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So you’re saying if I wrote an art history paper on the movie Muppets at the Met, and that nothing else motivates me to write except to write humurously, that I might consider making a career change as a physical laborer?

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Oh shit, you're still here? That was going to be my first question. Since my follow-up question is based on your answer to the first question I'll wait to ask it. But since I don't usually make IMA's in time I might ask anyway, since the psychic I called hung up on me. What do you suppose crickets mean in my life? I've given them rides on my driver side window four times. One time was a day I got a flat tire on the freeway. The next time I saw a cricket on my car, a car had blown out it's tire on the same road that I noticed the cricket (after I got my tire fixed) answer at will, if you wish. Cheers.

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That's some mafia shit. Cold!

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damn, are you in PR?

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it's okay. it's going to be okay. we need people like you. like me. who can catch the references as they fly over others heads.