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What are some common misconceptions about Intelligence Agencies that you wish more people knew?

Thank you for doing this AMA - its interesting to hear from someone who had to keep their job secret for so long.

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Dabble in card magic occasionally, so it's good to have a favorite force card. I picked 10of clubs because I read some awful book that used playing cards in place of tarot cards, and 10ofClubs was my "birthday card" so it kind of stuck with me.

Thanks for the answers! I never talk to CIA ~officers~ so its nice to hear the other side of the coin.

I notice you ask about username choices, which is great because I get to hear the explanations. Any reason you ask besides curiosity?

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How are you doing today? You've brought me a lot of joy over the years and I hope you're doing well since I don't think there is much I can do to repay you.

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I think outrun has defined itself (albeit perhaps poorly) as a subset of synthwave that is supposed to evoke a feeling of a gritty neo-noir cop movie or something like that. Again, hard to pin down, but it falls under synthwave.

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What is your advice for running a grim/dark Tabletop RPG?

Is there an optimal number of players before it stops being "scary" or atmospheric enough?

Favorite RPG Mechanic?