Jack and Kyle here in the studio to answer any questions you may have for the next hour with special guest Bob Odenkirk. Proof coming soon after this post.

Our new record "Rize of The Fenix" is out next week on May 15th, preorder it now on iTunes or Amazon.

UPDATE: Warming up... http://imgur.com/tOAZN

UPDATE 2: PROOF http://imgur.com/5Vdh8

UPDATE 3: Hey Disciples! You have been a tremendous group of D lovers. Thanks for all the thoughtful questions. Come see us live on the World Tour. Check when we're in your town at tenaciousd.com. Rock long my delicious brothers and sisters. http://soundcloud.com/tenaciousd/goodbye

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Etch_A_Sketcher2183 karma

Welcome to reddit, guys. Here's your complimentary etch a sketch portrait: http://i.imgur.com/ehQZn.jpg. Video here.

Sorry I kinda screwed up your head, Kyle. I guess it's payback for holding the guitar at an angle. Have fun with the AMA!

realtenaciousd1901 karma

That guy must be rain man. P.S. proof http://imgur.com/5Vdh8

realtenaciousd884 karma

JB: I look like a fat version of: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/George_Armstrong_Custer KG: Where's Mine?!

MrHawthorne1709 karma

HI this one is for Jack Black. Today is my sister's 7th birthday and you are pretty much her favorite person ever. Her favorite one of your movies is Nacho Libre, which she has seen over 50 times! As a special birthday present I told her I would ask you a question. She wants to ask you "What was your favorite part of making Nacho Libre?" She also wants you to tell her how you are so funny. Thanks!

EDIT: I was also wondering if you had any inspirational words of wisdom for your biggest young fan!

EDIT 2: She wants to know your favorite quote from Nacho Libre. Thanks again!

alf41507 karma

Hi guys i made this portrait of you while listening to your new album today,as a thank you for your AMA hope you and redditors like it ! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tPxPjI_TAXA&feature=youtu.be

SwedginWu1374 karma

Hardcore D fan here. Only have one question that NEEDS to be answered. Tenacious D used to perform a song in the 90's called 'UFO'. There literally is only one recorded performance of this song that has surfaced ( http:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=yy2nfCrxKqY ) If you could please give us any information on this song, such as correct title name, was it recorded in studio, etc? Also, will you ever release older live shows from your personal archive? Jewish Demon, Pat Riley, still works in progress? Please answer my nerdy ass questions, Long live the D!

realtenaciousd1594 karma

Please stand by...

realtenaciousd808 karma

It was called UFO. I can't remember the lyrics. It featured an anal probe. It was pretty powerful. I don't think we're going to re-hash it for future albums, but Pat Riley is pretty tasty. We might bust that one out on our serious album... (it's not very funny)

galagos1293 karma

What's the craziest thing that's happened during a concert?

realtenaciousd2332 karma

We caused an earthquake in New Zealand during Tribute, Google it bitch

Theheadbanger47951 karma

Do you consider yourself more of a comedian, rock star, or somewhere in between?

swicken1887 karma

He's a crockstar.

realtenaciousd2097 karma

This is the only answer.

manwizzle924 karma

Why do you guys rock so hard?! and why do I always get a boner when I listen to you. Please help?

realtenaciousd1757 karma

JB: Our music is basically like a vagina to your ears. That explains the pleasure and the boners. Crank it, for full release.

noirie906 karma

If you could play with any dead rock star, who would it be? Also, Pick of Destiny is one of my all time favorite comedies. I want your babies.

realtenaciousd1353 karma

JB: You can’t have my babies. You’d have to pry them from my cold dead hands. What dead rock star would I be? I go Meatloaf! KG: He’s still alive! JB: I mean when he’s dead. KG: In that case I go Frank Blank.

rederic854 karma

What is your fondest memory from working with Ronnie James Dio?

realtenaciousd1679 karma

When he passed us the torch of rock

marcoosha749 karma

If you were transported back in time to the 1970's, which bands would you love to play for?

realtenaciousd1346 karma

SABBATH! Cause they're bitchin'.

drmcgillicuddy681 karma

Did Seal really like your version of Kiss From a Rose?

realtenaciousd1141 karma

http://soundcloud.com/tenaciousd/drmcgillcuddy Seal is going to be on our next album.

i_dont_always_reddit672 karma

How did you come up with the name "Tenacious D"?

Rebelofold670 karma

What is it like working with Dave Grohl?

realtenaciousd1171 karma

JB: Grohl is the God of Thunder. KG: It's like working with a force of nature.

gbgftw668 karma

Can you describe your new album, using only movie titles?

realtenaciousd1907 karma


crazyisraeli656 karma

Does Bach really rock?

realtenaciousd1187 karma

JB: Of course! No one rocks harder than Bach. KG: Yeah Bach was the OG rocker

SenorSmiley652 karma

How did you two meet?

IncidentOn57thStreet601 karma

What is actually the greatest song (or album) ever in your opinion?

Exroath598 karma

How do i become a roadie for you guys??? Im fine with getting raped by demons if thats what it takes!

realtenaciousd1020 karma

First you must be the BEST in existence. Then you must be at the right place at the time. That is all.

biggerthancheeses562 karma

Have you ever thought about doing a collaboration with a non-rock music group?

realtenaciousd1358 karma

JB: Oh yeah. We wanted to get Kanye to do a remix of Low Hangin Fruit.

jimmytap542 karma

Pick Of Destiny was a great movie. You guys think you will make a second one anytime soon?

realtenaciousd1078 karma

We haven't written one yet. Its gotta be a down and dirty, non union movie. $100,000 tops! Don't rush us. We just finished our album.

azazelthegoat457 karma

Can you guys explain what the story is in regards to this picture?

Super huge fan of everyone shown here (even the pictures in the background) so I am super curious about it.

Thanks for the music.

realtenaciousd627 karma

Comedy Bang Bang on IFC. Reggie Watts is a beat boxing beast!

CallMeCurious452 karma

Bong, paper, pipe or blunt?

realtenaciousd1129 karma

Bong of destiny of course

realtenaciousd983 karma


therussianirish445 karma


realtenaciousd623 karma

KB: I'm still in the game but I have the follow my muse: music

DIO: Working with Dio was a pleasure. Great guy, total pro. Always came through for us in the clutch.

marcoosha445 karma

How were you able to get Dave Ghrol to drum for all your albums?

realtenaciousd961 karma

Just ask him. Try that.

deuce_hobo435 karma

So which one of you is the meat in the sandwich you've got going on?

marcoosha411 karma

Where did the idea of Cock Pushups come from?

realtenaciousd1114 karma

JB: I learned it while training for Cirque Du Soleil. Lots of practice.

Kersed392 karma

What is your favorite venue that you've played at?

Edit: Also, what in your opinion is the best live band?

realtenaciousd914 karma


realtenaciousd864 karma

It's The Who, the only band that sounds better live than on the album

realtenaciousd882 karma

Best concert I ever saw: Nirvana "Nevermind" San Francisco

realtenaciousd788 karma

That shit was goood

realtenaciousd386 karma

July 26th, 2012

howsc378 karma

Hey, you guys are amazing, I was just wondering what is the craziest/most memorable rock and roll story you guys have?

realtenaciousd881 karma

JB: Can we hit you with the earthquake again?

Unit-00348 karma

do you still keep in touch with the 2 kids you let open for you?

realtenaciousd755 karma

No. We gave them a taste of rock stardom and then we disappeared in a puff of smoke. Perhaps our paths shall cross again.

DodiGharib336 karma

Is there any story behing your nicknames, Jables and the Rage Kage?

realtenaciousd716 karma

Jables is short for JB, Rage Kage is short for KG!

DodiGharib315 karma

Have you ever heard any stories about people getting "Tenac" and "Ious D" tattooed on their ass?

realtenaciousd834 karma

No but it would be an incredibly romantic thing for a loving couple of newly weds

sicki309 karma

I would consider myself a nerd... Would you consider hiring me to build a Deth Starr? I feel as though I am qualified to build a great Deth Starr.

References available upon request.

realtenaciousd656 karma

KG: Yeah if he can build one JB: We’re gonna need to see your qualifications. The type of nerd we’re looking for is the kind that graduated from MIT... with honors... in an hour. That’s the kind of nerd we need to build the Deth Starr.

133tm4n295 karma

What were your favorite music videos that you guys filmed?

realtenaciousd525 karma

KG: Probably Tribute. To Be The Best. Roadie. JB: Hands down Low Hangin Fruit. Who will see what I mean in a few days.

Your_Name_Is_Tobay278 karma

Hey guys, thanks for doing this

Who is the most interesting celebrity you guys have met

realtenaciousd573 karma

JB: Who is the most interesting person? Forget celebrity. KG: Well they’d probably be a celebrity. Tony Robbins? Barack Obama? JB: To be interesting you gotta be a little crazy right? Did you ever meet Crispin Glover? KG: Yeah JB: Yeah, now that’s interesting.

percules273 karma

Hey, big fan here, I've always wondered how the writing process usually goes with you guys.

Does Jack write most of the lyrics and Kyle write most of the guitar parts, or is it more of a cooperative thing in both areas?

Can't wait for the new album.

realtenaciousd610 karma

We sit in a room together and do a lot of thinking. Usually it will start with a riff or a concept, and then we'll jam into a tape recorder. This can go on for a long time. Then we listen back to it and mine the tastiest nuggets. And go from there. It can be an augurous process.

jumpstart02270 karma

I just want to say you guys are the reason I picked up the guitar. Seriously. You showed me what real kick ass rock could be, and here I am about 6 years later, loving it every day!

I guess my question is if you guys will keep going after Rise of the Fenix?

realtenaciousd660 karma

Of course The D will continue whether it be on a golden chariot or aunt flarna's hand me down jalopy. As long as there be breathe in our lungs, blood in our veins, and money in our record contract.

Zwemvest257 karma

How is Dave Grohl irl? Is he just as whacky as he seems?

P.S. Love You Guys

realtenaciousd463 karma

Dave is a million laughs.

Warlizard229 karma

Heya guys.

  1. Jack, loved you in Bob Roberts. Have you considered doing more acting?

  2. Kyle -- What's it like scoring all the hot ladies after a show?

Thought of another one --

  1. Both -- What's your favorite fast food?

realtenaciousd477 karma

The 2 for 1 Taco at Jack In The Box!

[deleted]169 karma

What was your favorite thing you did on Mr Show?

realtenaciousd380 karma

Don't stick your dick in these holes

stiverino96 karma

What was your most memorable moment of the Tenacious D show on HBO?

Did you ever think you would still be doing comedy music at this stage of your career?

realtenaciousd188 karma

When Kyle ran naked through Griffith Park

rocketblitz70 karma

What is your proudest achievement on your new record?

realtenaciousd150 karma

KG & JB: Ballad of Hollywood Jack and the Rage Kage JB: Never has a rock band plummed the emotional depths of their psyche.