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Hi all,

I'm a few days behind on this so apologies for that! I had a good follow-up visit with my surgeon on Wednesday. Here's the numbers, they removed 750 grams from my left breast and 210 grams from the right (approx 2lbs combined). I always knew my left was larger but certainly didn't think it was 3x!

Right now they're still swollen that's why the shape looks off in the photo. The soreness from the stitches is irritating. The incisions have to scab and it's itchy as heck. I am wearing a bra now (cheap one from Walmart that's 38DD. I'm a 34 but have to place a gauze pad across my breasts while they're healing, needed the extra space in the band.

Signing off: thank you everyone for your comments, stories, and suggestions. Special shout outs to all the women that shared their own reduction stories. Anyone I've invited to pm for questions regarding the reduction, offer still stands. Ive tried to answer as many questions as possible but apologize for the ones that likely trickled through. Thanks again!

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uluru1423 karma

They did a really nice job.

UmHi_2013578 karma

Lol thank you

atacms16 karma

What's with the tape?

UmHi_201354 karma

Incision around the nipple but mainly to tape down the small bit of slack from the stitches.

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UmHi_2013518 karma

I certainly don't consider them small. Having them lighter and more even is what I'm happy about. The back pain going away for good is what I'll be thrilled about.

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UmHi_2013197 karma

Yes I am. A gf of mine from the uk had a cancer scare a few years back. She recommended I get this highly concentrated form of vitamin e oil - think bio oil but better. I'm hoping that works.

dehydrated_H2O525 karma

I had a gf years ago that got a breast reduction because her boobs were so heavy they were literally bending her spine. I met her two years after the surgery to reduce them. I would have never noticed the scars on her if she hadn't pointed them out. Be confident about your boobies, scars are just trophies of living, not marks to be ashamed of. Breasts are beautiful in all shapes and sizes. Now you have two big ones that match!

UmHi_2013107 karma

Thank you! Fav comment.

Amboner38 karma

I had a breast reduction and I can tell you that no men have reacted negatively to my scars. It's been a little over 2 years now and they're noticeable, but not red or scary looking by any means. My most recent boyfriend didn't notice the first time we hooked up, until I pointed it out later on ;)

UmHi_201328 karma

I am a bit concerned about the scars so thanks for this!

itcanthurtthatbad29 karma

Even once the stitches are out, keep that paper tape over the incisions for a good couple of months. 24 hours a day, shower with it on too, only replace it once it starts to get ratty and dirty looking. You should be able to buy some at the pharmacy or ask your doctor for a roll. Best kind is micropore surgical paper tape. This will slow down the over stimulation of collagen as the skin heals and minimize any scarring.

Source: am RN that worked for a plastic surgeon specializing in breasts for over 10 years.

UmHi_20139 karma

Thank you for your expert opinion!

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UmHi_201320 karma

Thank you for the confirmation.

eureka_exclamation30 karma

I have a friend who had a reduction done and her doc said to stay away from vit e. She said something about it making the scars worse? Her doc had her use silicone tape on the scars and you can't even see the scars on her boobs now.

UmHi_201333 karma

Really? Hmm. I'll pose the question to my surgeon at the next followup.

blackrat4723 karma

Silicon gel is commonly used as well (often prescribed after open-chest surgery), I had some stuff called Dermatix for a lot of hypertrophic scars on my face.

UmHi_201314 karma

Thanks. I'll ask my surgeon!

FatYetti9 karma

Calendula cream can also really help to remove redness in scars, but don't use it until there are absolutely zero open wounds.

UmHi_20136 karma

Yes of course, thanks for the recommendation.

K-Lynn3 karma

What brand?

UmHi_20135 karma

Not sure. She's having a friend of hers that's coming from the UK to pick it up for me. I can let you know.

Apex-Nebula2 karma

Please do! I use bio oil on acne scars which only helps so much.

UmHi_20132 karma

Will do!

lovesickremix2 karma

my mon has had breast reduction surgery, her scars healed good. You can still see them however she has horrible skin due to extremely poor health, so i figure as long as your in good health the scars will heal evenly.

My mom has extremely poor health and i have helped her several times, thats how i've seen her breast. (if anyone was wondering).

UmHi_20131 karma

Good to know. Sorry you're facing a difficulty with your mom. Can't be easy.

PhallusityHuffman1 karma

OK, so you do have implants in there? They seem super perky, so I'm thinking you do, but then I have no idea how this works, so I'm not sure.

UmHi_20133 karma

No implants. There's still a fair bit of swelling as the surgery was only last Friday.

ProperSauce-13 karma

Did you ever consider doing exercises at the gym to strengthen your back muscles so you could support the weight?

UmHi_201314 karma

Yes I did and noticed it helping but then my family doc told me bout my spine curving.

darthliki268 karma

I had this done 8 years ago. Best decision I ever made.

UmHi_2013154 karma

Thanks for the confirmation. :)

tkpop77754 karma

I had breast reduction too but I am a guy. I had a condition called gynecomastia since puberty. Gynecomastia is different from man breasts as a result of obesity, breasts from gynecomastia are large due to breast tissue which can't be burned with exercise like fat can. So the only solution is surgery. Maybe I will do an AMA if others are interested.

EDIT: I don't really feel like doing the AMA anymore but if anyone has questions for me feel free to ask here or by PM and I'll answer them.

UmHi_201318 karma

I think you should.

learningtowalkagain244 karma

Glad you're doing ok. You went from a G to a D. Did you want to go smaller, or was D where you wanted to be, or was it on the advice of the doctor in consideration of proportion and what would look the best?

UmHi_2013316 karma

My surgeon said not to go below a C cup. I opted for a D. I'm in the process of losing weight as well so once I achieve my ideal weight and if that results in a further loss in my breasts, I'll still be a C.

PeacefulCamisado134 karma

Was there a particular medical reason for not recommending below a C cup for reduction? Is it more difficult for them or perhaps it causes more scaring to go smaller?

UmHi_2013296 karma

No his reasoning was more cosmetic. My frame can obviously handle a heavy chest so going down to a B would look really odd. Had I gone lower than a D, it would have made liposuction a requirement as opposed to an option. The portion of the breast that creeps in to the arm pit is where lypo is needed.

I didn't want to lose my assets completely either. :) and my frame can obviously handle a heavier chest.

firewave185 karma

How did you know your breasts were causing your back problems? I have big boobs too and my lower back is constantly killing me but I don't know if it's because of my chest or other things.

UmHi_2013340 karma

My doctor could see slight curvature in my spin from hunching. For liability reasons, she couldn't tell me the reduction would be the answer to all my problems. The back pain was terrible for me which was a huge factor in my decision to go through with the surgery.

For you, make sure you've been sized by a professional. Not Victoria's Secret staff. Invest in good bras - I'd recommend Freya, Fantasie, Panache and Shock Absorber for sports bra. Start strength training/weight lifting. I would only consider a breast reduction as your last solution and once you've weighed all the risks.

Twitch9286 karma

Did anyone give you shit for doing this? Like telling you it's stupid or you shouldn't have to do something as drastic as surgery? Or did you have support through it?

UmHi_2013261 karma

I'm not in a relationship so that made things easier. The male friends I've told were distraught to say the least. The best was "how could you do this to me?!" But all in stride of course.

Serious note - I've had a lot of support through this from family, friends and coworkers.

I hear of too many women in relationships that know this is the solution for them but won't because their boyfriend doesn't want her to have them reduced. If there's any men on here that have done this, stop it and be supportive damn it!

jaekus123132 karma

My girlfriend will probably have hers reduced at some point in the future, and I'm all for it - less back pain is a good thing for more than one reason ;)

UmHi_2013106 karma

I knew you existed. Thank you!

pirateofspace144 karma

Pro tip: any man who's not supportive of something like this isn't worth your time. You're worth a lot more than your boobs (which look awesome btw)... just remember we're not all shallow, selfish douchebags!

UmHi_201350 karma

Could not agree more. Thank you.

Heartless00072 karma

Is it wrong to say you have amazing looking boobs? Is it a huge compliment? Either way, nice boobs.

UmHi_201362 karma

Im taking it as a compliment so thank you!

NekoQT57 karma

Hows your back??

UmHi_201391 karma

I feel a difference for sure. I still can't sleep in any other position than on my back so I do feel stiff when I wake up In the morning.

kawika21987 karma

I do feel stiff when I wake up In the morning.

now you know what its like to be a man.

UmHi_201329 karma

Lol amazing.

GovmentTookMaBaby-243 karma

I don't mean to be insensitive, but after seeing the after picture I feel stiff too if you catch my drift. You are a beautiful person inside to do this, and the outside definitely matches that.

UmHi_201317 karma

Thank you.

dmartin1654 karma

Did you have insurance to help cover the costs?

If not, how much did you end up paying?

Did they put you to sleep to perform the operation, or did they just give you some awesome local anesthesia?

How long do the docs think the recovery is going to take for you?

UmHi_2013129 karma

My provincial insurance covers the procedure if it's due to health reasons. All I paid was for the crazy Percocet laced with oxycodone. I have prescription benefits from work so out of pocket expenses was $7 CAD.

Yes they did put me to sleep. Recovery will be about another 4-6 weeks.

SpaghettiBatman132 karma

Man, doesn't it feel good to live in Canada?

UmHi_201394 karma

Hell yeah!

xman0360 karma

lol, FYI Percocet by definition is a combination of Oxycodone and Acetaminophen so your Percocet is not laced with anything :)

UmHi_201341 karma

Huh TIL.... I hated them regardless. :)

dmartin165 karma

Thanks for the answers!

I hope you have a speedy recovery.

UmHi_20135 karma

My pleasure!

Cadina51 karma

I'm a 32F and I've been wanting to do this for a long long time but my breasts didn't stop growing till I was about 25 and then my SO was against it. Now, I'm pregnant, my back hurts even more...but I'm glad I haven't gone through with it yet because pregnancy will ruin the shape for sure. Thanks for sharing you've given me more determination to have this done after breast feeding!

UmHi_201343 karma

I'm glad! Forewarning though that a side effect is not being able to breast feed. Just weigh all the risks please!

coffeefordinner45 karma

Not necessarily true! I had a reduction surgery 5 years ago (2008), had a good amount taken out, ended up about half of the size I was.. still ended up at a D. I had my son early 2010 and he nursed successfully for over 2 years with no supplementation after the first few days (supplementing with a SNS).

I'm currently nursing my second son with no problems and no need for early supplementation. A reduction surgery is not automatically going to make it so you can not breastfeed. There are resources available for people who are looking to nurse after a reduction surgery also, so definitely contact a lactation consultant during late pregnancy and maintain that relationship with them if you're seriously wanting to breastfeed!

UmHi_20134 karma

Great advice. Thank you for commenting!

The_Year_of_Glad12 karma

My cousin had hers reduced a couple of years ago (back pain, just like you). She's married now, with a one-year-old kid, and he's doing great even though he was bottle fed. Just thought you might like to know, in case you ever decide to have kids yourself, or in case someone else in the thread is on the fence about the surgery.

Thanks for answering questions, and best of luck with your recovery. It seems like you're doing really well.

UmHi_201316 karma

That's great to know! I think it's more the mental guilt trip of not being able to breast feed but I had to make the best decision for me. Thanks for sharing.

Sierra00439 karma

What was your first recovery meal when you got out of hospital?

Whenever I have had to go to hospital for a proceedure I always get a shitload of burger king afterwards.

UmHi_201364 karma

Omg!! That's the first craving I had was a dirty cheeseburger and a litre of water. My sister is a bit of health nut and took it to heart when the nurse said to go easy on food for the first day. My sister made an amazing chicken pho for me. After my follow-up appt, i went for chicken wings and fries. :)

Netprincess34 karma

My cousion had this done years ago. She has never regretted it. Shirts will fit so much better!

UmHi_201319 karma

Can't wait!

nanosp29 karma

How long will it take to recover and do you have any pain right now?

UmHi_201333 karma

About 4-6 weeks for recovery. I wouldn't say there's pain. More discomfort and irritation with the incisions starting to scab.

Amboner9 karma

2 years in, my scars are still sensitive sometimes.

UmHi_201311 karma

Good to know.

andyb12321 karma

Hello! I know it must have been a tough decision to make, an ex girlfriend had reduction done and it wasnt easy for her to decide. Have you noticed any lack of sensitivity? When her procedure was done her doctor suggested (after the healing was done) frequent massaging to keep blood flow up. I was more than happy to help with that lol. Another thing i noticed is that whrn the doctor went in to remove tissue they made a small cut under the armpit and went in that way. Was that an option for you or did something prevent that method of approach?

UmHi_201318 karma

My surgeon had explained that there's two methods for this surgery. One requires the nipple to be removed and the other is below the nipple towards the rib cage and underneath. I had the ladder but it sounds like your ex had the former?

It's getting cold in Toronto, I don't have any sensitivity issues. Lol

RickVince19 karma

Are there before pictures of your breast? I have no idea what 34G looks like.

UmHi_201318 karma

Lol I'll post a final before and after using a pic my surgeon took before the surgery.

Danielle112418 karma

I had a a breast reduction earlier this year and it was the best decision I've ever made! I'm 8 months post op and my scars have almost completely faded! I went from a 34G to a 34D. You're going to love your new boobs!!! Have fun!

UmHi_20139 karma

Same size change. Thanks I'm pretty excited!

jmreich17 karma

Those look great. Can't believe you're only 1 week post op. Another couple of weeks and they'll be spectacular.

UmHi_20139 karma

I hope so!!

illit14 karma

it's great that this is actually recognized as a problem that can and/or should be taken care of and covered by insurance. (or whatever OHIP is)

UmHi_20138 karma

Couldn't agree more!

RavenSkye8614 karma

After many years I finally had my reduction a few years back and I've never been happier. It sucks for about six months as everything is healing but in the long run it's the best thing I ever did. I would suggest if your insurance won't cover cost got to a weight loss specialist for at least a year showing you've lost weight but still have back pains. This is what I did and our insurance covered 95% of the surgery a year after saying try wouldn't cover a cent cause this was an "elective" surgery. My doctor recorded weight loss and measurements for proof that it's wasn't because I was fat. I'm 5'7" got down to 150 pounds and was still a size 40J.

UmHi_20134 karma

That's a great example. I'm glad you're relieved!

peanutsbeta14 karma

Has your balance compensated yet? My friend's mother and a close friend of mine have both had it done, they listed that as their biggest complaint. Next to buying half a whole new wardrobe, that is. Either way, have a speedy recovery!

UmHi_201312 karma

Yes I've heard of this balance issue but have yet to experience. And thank you!

suju151311 karma

I had that same procedure done almost a year ago and I couldn't be happier. I went from a DDD to a C. There will be done times where you get super frustrated and you'll want your old boobies back. The scars are annoying but they clear up fairly quickly. I recommend buying a whole bunch of cheap panty liners instead of gauze. Much cheaper, more comfortable, and gets the job done. Recovery is going to be pretty fast and you should soon be back to normal. Getting the surgery was truly the best decision I've ever made. Just wait until you can just walk into a store, pick out a shirt and just buy it without having to try it on! It's amazing! Good luck with everything and if you ever want to talk feel free to PM me :)

UmHi_20137 karma

Genius ideas about the panty liners. The nurse suggested a tea towel but that is not comfortable. Thank you and yes I can't wait for my first shopping trip. Thanks!

elentilforest11 karma

I think they did a fantastic job and good on you for looking after your health. Blessings Ma'am :)

UmHi_20134 karma

Thanks you

Eyegleam9 karma

I hate to be that guy... lol... but your math is somewhat off.

...they removed 750 grams from my left breast and 210 grams from the right (approx 2lbs combined). I always knew my left was larger but certainly didn't think it was 3x!

So I obviously don't know how heavy your breast are right now, but assuming that they do weight 1kg individually, that would have been 1.750 kg and 1.210 kg before the surgery, meaning that one was approximately 1.5 times as heavy as the other one, even less if they're still heavier than 1kg, but certainly not 3 times as big.

But nonetheless, nice job and get well soon :)

UmHi_20134 karma

Lol thanks for the calculations!

getoffthebike8 karma

Reading your story is like reading the story of my life, except I haven't had the procedure done yet. (How do I say this without sounding like a total creeper?) I'd love to pm with you for more details. I'm happy to share as well, just not in a fully public forum, lol. I just want to get as much info on the overall procedure as I can before making decision. My initial question would be, how and when did you initially go about addressing your concern with your doctors?

UmHi_20136 karma

I completely understand and would be happy to chat via PM. :)

tylr-r7 karma

Howdy, I'm about to get a complete mastectomy, and I've always been curious about how they treat transexual patients in comparison to a female getting a reduction/mastectomy. Few questions:

1- What was it like when you woke up? How were the medical staff? How long did you spend in the hospital total?

2-How much information were you given for home care recovery?

3-Right now it's probably iffy, but where do you have sensation on your breasts? Are you expected to have erotic sensation in your nipples/by the large incisions? Or just tactile? This one's really important, so if you can't answer now, I'd really like an answer in the future

4-How often do you go into get things checked out during/post recovery?

Thanks for your time, if any of these are too prying, feel free not to answer. I wish you a lifetime of no back pain and ease in finding bras that fit comfortably :)

UmHi_20138 karma

1 - slightly disoriented and VERY dehydrated. The nausea soon followed. I got to the hospital at approx 545 am and we left at about 4 pm.

UmHi_20138 karma

Sorry. Hit send too soon.

2 - the drugs were still in my system so my sister had to take all the info in. She asked questions around my diet and what I should avoid. We both felt fairly well informed.

3 - they are a bit sensitive but no loss in arousal at all but I can follow up.

4 - my surgeon sets a schedule for follow ups. Surgery was last Friday and first follow up was Wednesday. Next one is Oct 21 and likely another in November.

Thank you and please feel free to PM me if you have more.

MyTherapistSays7 karma

I'm not sure if you've answered this already, but was it just a reduction or a lift as well. I'm 38DD and I've thought about doing a reduction, but other times, I'm convinced it's just a lift I need.

UmHi_20138 karma

Yes I had both. A good surgeon should be doing both.

UmHi_20132 karma

Yes I had both. A good surgeon should be doing both.

CalmTits6 karma

I had one a few years ago and would do it all over if I had to. My one word of advice: massage your scars! My surgeon told me to, I didn't and they are still very obvious.

UmHi_20133 karma

I will - thank you!

holy-ghost6 karma

I had 5Lbs removed back in March. Having a breast reduction was one of the best decisions I've ever made! You will feel so great when you can run longer, bike further and not have your lower spine feel like it's going to snap from the weight. I felt like someone took a backpack full of rocks off of my shoulders for the first time ever.

UmHi_20135 karma

I'm so excited to go running! Thank you and so glad you're relieved!

mumle6 karma

What is the one thing you never thought would be a bother while recovering?

UmHi_20136 karma

Weight bearing really. I had to grab groceries on Thursday and that walk back home was so difficult!

luvyourcurves6 karma

Thank you for doing this! I am a 34H and have been thinking about doing a reduction for quite some time. Any advice to give/info that you wish someone would have told you?

UmHi_20135 karma

I'm happy to say no. I had a lot of people that either has the procedure done or knew of someone that did so that was great for preparing myself. My doc and surgeon were amazing at answering my plethora of questions so I went in pretty well informed.

littlegreycloud5 karma

Don't answer if you don't want and sorry if the question is unappropiate, but, were they saggy before? Did the surgery made them perky in addition to smaller?

UmHi_20139 karma

They weren't saggy but the drop was there before. The surgeon did do a lift and made them more even.

AMurkypool4 karma

So feel like a load of your back?

UmHi_20137 karma


Restrictedreality4 karma

Congrats! How did you decide on the size you're at now? I have rather large breast and have always wanted to be a B or small C. Did your doctor try to get you to go smaller?

UmHi_20134 karma

No certainly not. He suggested no smaller than a C because my frame can handle it. I opted for a D as I'm also trying to get into better shape. Win win.

BeerHug4 karma

They're shaped very nicely. Did the doctor have to remove a lot of skin as well?

UmHi_20135 karma

A bit yes. And thank you.

Fallenangel1524 karma

I wish you the best recovery. My wife has suffered with big boobs since she was 18, and has lots of back troubles. She's trying to make a case to get them reduced on the NHS, but it's tough.

UmHi_20132 karma

Yikes - I would almost suggest moving to Ontario! I hope she wins the case! Good luck!

electrostaticrain4 karma


UmHi_20134 karma

I went for my scheduled physical and my doc noticed the slight curving in my spine which was pretty much the decision maker. I've been with her for sometime and that id been contemplating the reduction. I didn't go to a back pain specialist.

Find a good surgeon. A good one will do a lift as part of the procedure.

IsThisAmerica2 karma

I don't mean to sound like an asshole or inconsiderate or anything, but I just don't really understand how two pounds could make a difference on your back. Can you (or someone who knows what they're talking about) please explain?

AlcoholismIsForKids21 karma

carry 2 lbs in your hands for 12 hours straight.

UmHi_20138 karma

Well said.

labia_slayer2 karma

Can I have your old ones ???

UmHi_20132 karma

Lol no sorry. They've been disposed of.

Herr_Lich2 karma

Wow, they look really nice. And they're still plenty big. Are you happy with the result?

UmHi_20133 karma

They shape is off now from swelling but yes I'm sure I'll love them once I'm fully recovered.

tigerstorms2 karma

I hope the healing goes quickly and you enjoy the new you.

UmHi_20131 karma


UmHi_20131 karma

Thank you!

billburman1 karma

Do you literally laugh out loud every time you type "lol"?

UmHi_20132 karma

I do. There's funny comments on here. How can I not?!

Chreiya1 karma

Maybe it's just a bad angle or shot, but those don't look so big in the "before" picture. What was the circumference, if you know?

UmHi_20131 karma

I'm sorry I don't have that measurement but as a joke that works as an example, I was equivalent to a honey dew melon. lol

Cautioncones0 karma

as a male who hates fake breasts i have to say that i am proud of women who get breast reductions because its to better their health instead of trying to look stereotypical. i think whether you get scars or not shouldnt be of any mans concern because those babies are gonna be soft and real

UmHi_20132 karma

I appreciate that. Thank you.

FallenAgist0 karma

Gratz on the surgery and hope you make a speedy recovery but would you recommend the surgery and such ? Like my mother has some pretty big breasts and they can make somethings awkward, at my parents wedding we all thought they were gonna fall out at any time. Has it made that big of a difference in your life ??

UmHi_20132 karma

Yesterday was my first day back at work and all the office girls said they couldn't notice a difference. I have to mention that I always dressed well for my body which I think is key for women with heavy chests.

As for my recommendation, yes as a last resort and only once you've researched the side effects, had numerous consultations with your doc/surgeon and you feel it's the best decision for you.

Paint_expert0 karma

Has anyone ever told you that you shouldn't have got one?

UmHi_20131 karma


OnlySaysHowYouDoin-3 karma

How you doin'?

UmHi_20132 karma


darbbycrash-4 karma

ur nipples are taped on

UmHi_20131 karma

Yes. There were incisions and now stitches around them.

fiberkanin-7 karma

I would love to see how they look after the swelling has gone down, you know, for science C:

UmHi_201319 karma

I'm sure you would!

unionjak-9 karma

I'm just here to wish you well and tell you that your nipples are very pleasant to gaze upon.

UmHi_20134 karma

Thank you. And you're welcome? Lol

sethamphetamine-10 karma

Dude here, no surprise. But I've got a serious question from the perspective of a boob guy. I've always been perplexed when ladies do this, especially if they're still young and perky. With all the pains ladies go through to look good (and yes sexy) - high heels, mini skirts in winter - it seems odd to surgically remove this advantage.

I may answer my own question when I ask, is this because only a "boob guy" would even consider this an advantage in the first place?

I know soooo many girls who wish they had bigger boobs. And I know high heels you can always take off, but every time I ask a friend why she's wearing high heels as we're running around on a day she knows we'll be running around her answer is always to the effect that it hurts to look good.

UmHi_20136 karma

It may be an advantage but losing my spine wasn't worth it.

katze2-10 karma

Your pics are inconsistent. The before pic shows nothing at all, because it taken from a very strange angle. From such a weird angly, I can make my cat look bigger than Mt. Rushmore.

The recorvery pic shows some bandages. No information.

And the recovery pic shows: Wait a minute: Very large breasts. I thought you wanted them to become smaller?

UmHi_20131 karma

Thanks for the feedback. I will be posting a final before and after using pics my surgeon took.

Nine_Cats-10 karma

Why did you post a topless one now, but not before? Not that helpful :(

UmHi_20136 karma

I've asked my surgeon for the before surgery photo. Once I'm recovered I'll post the final before and after.

Pluzkat-38 karma

Post more nudes please

UmHi_201320 karma

Lol I'll see what I can do.