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Hey guys, I found Jimmy Fallon's account!

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I shot cider out of my nose just now.

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What a dick.

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I have so many questions...

  • is he inhaling them?

  • is he okay?

  • why?

  • how did he find out he could do this?

  • should we call someone?

  • why is the woman in the background on the phone acting calm like this is a normal occurrence?

  • is the woman in the background already calling someone to help him?

  • are they married?

  • did her dad know he could do this when he gave him his blessing to marry his daughter?

  • is this a genetic trait?

  • if you put one end of a hotdog into a vacuum cleaner and the other into his mouth, who would win?

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I remember that feeling. Not fun. I had my jaws broken and reset, and when I came to, I immediately realized I was going to hurl.

Trouble was my mouth didn't work from all the swelling, cotton gauze, general pain, and painkillers I was on. I tried to mime writing on a pad, and even tried pointed to my stomach then dragging a finger up my chest and to my mouth before pointing away from my mouth vigorously. Apparently, the nurse didn't understand, so I waved her over to my bedside and vomited on her.

Funny enough, she got the idea after that and brought me a basin to finish barfing into.