Hello reddit, Jack Black of TENACIOUS D fame here! I'm joined by the fabulous Ghost Ghirls Amanda Lund and Maria Blasucci. As well as co-creator and director Jeremy Konner (from Drunk History fame) and my producing partner Priyanka Mattoo.

We are here because we have created a very funny new series called Ghost Ghirls. We're all happy to take your questions about anything.


We give out good advice too.


proof: https://www.facebook.com/JackBlack/posts/10151709208848801

EDIT: A big thank you from all of us! It was a pleasure answering all of your questions. Be sure to the check out Ghost Ghirls! www.ghostghirls.com

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Mouth_2_Ass911 karma

The rest look on as Jack gets every question.

JackBlackandGhirls662 karma

We're trying to balance it out. It's a team effort.

Mouth_2_Ass390 karma

I'll ask them a question.

Eveyone else...How is it working with Jack?

JackBlackandGhirls1070 karma

They can't answer that question right now because I am here.

JackBlackandGhirls536 karma

Amanda says: well, /u/mouth_2_ass, what a great question! very thoughtful question.

JackBlackandGhirls485 karma

Priyanka says: I've worked with Jack for nine years now, and it's been a dream. He is like the best, most supportive, kindest, funniest, most influential cheerleader we could ever ask for. And he gives great hugs.

swim_to_survive668 karma


Many of us saw the School of Rock renunion video on youtube!

A lot of us were wondering if you thought about maybe doing Rock University?

JackBlackandGhirls998 karma

I would love to do a sequel. We'll see what happens. You never say never.

Rob_Saget400 karma

Hey everyone, thanks for this AMA!

  • Jack - Is there any word for Brutal Legend 2? Or better yet, have you talked to Brendon Small about having Eddie Riggs be a guest character on future Metalocalypse episodes?

  • Jeremy - What is a moment in your career that made you go "Wow, I never would have dreamed I'd get to do this?"

  • Amanda - How many takes did it take to shoot Pregnant Detectives? I would have been cracking up the entire time!

  • Maria - What's been your favorite episode of Drunk History that you've been in and why?

  • Priyanka - Do you think television as we know it will completely merge into an online presence as we've seen Netflix and Yahoo series begin to do?

  • Everyone - I host a podcast in where we have celebrity guests geek out about TV, games, music, etc. Would anyone be interested in being a guest?

Thanks again everyone and look forward to your responses!

JackBlackandGhirls310 karma

ME: I did a little work with Metalocalypse guys on a crazy rock opera that they wrote. But there's no talk of Brutal Legend 2.

Jeremy says: definitely when Jack Black, Val Kilmer and Dave Grohl were rocking out to our original song for "Ghost Ghirls." (This song is in the season finale episode, in case you want to check it out. I've heard that the harmonies at the 1:28 mark are awesome)

ME: I gifted Val Kilmer the song and I said "check out the harms at 1:28" and we've just been stroking each other's egos ever since. Who was that masked man who wrote that song? Does he always write awesome songs like that?

Maria says: Dan Gross scored the entire show.

Amanda says: Well first of all I'm so happy someone watched that. I don't know, it took all day? It probably took a hundred takes.

Maria says: I liked the Detroit episode. I liked when I got to play Houdini's wife best, it was a lot of fun. I loved the costume and also I think the entire Detroit episode is the funniest in my opinion.

Priyanka says: I think that the lines are going to disappear. Jack and I always talk about if we can't remember where we watch shows, if it was on our TVs or Apple TVs or Ipads, and I think that will be the trend. It just creates an exciting world where good content is good content no matter where you find it.

Everyone says: We'll watch a few episodes and see if it looks great before we jump on. Can you post the link here? (as far as we know you could be some Hannibal Lecter guy who just wants to kill us and eat our brainskin)

johnhalcyon394 karma

Jack, What was your inspiration to the song "Tribute"? Were you and kyle on LSD or something?! Or were you just high from the Eggs you ate to obtain Eagle Powers?

JackBlackandGhirls979 karma

We smoked a fair amount of ganja during the writing of that jam, I'm not going to lie.

Sunnycide347 karma

Jack, is Ben Stiller nice?

JackBlackandGhirls730 karma

Well, is this Ben Stiller asking this question?

DangerAndExcellence489 karma

"either way the answer is no"

JackBlackandGhirls647 karma

You don't get to the top by bein' a sweetheart! But he's a pretty cool guy.

pzycho319 karma

I saw this in Los Feliz: http://i.imgur.com/dXm9FLR.jpg

I was pretty sure it was code for an escort service.

That's all.

JackBlackandGhirls337 karma

Amanda: Yay! I'm glad all those flyers weren't taken down! It's a paranormal escort service.

Bochhhhh294 karma

Hey jack this isn't a question I just wanted to compliment you in your role as Bernie Tiede in Bernie. I recently had to watch it for a film assignment and I absolutely loved it. Congrats on an amazing film

JackBlackandGhirls219 karma

Thank you.

BEEfStU_140290 karma

Who is more adept at melting faces, you or Kyle?

JackBlackandGhirls643 karma

That is a battle that rages on until the end of time.

It's the source of all our power. The competitive flames that burn in our bellies.

TheHenklar254 karma

Could you please, please, please do a Pick of Destiny Sequel?

JackBlackandGhirls643 karma

We're working on a webseries.

Feelz32227 karma

Jack, would you mind rocking out for us real quick? If you rock out, then we can rock out, and I think that would make everyone's day a little better.

JackBlackandGhirls496 karma



You now have permission to rock out.

masturbatingmonkeys193 karma

Not available in my country.. Was this all an elaborate hoax to get me to visit Yahoo!?

JackBlackandGhirls178 karma

Priyanka says: it will all be available internationally in the next couple of weeks, we were hoping to premiere it on the same day everywhere but weirdly there is some paperwork involved for international territories. we promise it's coming soon!

WorldBFree174 karma

Jack, Do you still smoke weed?

JackBlackandGhirls575 karma

Very rarely. It's only the occasional celebratory J. I've got kids now, I'm like a soccer dad. I got the minivan, I got the dad jeans, the whole 9 yards.

SubtitledSpace135 karma

What's Ghost Girls about and where can we find it?

JackBlackandGhirls263 karma

Maria says: Ghost Girls is a webseries on Yahoo Screen (you can find it simply by going to www.ghostghirls.com) about 2 paranormal investigators with the best of intentions but the worst of executions. It's a takeoff on the ghost haunting shows that are on television right now and it has a lot of awesome celebrity guest stars.

Each episode is about 12 minutes and if you've watched an episode, you will feel refreshed, younger, but also like you're addicted and you need another episode immediately.

Amanda says: If you don't watch all of them, we die. Jeremy says: It's the greatest TV show on the web.

P.s. Quentin Tarantino said that it was better than ALL of his movies combined. True story!!!

Objuden69 karma

"We're so sorry! This video is not available in your location." BULL!

JackBlackandGhirls71 karma

Priyanka: oy! not our fault! it will be available everywhere in the next couple of weeks. yahoo and the studio had to figure out some international paperwork. please bear with us.

fire_ze_misslez114 karma

What is the best piece of advice you guys have to give?

JackBlackandGhirls247 karma

This doesn't sound like good advice, but don't forget to PRETEND to have a good time.

Do you guys have any advice?

Maria says: never give up and make your own stuff.

Priyanka says: create create create. And my general life advice is white toothpaste is really good for burns.

Roguedrummer10108 karma

Maria: I love ya babay, but all I can think about is Kielbasa sausage, your buttcheeks is warm!

JackBlackandGhirls119 karma

Amanda: Maria feels the same about you!

JackBlackandGhirls128 karma

Maria: AMANDA!

WorldOneWon107 karma

Jack, whats been your favorite role so far?

JackBlackandGhirls454 karma


Petrickgreen100 karma

Jack, which character that you have portrayed in movies is the one that assembles more to your real personality?

JackBlackandGhirls224 karma

school of rock

JackBlackandGhirls237 karma

shnay blay

Turin_Giants88 karma

How many cock push-ups can you do? This is for everyone to answer.....

JackBlackandGhirls165 karma


changeling1281 karma

My chance to ask jack black anything and I've got nothing. Seems a bit anticlimactic.

JackBlackandGhirls110 karma

what? what's the question dude???

JackBlackandGhirls69 karma

Priyanka: It's the thought that counts...

Reemertastic78 karma

Why aren't you talking like a pirate?

JackBlackandGhirls233 karma


plausible-rationale67 karma

You ever get mistaken for Jack White?

Edit; should clarify, this question is for everyone but Jack White.

JackBlackandGhirls72 karma

strangely no

pipi5563 karma

What's up Jables? Any tips for a guy who wants to start playing a guitar?

JackBlackandGhirls131 karma

It's never too late. Jam on easy Neil Young songs to begin with.

JackBlackandGhirls25 karma

play with passion

LongJohn199257 karma

Hey everyone!

In five words, why should I tune into Ghost Girls?

JackBlackandGhirls87 karma

Priyanka: you will laugh so hard.

JackBlackandGhirls79 karma

This is Maria: Because it's got awesome guest stars, it's hilarious, and it's a fun time!

JackBlackandGhirls129 karma

Amanda: Maria! That's more than five words!

butterbutted47 karma

Jack!! Hello! I loved Shallow Hal, Gulliver's Travels, Nacho Libre, School of Rock.... Basically, big fan! How are you so funny? Got any tips for aspiring comedians?

JackBlackandGhirls120 karma

You need to write every day. All the best comedians and best comedic actors are writing their own material now. And have patience. You gotta write a lot of not-very-funny shit before you get to the funny shit.

DanNJane46 karma

Maria! You're HAAAWWWTT! Will you go out with me? I'm thinking long term here, ghirl...

JackBlackandGhirls90 karma

Maria says: absolutely. Yes. I will go out with you. And maybe we can take a night on the Los Angeles town, maybe do a scavenger hunt.

jeffsnotfaking42 karma

What is the first song you ever learned how to play on guitar? Thanks for doing this!!!

JackBlackandGhirls97 karma

It was "Down by the River" by Neil Young. It's super easy.

PanchoChandia39 karma

Hi jack! well, a question related with you Tenacious D and Foo Fighters. do you know anything about the new foos album? and when are you coming with tenacious d here IN SOUTH AFRICA!! thanks! take care!

JackBlackandGhirls72 karma

We'd love to play Africa! One of our favorite bands is Die Antwoord. We'd love to come out there just to see what they're up to and we've always wanted to check it out.

borlak29 karma

Thanks for doing an AMA and not promoting something.

JackBlackandGhirls115 karma

This is Maria: You are very welcome. GhostGhirls.com check it out.

swim_to_survive27 karma

Hey Jack!

How you taking your coffee this morning?

JackBlackandGhirls107 karma

I never touch the stuff. I just had a very healthy start with some fresh peppers. That's how I get it going. I know it's confusing, I had this new vegan delivery thing where they bring me vegan food in the morning and I just eat whatever they bring me. This morning it was peppers.

swim_to_survive37 karma

So people BRING you breakfast? That's a pretty fantastic gig. Did Amanda Lund turn you onto this? Or does she drink coffee like the rest of us mere mortals?

JackBlackandGhirls73 karma

I knew I should not have admitted that people bring me breakfast! I'm very embarrassed now. But people bring me breakfast. And they also bring me incredible TV shows that I can pretend I have created. Every morning I get amazing TV shows.

dolter12 karma

Was it just peppers?

JackBlackandGhirls61 karma

If they're fresh and organic, it's a taste sensation. A rollercoaster for my taste buds. Just like Ghost Ghirls!

MyNameIsBruce226 karma

First off, I LOVE Ghost Ghirls. I've been spreading it around on Twitter and Facebook like crazy.

Question for Jack: What is it about Mr. Show that continues to be an influence on comedy almost 20 years since it's premiere? That show was a huge influence on my own sense of humor. Oh, and if there was a band made up of you, Dave Grohl, and Val Kilmer, it would be my favorite band.

Question for Maria and Amanda: Any advice for someone who would love to get into making comedy videos? Is it sort of a requirement to move to LA, NYC, or Chicago? I wrote some sketch comedy in college but wasn't sure what the next step was after my group all graduated and moved apart.

JackBlackandGhirls46 karma

Why was Mr. Show so influential? Because Bob and David were the Best. As simple as that. Why is Breaking Bad so influential? Because Vince Gilligan is the best. And Bob Odenkirk is in that one too. Is that weird? Bob is only in the best things. And he's in an episode of Ghost Ghirls too!

(Bob Odenkirk is also in Festival Supreme on October 19th at the Santa Monica Pier. That's all I'm gonna say).


JackBlackandGhirls26 karma

Amanda says: the great thing about making comedy videos is you can do it anywhere in the world and throw it up on the internet where everyone can see.

Maria says: You just need to generate your own content and surround yourself with people who make you laugh and who have the same content sensibilities that you do. But it sounds like you've moved away from your circle, so make a new circle?

JustinPM25 karma

Do you have any stories from Demolition Man? Did you meet Stallone, Bullock, or Leary?

JackBlackandGhirls58 karma

Joel Silver the producer said I would never work in this town again (I was late to the set one time and he said "where the fuck is Jack Black" and my agent said "He's on his way in!" and he said "He had better be dead.")

Did I meet Stallone? No. Was that the movie where he was having sex in his trailer? Stroking the shaft? Maybe. I'm not at liberty to say.

JackBlackandGhirls36 karma

Priyanka says: Jack is never late for anything, too. If anything, he's super early, always.

Salacious-25 karma

Jack, what famous figure from history would suit you best for starring in their biopic?

JackBlackandGhirls68 karma

I would go with Napoleon. It seems like a juicy role.

Daysian24 karma

Hey Jack, Just wanted to say that Airborne was one of my favorite movies as a kid. Also are You still fucking them Gently or do you prefer hard most of the time?

JackBlackandGhirls42 karma

Thanks for the Airborne compliment. That's quite a blast from the past.

That's a very personal question. But I must say, at this point, if all of you reading this do not go to GhostGhirls.com and watch all 12 episodes of our amazing series, I will seriously jump off the nearest bridge. That's how deep my emotions run on the subject.

Tebeku21 karma

Really? You are going to make me go onto Yahoo.com?

JackBlackandGhirls34 karma

nope, you can just go to www.ghostghirls.com. easy :)

gregdoom21 karma

If you could punch anyone in the face, who would it be? why?

JackBlackandGhirls62 karma

I'm not violent. I'm against solving conflict with violence. But if I had to, in self-defense, probably that dude on Fox News. Bill O'Reilly. He was talking shit about me one time and it made my blood boil.

Maria says: I would punch anyone who works at Seaworld. Not the people who work there at summer jobs, the people who WORK at Seaworld, it's just horrendous. Because it's torture for the animals.

Me: It's like solitary confinement, they are kidnapped when they are babies. Oh! I got a good idea for who I would punch. Hitler!!!!

Amanda says: I was going to say Hitler. But now we can both say it. If we punch hard enough maybe he will die.

Jeremy: I would punch the ballot for the Webby Awards that says "Ghost Ghirls" for best series.

Priyanka: I would punch this girl I went to high school with who tried to sue me.

slakist18 karma

Jack! Your "cameo's" in Pretty Sweet were hilarious. Rad. Do you skate yourself?

Jeremy! My fave Drunk History is with Will Ferrell and Don Cheadle, how hard was it for the actors to perfectly match/sync their lip movements with the drunk story teller?

EDIT: Added question for Jeremy.

JackBlackandGhirls31 karma

This is Jeremy: Thanks! Yeah, that one still holds up. I mean, those guys are so incredible. It's a pretty unbeatable team. With some actors, they have a really tough time. But everyone in that episode was(were?) the best of the best. They basically had it in 1 take. Seriously, if you ever get a chance to direct Will Ferrell and Don Cheadle, take it. I know what you're thinking, but trust me, they're great. You will enjoy it.

lumpishcahoots15 karma


JackBlackandGhirls12 karma

Priyanka says: write something you love and shoot it. If you build it, they will come (seriously). We have developed a ton of stuff that started out as just hand-made, home-made videos. and thanks for watching!

visindahouse15 karma

How did you guys meet each other?

JackBlackandGhirls40 karma

Should we start at the beginning you guys?

I hired Jeremy when he was 14 years old to be my personal assistant. He was a little older but just barely. He was fresh out of high school. Or College. Just right off the turnip truck. Raw, green, and filled with exuberance and knowledge.

I knew he was going to be huge and it was only a matter of time before he left me in the dust, so I've been riding his coattails ever since.

How did you guys meet?

Amanda says: Jeremy was playing the musical saw in a park and Maria and I were taking a walk and we stopped and listened for a while, and then the rest is history.

Priyanka says: I worked for Jack's agent like 10 years ago, and then I became an agent on Jack's team, and then when he started his company I ran away to join.

ME: Ari Emanuel won't look me in the eye until this day. He's still furious.

itaremeelar15 karma

Jack: If I ever somehow got the chance to meet you, would it be all right for us to totally rock out together, blow some stuff up, and then ride gloriously into the sunset on matching stallions?

JackBlackandGhirls40 karma

Sounds good! Although I'm a little afraid of stallions. They're giant beasts with a mind of their own. Can we switch it up to a big, powerful pony?

Codaflow14 karma

Jack you're a goddamned genius. That is all. Thank you for all of the entertainment!

JackBlackandGhirls52 karma

Yup! Me and Einstein, just doing what we do.

DangerAndExcellence13 karma

This one is for JB, thanks for doing an AMA again. Since I'm not as well informed as I probably should be, I kind of hope to learn more about Ghost Girls from this AMA so my question will be unrelated. So here goes:

Harold Ramis is easily one of my favorite comedy writers ever, and seeing you teaming up with him in Year One was sort of a dream come true for me. What was the experience like? Would you like to collaborate with him ever again?

Also, just for you to know, you are a hell of an inspiration for me and my buddies, so I'd just want you to know there's a band in Croatia named after your quote. I hope that's cool and you won't sue.

And yeah I'm a lameass whose username is his band name. I know.

JackBlackandGhirls33 karma

I don't remember ever saying that, but thank you for crediting me.

I love Harold Ramis, and that was our second time we'd worked together because we'd actually worked together on a little movie called Orange County before that, but he was just acting in that one. He's one of my favorite people.

fite_me_irl_fgt9 karma

Hey Jack,

Best thing you've shouted or heard shouted courtside at a Lakers game?

JackBlackandGhirls26 karma

Well, it's not what I shout, but it's the way I shout it. Because when you scream "Defense!" properly, you can really have a powerful effect on the opponent's shooting ability. It's impossible to describe without actually doing it for you. You have to shout with unexpected cadence. The only way to distract them really is to share something they have never heard before, and you can't describe that in a reddit sentence.

swim_to_survive9 karma


What has been some of the funniest off-camera experiences that have transpired while filming this first season of Ghost Ghirls?

JackBlackandGhirls8 karma

Priyanka: well. one time amanda and maria were super tired and cried hysterically for 2 hours, but that was funnier for us than it was for them.

Nomeg_Stylus7 karma

Unrelated to the purpose of your AMA, but what's the word on Kung Fu Panda 3?

JackBlackandGhirls25 karma

Kung Fu Panda 3 is in the works. Look for it around christmastime next year. Or something like that.

JaYbLeS687 karma

Jack, my favourite songs of yours are Tribute and Beezleboss. I also enjoyed your tie in with the Lonely Island (Sax Man). How fun is it being you?

JackBlackandGhirls13 karma

it has been an amazing journey.

col4bin6 karma

Jack, lets smoke some pot next time you're in Rhode Island. I've been a life long fan an you're by far my favorite actor!

JackBlackandGhirls17 karma


RamsesThePigeon6 karma

Hey, folks! This question is for Amanda.

Amanda, there are those who have referred to you as "exceptionally attractive," while others subscribe to the belief that you're "absolutely striking." In light of these previous labels, how do you respond to the increasingly popular rumor that you are, in fact, remarkably beautiful? Is your answer in any way affected by the accusation that you are also very intelligent and witty?

JackBlackandGhirls11 karma

Amanda: I can neither confirm nor deny this allegation.

JackBlackandGhirls7 karma

Priyanka: amanda can't respond to this without things getting weird, so as an objective observer, she is as smart and funny as she is gorgeous. also just a real nice gal.

Frajer5 karma

What inspired you to make ghost ghirls?

JackBlackandGhirls8 karma

Maria says: Well we love the characters and the paranormal, so we decided to put these 2 bumbling bubbleheads into the world of life and death.

Samwambam3 karma

Ghost Ghirls isn't available in my location but it looks good, any plans for dvd release?

JackBlackandGhirls6 karma

Priyanka says: No but it should be available in your territory in the next few weeks! bear with us!

nutterybipple2 karma

Amanda, any chance you'll be involved with one of the future Superego live shows? Also, Ghost Ghirls is comedy gold and I thank all of you for it.

JackBlackandGhirls2 karma

Amanda: I would love to be! I'll have to ask Matt Gourley about that! I make an occasional cameo on the podcast. Thank you so much! Spread the Ghost Ghirls word!

Theriskyclick2 karma

Good advice, you say? Great! I've been needing a good idea for my Halloween costume this year. What's the best costume you've ever worn? (For the group, not just Jack).

Also, what's the best way to ask for a raise?

JackBlackandGhirls3 karma

This is Maria: I was Clementine from Eternal Sunshine one year and I did an AMAZING job with that costume.

JackBlackandGhirls3 karma

Amanda: My fave halloween costume was I Love Lucy. Second question, very politely!

MartinSchou2 karma

If each of you had to play a game of "Shag, Marry, Kill" with the selection being the other four, what would your choices be?

JackBlackandGhirls2 karma

Amanda: I'd shag Maria, Priyanka and Jeremy and Jack. Then kill myself.

masturbatingmonkeys2 karma

Question for Jeremy Konner:

Drunk History never fails to make me laugh, great concept! How is it working with drunk people, do you stay sober yourself? Also, any interesting moments happen that were not able to get aired? Do you guys tuck them in for the night before you leave?

JackBlackandGhirls2 karma

Jeremy Says: Thank you! They say that the ABCs of filmmaking are the three things to avoid - Animals, Boats and Children. I will add a D. Drunks are terrible to work with. HILARIOUS. But VERY uncooperative. Yes we do tuck them in (once the medic says it's okay) and about a billion interesting moments happen that were not able to air. Each interview is like 5 hours of drunky nonsense.

bigcountry50642 karma

Team: What was your pitch to the executives in order to land Ghost Girls?

JayBuls: Have you actually stabbed someone with your bowie whilst naked? Also, Run-gu-gu-gun-gun.

Thanks for doing the AMA!

JackBlackandGhirls3 karma

Amanda: We showed them the pilot episode that we had filmed previously! The rest was history!

Furious-Carrot1 karma

What inspired the show?

JackBlackandGhirls2 karma

This is Maria: We all love those ghost hunting shows on television right now. They are so dramatic and really have life and death stakes. So we thought it would be fun to put these two characters into that world.

GabrielBonilla1 karma

Jack Black, long time fan first time question asker.

Did you help write/produce the music from school of rock? Oh and thanks for acknowledging my existence.

JackBlackandGhirls2 karma

i wrote some of the jams. and scouted out some other composers.

classy_sassy1 karma

Mr.Black! I just wanted to let you know that I fell for you in The Holiday and still have a bigger crush on you than any other actor. You make me swoon, sir.

As far as GHOST GHRILS go, what type of audience does the show cater to and what are some reasons that I should get hooked on the series?

JackBlackandGhirls2 karma

These girls are funny in a way that I've never seen before and that's important. If it weren't for people who are making people laugh in new ways we'd be stuck with some stale, not-funny shit. Same with Bob and David, who changed comedy with Mr. Show.

Jeremy says: it's internet friendly, you have paranormal stuff, babes, and Jack Black.

I think the heart of the audience is teenager - ? You can't be too old to laugh at fresh new comedy.

mrdude8171 karma

Jack, even if you and Linklater don't do a School of Rock sequel, would you work with him on a different project that could get you an Oscar?

JackBlackandGhirls2 karma

I'm always down to work with Linklater. I don't really think about the prizes so much as the creative people I like to work with. That's why I wanted ot be a part of Ghost Ghirls. I'd like to do more Ghost Ghirls episodes and have more people be a part of it! You can check them out at http://screen.yahoo.com/ghost-ghirls/

catsgetdownvotes1 karma

I was at your showing at SXSW. I'll be honest, I was there to see the D but the show was funny. You know it must be pretty good when 400 people know very little about what you're about to show them and they stop talking once the show starts and laugh in the right spots.

I swear this question is not a PR agent's plant; Where can I see more episodes of the show? I have not seen any promo since that event but maybe that's because I'm a Canadian that uses gmail and spend zero time on Yahoo.

KG, do you remember your mic getting knocked over by a 6' inflatable orca at that show? That was us. We took orcas to every show at SXSW. Jim James danced and serenaded his whale, you just looked scared.

How long have you had a whale phobia?

Amanda and Maria, you are funny. I enjoyed the Q&A part of the night where it was clear how much work you are putting into making it all happen. How did you come to work with Jeremy?

JackBlackandGhirls2 karma

Priyanka says: the others will answer their parts, but you can find all the eps at www.ghostghirls.com. thanks so much about your nice words about the sxsw screening :)

JackBlackandGhirls2 karma

Amazing! We met Jeremy in a park! Thanks!

Ali-Sama1 karma

Could your team using the magic of awesomeness within you help a guy such as myself, find his soul mate? Before I can do an I am a 40 year old virgin, AMA? If not cool. I if is a mix of ups and down and I have finally learned to love myself!

JackBlackandGhirls4 karma

sending you soul mate special sauce now! with my mind