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is an American actor, producer, comedian, voice artist, writer, and musician. His acting career has been extensive, starring primarily as bumbling and cocky but internally self-conscious outsiders in comedy films

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I’m looking it up right now…Dead Island 2 trailer. I’m just going to watch this real quick. Is this a video game? Oh my god. It’s a video game. Very real looking! Yeah, it’s not me, but now I’m so into this. I can’t stop watching a trailer. This is not a trailer, this is a short film. Holy shit, is he a zombie? I want to see if they got a voice impersonator. Oh my god. This is like the best trailer ever. It’s almost over guys. That’s infuriating. Yeah, I can definitely guarantee that’s a Jack Black impersonator. It sounds like the dude that plays me in the Kung Fu Panda TV show.

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Um, Jesus. I kissed one of my cousins on the lips when I was a kid.

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46 and single and no game. What can you do... diet and exercise? There’s nothing as attractive as passion. Get passionate about something and the love will follow.

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We caused an earthquake in New Zealand during Tribute, Google it bitch

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We’ve got another album coming in a couple of years. But we’re putting all of our rocket sauce towards a comedy festival right now.

We’ll be making more content too, but probably not a feature film right now. But we’ll be dropping comedy nuggets as long as we have air in our lungs.

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When Tenacious D played in Germany for the first time it was in front of like 100,000 screaming people. We went on before Metallica, doesn’t get more badass than that. And right before we went onstage we had a band prayer. We put our heads in the center and shared all of our dreams and looked in each other’s eyeballs. There was a silent understanding. We went out and performed like it was the last day of our lives.

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You know I didn’t have all that much time because it kinda came together really fast. Richard Linklater gave me the script and I loved it and it was just like, let’s do it. I didn’t have much time to get very in depth in my research but I had an amazing experience. It definitely was one of the highlights of my career. Not that many people saw it, but as an artistic endeavor, it was amazing.

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This is the only answer.