope you come through again. What would be your dream role (live or voice acting)?

dannytamberelli6 karma

Dayton is my home away from home's home. We will come back in the spring I hope.

Dream role would be playing Supreme Court Judge Elena Kagan on SNL if SHE WOULD EVER DO SOMETHING CONTROVERSIAL...She's got nothing going on. I've stalked her, opened her mail, rummaged through her trash, nothing. I guess being her doppelganger is all I got.

If not that, then a School of Rock reboot on Nick...oh shit.

idiotmonkey123 karma

I love everything you have done, but I tell ya I knew that was you in GTA and I was so happy. They should give your character a spin off.

What's an average day in the life of you?

dannytamberelli12 karma

Thanks for not thinking I was Jonah Hill...

My day is filled with 9am smoothies, my stint as a personal chauffeur starts at 925am and ends at 945am. I handle any voice over auditions in my closet soundbooth, I practice bass, I write songs, I write comedy, I look at reddit, I eat my premade veggies and quinoa my fiance steamed the night before for lunch. I go back into chauffeur mode at 550 and off again depending on the grocery store run for dinner options. I make the food, I eat the food, I veg out a bit, brush teeth and hit the sheets. Theres a ton of variables though including recording music, podcasts, shooting manboobs videos, freelance work like bass lessons, writing articles etc. I am a freelancer who still gets to do what I want...getting married though so this lifestyle is TBD

RoxyWTF3 karma

Have you ever considered doing another improv comedy project on tv or stage? I'm glad another childhood actor is living well and healthy!

dannytamberelli3 karma

I have a sketch group called manboobs comedy. We have been making sketches for a bunch of years and performing live on occasion. We mostly make videos. Would love to make something like that work on TV, sadly its hard to pitch sketch comedy. Doesn't mean I don't still try though! Hope you're living well and healthy too

psfilmsbob3 karma

I had a friend in school who went on Figure It Out. His "talent" was "Leaks Inhaled Milk From Eye." I've never seen the episode because apparently Nick pulled it after one airing after complaints from parents. But I digress... He said that you (the panel) actually were able to look off set to a monitor that had the answer the entire time. Is that true?

dannytamberelli10 karma

I remember that talent and it was gross. He may have seen monitors backstage, but we never had the monitors that had the answer on it. I swear to you it wasn't rigged

amlarios3 karma

hey Danny! Big fan. What was one of your favorite memories from filming Pete and Pete? Do you have a personal favorite episode?

dannytamberelli7 karma

my first kiss was on the set, so that was prolly my favorite memory, cameras weren't rolling though. Favorite episode was Hard Days Pete

esdeyen3 karma

Hello Danny!

Did you ever get any feedback on how Pete & Pete was received in the UK and did you ever get a chance to visit? Also, ever thought about taking your sketch group to the Edinburgh Fringe one year?


dannytamberelli3 karma

We were told people really dug Pete and Pete in the UK, my sketch group MAnboobs Comedy made a joint video with a UK comedy group called Bishop and Douche (pronounced Dowch). We have never explored the overseas comedy scene but I am quite familiar with Fringe. Would be happy to inquire.

Justindoesntcare3 karma

Hey man, I grew up watching Nick and the magic schoolbus and got to play with you in Nyack Ny around Halloween maybe 2? Years ago. I remember it being super normal once I got over the trip of it actually being you around the show, but do you ever get people who freak out and pester the hell out of you when you're just trying to play some music?

dannytamberelli2 karma

right on! That Halloween show was LATE...We got the shaft pretty good that night, it was fun until 1am...Yeah, it happens sometimes. People will yell Pete at me during a song or ask me to play Hey Sandy. I've been at it long enough where it doesn't really phase me. It's the tapping on the shoulder when my eyes are closed thats the real pet peeve. Fucking amateurs...

chrispar3 karma

Are you still upset that you over slept and missed the All-That 100th episode?

dannytamberelli4 karma

still haunts me to this day. That was my actual mom btw, so she doesn't let me forget either.

Callicoon_Cowboy3 karma

Danny! I've been trying to get an answer to this for years- a friend of my father who worked for P&P gave us a bootleg tape of the minute long vignettes and Summer Vacation & Valentine's Day Massacre. Not exactly sure of the timeline but it has to be 1990 or 91. Anyway- the credit song in VDay Massacre is different than what was used for the show when it actually aired. Upbeat folk song, two? female vocalists and the chorus was something like 'Give all of my lovin' to you'. Do you know the artist/song title or have any leads? I guess if you don't my leads are practically exhausted!

Ps- favorite jamband aside from Phish? You should sit in with Dopapod!

dannytamberelli3 karma

Oh man, I have no idea! I will check back with someone and get back to you on it. I am very curious now. Magnetic Fields possibly?

I know those dudes, Boston right?

mider-span3 karma

Danny, is Anders really your cousin or is he a total bullshitter?

dannytamberelli8 karma

Anders is my cousin. He's not a shitter. He used to run around a relative's pool as a little kid yelling the words "shit 'and "fuck" It might have only been once but I will never let him forget it. He messaged me on here too and I forgot to respond. im a dick.

NORSMAN7 karma

After running around said pool he was also thrown in said pool.

Source: I am the shit fuck yeller

dannytamberelli6 karma

i remember all of that.

mider-span1 karma

This sounds like him. Know that he has not changed. Number of times I saw him stumble around house parties yelling "fuck" and "shit" and "cunt". Love that dirty ginger.

dannytamberelli2 karma


liamquane3 karma

H Mr. Tamberelli. Can I ask, what is the best thing a director can do for you on set? thanks! :~)

dannytamberelli2 karma

Be a down to earth person who can clearly convey what they are trying to accomplish. That and a good musical taste. Directing is super hard and finding that sweet spot between being comfortable with giving direction and also letting the actor do their thing. I like a hands on director more than a hands off if they can articulate the ideas they see in their head.

mrespman3 karma

I loved watching The Adventures of Pete and Pete when I was a kid. Since it's been 20 years since the show ended, do you have any plans on either reviving it or adding into the universe? Will we ever reconnect with Pete or Artie "The Strongest Man... In the WORLD"?

dannytamberelli2 karma

Mike and I do a podcast called the Adventures of Danny and Mike for feral audio. That's the closest you are gonna get to a reunion. Don't want to taint brand. We protect the brand.

zen_is_the_goal3 karma

Pete and Pete is still one of my favorite shows and I'm 43 years old. Thanks for the AMA and thanks for continuing to work at entertaining people. Do you think you could do a good job directing the next Star Wars?

dannytamberelli6 karma

Excellent to know! I think I would do a terrible job directing Star Wars.I have no experience with effects and well...basically anything that has a bigger budget than a few thousand bucks. I would try my hardest though to make it feel the way I felt as a kid watching the originals for the first time. Maybe do a Jabba the Hutt origin story? HE actually wasn't that big as a child. He grew into his skin. Literally. The kids used to call him a shar pei.

zen_is_the_goal2 karma

Jabba the larva?

My question was merely pro forma; I wanted to thank you for giving me a great show to watch with my daughter 20 years ago. It really stuck with me. I know I should thank the writers, remaining cast, and Kate Pierson but you're the one doing the AMA. F'reals, thanks for playing a role in a show crafted by and for my generation to watch with their kids.

dannytamberelli3 karma

he said my eyes were bluer than the bluest tornado bar, he did. He said that. She was awesome! I never get sick of hearing how the kids are the parents showing their kids the show. Thanks for keeping the dream alive!

abarrelofmankeys3 karma

Between all your nick stuff and apparently Arnold you were a massive part of my childhood, and apparently only a few years older which is somewhat surprising since kid me thought there was a bigger difference back in the day. Pete and Pete is a classic and still a hell of a show in my book.

So since you were so closely involved with most of the tv I watched as a kid, what shows do you have fond kid memories of?

Less thoughtful question: did everyone secretly hate getting slimed all the time on figure it out?

dannytamberelli7 karma

thanks duder, I appreciate it! I was into Ren and Stimpy, Salute Your Shorts, The Wonder Years, Rocko's Modern life.

_lotusflower_2 karma

As with 90% of the other commenters, I was a Pete and Pete, Figure it Out, All That fanatic as a child growing up in the 90s. It's rare to see such an honest, down-to-earth AMA these days; I just want to give you a massive thanks for being a seemingly super good-natured human and sharing it with Reddit this evening! Good luck in your future endeavors and I hope to get the chance to see Jounce at some point!

Also, what's your favorite animal?

dannytamberelli3 karma

Really appreciate it! I really have a rad time talking to everyone on here. It's truly a cool community and happy to chat. Glad you grew up on the Nick teet, I think we did alright. COme see Jounce! We are a good time, i promise.

Favorite animal has always been an Ocelot...don't ask me why, thats just been it for a LONG time. Dogs i hear are more manageable

pallarandersvisa2 karma

Danny, any plans to play down in Richmond, VA, or tour down towards the mid-atlantic? We have a venue called the Camel that Jounce could easily fill up and they mainly book bands of your style. I'd love to put a show together down here for ya!

dannytamberelli3 karma

I know the Camel, haven't been there in a while. We would always love to hit up Richmond. I love that town. Is the Canal Club or Alley Katz still there? Those were the venues Jounce used to play down there.

liamquane2 karma

What did you first think when you read the GTAV script? Being a video game, how was it physically different from tv and movie scripts?

dannytamberelli3 karma

I was sent on that audition as a movie role and the script was no different than that. The big difference is in the scripts they send for the vo recordings which were more yelling things, phrases and motivations for in-game play.

Donomark12 karma

Hi! What was your favorite stunt to perform on Pete and Pete? Like, in "Dance Fever", did they really throw wax all over you?

dannytamberelli7 karma

there were a couple solid stunts that I had to have a stunt person supervise and teach me how to do things. 1st one was falling through a trap door in my principal's office, the late great Adam West. We shot it in a school gym and I had to actually fall from a story up to make it look real. They made a chute that I had to learn how to fall backwards down. They created a tower at the top of the gym and sent me down it a few times. As a 12yr old, that was pretty rad.

Dance Fever slime was the same slime from Alien, or so they told me. I had a small plank with ball bearings attached to the bottom so they could attach an invisible string to hurl me through the halls.

FightinRndTheWorld3 karma

Same slime from Alien? That would by KY Jelly....

dannytamberelli5 karma

uh oh... that explains a lot

SpecifiedLemon2 karma

Who is it your dream to work with, whether that be a musician, actor, comedian or voice actor etc?

dannytamberelli14 karma

I would give anything to work with Dave Grohl sometime in any capacity. I would make him do more sketches and funny music videos. He gets me.

erikmeberg2 karma

Thank you for defining my childhood more than my actual childhood did. What was it like having Monsignor Iggy Pop as a bass instructor?

dannytamberelli2 karma

was just for a day and it was glorious. TV was taught, played and stopped due to blowing up the amp I was using. Smoke, sparks and the smell of burnt electronics filled the dressing room and Iggy just walked out laughing. It was memorable

Lakonthegreat2 karma

When are you gonna go back on The Comedy Button!? I love your episodes, you and Mike should come back to do it together!!

dannytamberelli3 karma

Next time we are in SF, I will make it happen. I love those guys!

drjorphphd2 karma

Where is Season 3 of the Undone Sweaters?

dannytamberelli2 karma

in our heads.

Oftheclod2 karma

bummer about holger czukay huh?

dannytamberelli4 karma

yeah man, Can was very important to me in my musical upbringing and as the low end guy in that band, he really helped me in staying in communication with their tunes when other instruments were not so strict.

Thelilytoyourmarshal2 karma

Holy shit, I am starstruck right now!! Out of all of the shows you did on Nickelodeon, which was your favorite to work on and why? Who was your favorite cast member to work with?

dannytamberelli2 karma

Pete and Pete and All That were pretty neck and neck, but the edge goes to Pete and Pete. It was in NJ, I was a little badass kid. Kenan was always my favorite and i've been so lucky to have him on my coast for all these years.

Oftheclod2 karma

Wow - who is your Best Friend living in Los Angeles?

dannytamberelli6 karma

His name is Tim. I sleep on his couch when I don't get paid enough/no travel stipend for work and pleasure.

forava72 karma

any roles -- looking back you wish you had taken?

dannytamberelli8 karma

i got Free Willy and my mom turned it down. It also happened with Jacob's Ladder. I coulda used the that feature money, but prolly would have spent it on a therapist...My mom always told me that. To be fair, the first round of Free Willy I think had some pretty heavy scenes with the parents that my mom felt was too intense. In hindsight, I am glad she let me be a kid and not get thrown around emotionally as a child. Nickelodeon and Disney. They kept it light. I'm alright with that. The money would have been good though...

pregnantbaby2 karma

I may have missed this by minutes, but I thought of a question while skimming through: why are so many redheads cast as bullies/shitheels in 90s children's programming? (Could be happening today, I wouldn't know.) Thought you might have some insight. :)

dannytamberelli2 karma

good question... I am not sure but I know that there was a trend even in the 80s. Think about the bully from A Christmas Story...I think Pete and Pete was one of the few that didnt do that. We used brunette kids.

dfens7622 karma

What was Toby Huss like while the cameras were off? Artie was by far my favorite character and I remember the directors commentary on one episode talking about how the other child actors' parents seemed uncomfortable with him around their kids. Did he stay in character most of time? Ever serve as your superhero for off-set antics?

And I'd just like to say thanks - As a weird kid growing up, Pete & Pete was one of my favorite shows, and it really helped me with the recurring theme of encouraging kids to be yourself, however weird that may be.

Also, with how often an attempt at a "tough little kid" role comes off as awkward and stupid, I gotta give you props for how much of a badass Little Pete was. Your interrogation of Lou the Barber in "Saturday" was absolute gold.

dannytamberelli5 karma

Toby was a good man. Certainly an adult hanging around with kids. There was cursing and some blue humor and cigarettes. I may have taken some of his while he wasn't looking. My mom and dad loved Toby and I don't think anyones parents were really scared, just made for good commentary. Thanks for the kudis man, playing a little badass was my jam. Perhaps bc there was a little pete inside of me the whole time Blowhole. Im glad you turned out alright. And that grilling scene was one of my favorites too!

Robpool20002 karma

What was it like voicing Jimmy DeSanta?

dannytamberelli5 karma

it was a lot of fun, but the VO days were the hardest. You try screaming lines for 4 hours and your throat starts to hate you. I did get a lot of choice stupid lines from a real piece of shit kid, so I enjoyed it. Where else can you steal a boat, get saved, steal money, sell weed and drug your dad and kick him out of his own car. Brutal.

j1e2f2 karma

Ooo, Which one of the lines you got from the kid?

dannytamberelli3 karma

all of them, they were Jizzles lines. The writers werent stupid, it was the character that made em dumb.

Mudungus_Fletcher2 karma

Wanted to say hey Danny!

I remember you were in our bar last year or so and we played "Hey Sandy" at last call (Pete and Pete theme for those who don't know it by name.) We didn't know what to expect but you came up to the bar and acknowledged it in a positive way and you were very chill about it. It was a cool opportunity for us to meet you and say whats up. Hope you had a good time and whenever you're in Albany you are always more than welcome in our establishment. Thanks for the good Nickelodeon memories!

Was Summer Sanders as much of a babe in real life as she was on the show?

dannytamberelli2 karma

hahaha, I do remember that! It was a classy move.

Summer was and is still truly a babe. I was smitten from day 1

pbbiggs2 karma

Do you miss Goldberg's?

dannytamberelli3 karma

sure, do you miss your high school/college job where you could dick around, eat for free and smoke weed in the walk in box?

ManBehindTheGame2 karma

Danny freakin' Tamberelli! Mah boi!

Pete & Pete was my jam growing up. When Nickelodeon released the two first seasons on DVD I got those as soon as I could. Really wish they released Season 3. And then when I found out you were in GTAV (and more recently) the Magic School Bus, my spittake was like a firehose.

What's your favorite genre of games? Are there any titles/series that you'd really want to have a hand in voice acting?

Hoping that you land some more roles!

dannytamberelli3 karma

me too, maybe one day when Viacom decides to stop being cheap and pay the music licensing fees...

I am a sports video game guy mostly but I would be happy to head back to Rockstar if they ever need me. Good folks, amazing content. I could be a good sequel to The Bully...just sayin...

bullsplaytonight1 karma

I saw you at the Lincoln Hall Pete & Pete reunion and we did shots of Malort, which I remember drunkenly framing as a follow up to the time you did your first(?) Malort shot with me and my buddy after Jounce played at Quencher's a year or so prior.

If you come back to Chicago and fate aligns us at the same bar again, I owe you a nice, enjoyable drink. Malort is actual trash and I'm a bad man for having you drink it twice.

dannytamberelli2 karma

you sonofabitch...Its gross but I always drink it. I will hold you to that. A nice rye will do