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Gun to your head, you have to tell a joke to save your life, what do you go with?

Edit- Yay first question! Been mashing refresh like crazy waiting for this!

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Haha Yea I love it. I have heard this one before. I feel like they would spare you out of pity most likely. Thank you for answering my question, I tried to be a little different then the whole (I love your show, blah blah blah) even tho I do, and was on pins waiting for season two to start.

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If you could only see the way, I karaoke this jam! Do you ever go out to karaoke nights, fire up this classic, and blow the doors off peoples minds?

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That makes sense. I guess I am drawing from my own wants. I would love to be at karaoke some night, when an artist comes in, and actually does their own song. It would be fun, because alot of people at karaoke don't pay attention, and I would love to see them try to figure it out!

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Yo what up Pete! Or, are you Pete? Anywho, I would like to know, what was some of the juicy drama behind the scenes of All That?