Maria Blasucci

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JackBlackandGhirls1070 karma

They can't answer that question right now because I am here.

JackBlackandGhirls998 karma

I would love to do a sequel. We'll see what happens. You never say never.

JackBlackandGhirls979 karma

We smoked a fair amount of ganja during the writing of that jam, I'm not going to lie.

JackBlackandGhirls730 karma

Well, is this Ben Stiller asking this question?

JackBlackandGhirls662 karma

We're trying to balance it out. It's a team effort.

JackBlackandGhirls647 karma

You don't get to the top by bein' a sweetheart! But he's a pretty cool guy.

JackBlackandGhirls643 karma

That is a battle that rages on until the end of time.

It's the source of all our power. The competitive flames that burn in our bellies.

JackBlackandGhirls643 karma

We're working on a webseries.

JackBlackandGhirls575 karma

Very rarely. It's only the occasional celebratory J. I've got kids now, I'm like a soccer dad. I got the minivan, I got the dad jeans, the whole 9 yards.

JackBlackandGhirls536 karma

Amanda says: well, /u/mouth_2_ass, what a great question! very thoughtful question.