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Dave Franco & Christopher Mintz-Plasse here! We're leaving Sunday on a week long road trip across America with Funny Or Die! Ask us anything you want, we'll try to answer as many as we can.

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curlymike354 karma

Dave: Don't tell James, but I think you're at least 70% more attractive than him.

Chris: Are you more like McLovin or Red Mist/Motherfucker?

DaveAndChris630 karma

(chris) there is a more innocent side to mclovin that is similar to me, and more mature, darker side to mfer that I can also relate to.

(dave) i literally just copied your comment and forwarded it to my bro.

Look_Alive259 karma

Dave, you had a cameo as a classmate of Jonah Hill's in Superbad, yet then played a high schooler in 21 Jump Street when he played a mid-20s cop. Is he aging in double speed, or are you aging at half speed?

Chris, just want to compliment you on your music taste; Incubus rock! Haha Steve Rennie just did an AMA, incidentally, and I'm off to see Ben Kenney play a solo show in a few weeks!

DaveAndChris338 karma

(dave) The most simple way to answer this is: I look like a fetus. I try to grow facial hair, but it sprouts out of my face in patches-- leaving me looking like a Chris Mintz Plasse- type. It's embarrassing.

(chris) thanks!! i saw kenney do a solo show at the roxy a few months ago, killer show, enjoy!

csupernova195 karma

Dave, ja feel?

DaveAndChris248 karma

You ja made my day.

dayofthedead204161 karma

Hi Chris,

I heard you had to have your mom in the room during your sex scene in “Superbad” because at the time you were under 18. My question is: what was your first reaction when you heard your mom had to be in the room during that scene?

And Dave:

What embarrassing home stories can you tell us involving your brother James?

DaveAndChris221 karma

My first reaction was to not even tell her about it. We had to hold filming for 45 minutes until she got to set. LOVE MY MOM - chris

BrodyApproved149 karma

Hey buddies. You guys are hilarious. What's your favorite breakfast consist of? <3

DaveAndChris749 karma

each other. <3

AMiniMongrel138 karma


I just have a question for Christopher. Is it true that when on the set of Kick-Ass 2 you pranked Jim Carrey by dressing up in a full-body elephant costume and kicking the Port-A-Potty he was in until he ran out shrieking, pants down and bottom unwiped? I heard about it from my uncle, who was a choreographer on the film. He seemed to think it was funny although it’s hard to tell with him sometimes. One day after filming he kept shouting about how whiny Jeff Wadlow is but my aunt said the next afternoon they were playing backgammon in his parlor like always. Also sometimes he leaves town for days and won’t tell anyone where he’s been but we can all smell liquor on his breath.

Do you have an uncle, Christopher? Sometimes I wish I didn’t.

DaveAndChris166 karma

Your uncle is actually my uncle.

horror_hey136 karma

Chris, what was it like dry humping Aubrey Plaza?

DaveAndChris210 karma

Sex scenes are always uncomfortable, but Aubrey was an incredible sport about it all. She had to shoot a whole god damn movie with sex scenes! - Chris

slickanus135 karma

Dave franco I wanna suck your dick, haha just kidding. But seriously whats it like working with Mark ruffalo

DaveAndChris340 karma

It's like sucking my dick.

totodile-ac122 karma

if i had a birthday party and invited you both, and then destroyed your reputations as entertainers but you didn't know it was me behind such a sinister act, would you come?

my birthday is in eleven days so i kinda need to know

edit: ok I pm'ed my address. i did it guys.

DaveAndChris150 karma

what's the address?

HunterSandoval98 karma

What are you guys' favorite food and celebrity crush?

DaveAndChris385 karma

(dave) sushi & Helen Miren

(chris) Jessica alba to both.

mafeumatty97 karma

Hi Chris, what was it like being on This is the End? Was it just a big party of improvising?

DaveAndChris131 karma

It was gnarly! two days in New orleans with those guys was amazing, but all the comedic force on set was what made the movie.

boone9594 karma

Do you two plan on doing a movie together any time soon?

DaveAndChris231 karma

we just finished a movie called Neighbors (check out the trailer--it just went up!). and we're in the process of trying to remake "Stuck On You."

TheDuskDragon85 karma

What's up Dave and Chris! I think the "You're So Hot" skits that you did on FOD were fuckin' hilarious (and only slightly turned me on). Thanks for doing an AMA!

  • What is the funniest behind-the-scenes moment you both experienced during the filming of "Neighbors"?

By the way, both of you are so hot, if my dick was Jupiter, I would fuck Uranus so hard that when my Jupiter repeatedly rammed into Uranus, all of my cum would congregate together and form Saturn.

DaveAndChris109 karma

(dave) We wish we could give away a few secrets about Neighbors-- but just know that there are a plethora of penis jokes-- and with Stoller at the helm, they are very character driven penis jokes.

also, you're a poet.

Nisbit78 karma

Hey Dave, so after watching Now You See Me and other movies you're in, my fiancé has an uncontrollable urge to go "unnghh he's good looking" and openly admits to me that she has a crush on you. Slightly concerning? Anyways, is there anything you could say to her to appease this relentless attraction to you? I will allow it. Thank you!

DaveAndChris153 karma

(dave) direct her towards my funnyordie video "You're So Hot", where I tell another man-- in vivid detail-- how much I want to fuck him... maybe that'll make the crush subside...?

rock_science76 karma

Dave you're my favorite Franco brother. When you cast as Kol in Scrubs, were most of your lines scripted or was there a lot of improv on your part? Also why didn't you roast your brother?! Would have been so good.

DaveAndChris146 karma

A.) you clearly haven't met our other brother, Tom... he's the unanimous favorite. B.) The writing for Scrubs was really smart, but they still allowed us to be loose with the material. I tried to sing whenever possible-- cause if you hadn't noticed, I sound like a huge douche when i sing-- which was perfect for the role. C.) I woulda bombed.

Heir-Apparent64 karma

Similar questions for both of you,

Christopher, after superbad did you feel any pressure to get out from the typecast of mclovin?

Dave, when breaking into the industry did you feel any pressure to get out from the shadow of your brother's success?

DaveAndChris214 karma

(chris) I didn't feel any pressure, it was really just the question of "will I work again", and have been very lucky so far!

(dave) It's definitely been a struggle... as much as I love and respect him and am proud to be his brother, I've been doing everything I can to stand on my own feet... maybe, mayyybe one day, one person miiiight approach him and say "hey! You're dave franco's older brother!"

ShmuleyBoteach62 karma

Chris, what is the most commonly used name on earth? Dave, how do you feel about being compaired to a younger, better looking, more jewish Chris O'Dowd?

DaveAndChris130 karma

(chris) you know that answer!! don't make me quote my own movie god damnit :)

(dave) I'm literally blushing.

hreed2251 karma

Hi Chris and Dave,

My name is Heather! I'm a huge fan of both of yours. I was wondering what each of your favorite movies is? and Dave, can you please be in Kick Ass 3?? That would be amazing, THANK YOU!!! I LOVE YOU BOTH!!!

DaveAndChris137 karma

(Dave) Stand By Me... no question.

(chris) not Stand By Me

HughsLorry47 karma

What do you smell like?

DaveAndChris139 karma

(dave) aloe vera natural soap (chris) women's deoderant

Serdontos46 karma

Both of you enter a gladiator style arena who walks out alive and why

DaveAndChris148 karma

We both walk out...nude... asking for more!

McLovinatMcDs43 karma

Yo Chris, when people see you on the streets are they like "what up McLovin?"

DaveAndChris100 karma

That, or "let me buy you a shot mclovin!"

bbooth7640 karma

Dave, in 21 Jump Street, were you wearing the ring necklace that comes with the special edition of the game Uncharted 3 or did it just look really similar?

DaveAndChris68 karma


TreeLovesHugs39 karma

Hi! In y’alls opinion, what’s the worst/most nerve-wracking part of auditions? I love acting, but auditions terrify me.

Also, y’all crack me up, and I’d add more…but well…I’m supposed to be working. :D

OH! Any recommendations on music?

DaveAndChris184 karma

(dave) auditioning sucks. and never really gets easier... a casting director once asked me to "slate" (which basically means to look into the camera and say your name), and I misheard her and thought she asked me to "sleep."... so ya, i slept in an audition. I slept so fucking hard.

Re: music... check out the new album by Volcano Choir (it's the side project from the lead singer of Bon Iver)

(chris' suggestion): Sky Blue Sky by Wilco!

amputeebeautypageant39 karma

both of you: what celebrities have you met that are completely different from what you originally thought of them?

DaveAndChris69 karma

(dave) this is a tough question because if someone ended up being surprisingly nice, than that implies that I thought they were an asshole to begin with... and the same thing vice versa... i don't wanna ruffle any feathers...

But let's just say... Chris... I thought he was taller... but he's actually my height!

DisWeirdo36 karma

Dave, Chris; thanks for doing this AMA!

For both of you:

  • What have been your favorite roles in both of your careers?

  • How much have you ever ad-libbed in your works?

For Chris:

  • Do you still have your McLovin ID and use it?

  • Chris, will you marry me?

DaveAndChris111 karma

(dave) -favorite role: Eric in 21 jump street... Although I was cast as yet another asshole (which seemed to be a trend for a while), it was at least a 3-dimensional asshole.

(chris) -I don't have the ID! I was too young to even realize I could keep things from set. -Dave is getting jealous....

BlondeNinjaxo30 karma

Hi Chris and Dave. You two are like the funniest guys ever and I love watching all your FOD videos and films.
A few questions: Are you coming to Chicago on your road trip and if so, when? And what do you consider the craziest thing you’ve ever done (together or separately, doesn’t matter).
You guys are my heroes!!

DaveAndChris84 karma

(chris) in a few days I will be skydiving, so that will probably take the cake. We will be in chicago wed!

(dave) I once ate oreo cookie cream sandwiched in between two wheat thins.

Serdontos22 karma

This question goes to both Dave and Chris. What was the most epic party you've ever been to?

DaveAndChris58 karma

I kind of avoid huge parties, due to most people wanting to get me REALLY drunk, or they are REALLY drunk and love to touch me (chris)

IhaveanANUStoo22 karma

I want to have sex with you guys.

DaveAndChris44 karma

Yay!!! :)

DaveAndChris45 karma

wee!!! ;)

SwizzyDangles20 karma

Question for both: Who is one actor or actress you would like to work with that you haven't so far in your careers?

You guys are kick-ass by the way ;D

DaveAndChris51 karma

(dave) Spike Jonze, PTA, Wes Anderson.

DaveAndChris46 karma

I think for me, directors are up there now. Scorcese, Tarentino (chris)

_Prince_20 karma

Quick question for Chris: Was it weird doing that scene in Movie 43, or did you guys just laugh about it?

DaveAndChris34 karma

we laughed...but that uncomfortable laugh... you know (chris)

boone9517 karma

How did you two meet? On the set of Superbad or some time after that?

DaveAndChris65 karma

We met briefly on Superbad, and fell in love on Fright Night.

Kristaynuh17 karma

My friend and I saw a screening of Neighbors a few weeks ago. You were both great in it so congratulations on your attractive camera-ready butts and Chris's prosthetic wiener. Also, was it Dave's idea to have Seth's coworker's cubicle covered in cats?

DaveAndChris42 karma

...Prosthetic? Im offended (chris)

mclovvin14 karma

Can I drop my cum bombs into your ass trench?

DaveAndChris28 karma

ass trench open....waiting... (chris)

gabiet14 karma

Hi! My sister and I are big, big fans of you guys (especially of your funny or die videos)! Thank you guys so much for giving us the opportunity to ask question, and of course, thank you guys for making us laugh all the fucking time!

For both of you: What inspired you guys to do the funny or die videos for the "You're So Hot" series?

Just saw your newest video together and it's all possiiiible! Are you guys really going on a road trip for funny or die?!

For Dave:
1. How's your cat Arturo?
2. How's your nana? She was amazing in your brother's roast!

For Christopher:
1. Do people still call you McLovin?
2. Can I start calling you The Motherfucker?
3. If you could play a gig with any band ever (dead, alive, broken), what band would it be?

Thanks for this opportunity! You two are some of the funniest people in entertainment right now!

DaveAndChris37 karma

(Dave) -Chris and his buddies used to play "You're So Hot" as an improv game. He introduced me to the game on the set of Fright Night, and it immediately surpassed "shoots and ladders" as my favorite game of all time. - The road trip is definitely happening! Follow along at http:// funnyordie.com/itsallpossible

1.) Arturo woke me up an hour before my alarm went off this morning by licking my triceps with his little sandpaper tongue...so ya, we're in a fight. 2.) she's the greatest. check out "christmas greetings from the franco's" on funnyordie... she killllls it in that video!

(CHRIS) 1. I definitely do! itll be with me for a while, but I am very okay with that. 2. You can, and it definitely might turn me on. 3. the list goes on and on, led zeppelin, my morning jacket, rhcp..

r0stfri14 karma

I love you guys!!!!

DaveAndChris29 karma


smc90x12 karma

i think daves gone missing? .. coming to the UK i hope!!

DaveAndChris30 karma

en route! you wanna meet at the 3rd vintage clothing shop on the left on Portobello Road??

jessglitter11 karma

You guys are both super awesome!

What are your guy's favorite tv shows to watch?

Chris, any chance The Young Rapscallions make it up to Seattle any time in the near future?

DaveAndChris28 karma

(dave) breaking bad! (chris) BREAKING BAD!

eugenieous10 karma

Hello guys, I’m one of your fans whom live in Chicago. Just a quick question. Since you guys are leaving for a cross country trip is there any plan for you guys to visit Chicago and do something nice and cool? If so please let me know, wants to join ye !!!

DaveAndChris34 karma

we'll be there wednesday-- check out the twitter accounts at the top of this page for all the live updates... just know, our activity in Chicago involves pizza... a pizza Chris' ass--HEYOOOOO!!!!!! (chris)

calligraphy_dick10 karma

CMP I remember seeing somewhere that you only took a few acting classes before you landed the role of McLovin. Would you say those few classes paid off for you or were they really necessary? All the classes I've taken seem just like yoga/stress relief classes.

DaveAndChris19 karma

I had actually been acting in theatre since I was 8, so I had some sort understanding about acting before Superbad.

cool_weekend9 karma

You guys have to split up and answer more questions. BREAK Chris and Dave.

DaveAndChris33 karma

we broke up, and it hurts. im crying. (chris)

BangkokPeanut9 karma

Dave, how did you enjoy your time on Scrubs, and do you relate more to your character there or your character in 21 Jump Street?

Chris, do you ever regret playing McLovin and potentially getting type cast in further roles?

DaveAndChris28 karma

(dave) I loved Scrubs-- I came to set everyday and was surrounded by really funny people and we just tried to make each other laugh...

In regards to which douchey character I related to more... hmmm... not quite sure how to answer this...

(chris) No way. I wouldn't have the opportunities I have now if it wasn't for that role.

Kristaynuh8 karma

Chris- Do you think you'll ever do any dramas? Dave- You're in a Good Son situation, holding Chris with one hand and your cat in the other. You have to drop one to save the other. Who's the Macaulay and who's the Elijah Wood you pull up to safety?

DaveAndChris40 karma

(dave) I'd drop chris even if I wasn't holding my cat in the other hand.

archaeologistghost7 karma

Hi, guys! I love the friendship you both share and ever since I saw the announcement on FOD that you two were going on a week long road trip, I was wondering if there were any plans to head to the East Coast! I'd love to meet you two in person.


DaveAndChris19 karma

If you happen to find yourself in Ithaca!

biyology7 karma

Chris, what was your experience like on the Pitch Perfect and or Fright Night set?

DaveAndChris22 karma

Pitch perfect was crazy, I came in a month in, and it was like a theatre camp. Everyone was so close, and always singing. But I had a blast and am now close with a few of those people! Fright Night was a blast, but a pain in the ass to wear that makeup

Rudimentaly7 karma


DaveAndChris15 karma

not at all!! (chris)

Demih1007 karma

Hey Dave, your impersonation of DeNiro in the Neighbors trailer is hilarious! Can you impersonate other celebrities? If so, whats your personal best one?

DaveAndChris26 karma

He can do a great impression of zac efron, doing dave, doing deniro ( I know, confusing) (chris)

Serdontos6 karma

What was the most memorable experience you've ever had meeting fans?

DaveAndChris22 karma

All of them are great, I remember a fan coming to one of my bands shows, and making little bracelets for me and my band mates. it was so sweet (chris)

mdstauff5 karma

Will we ever see a movie with you two as the leads?

DaveAndChris19 karma

SOON (chris)

Serdontos5 karma

You guys should develop a rob Schneider Adam Sandler type relationship you can do it

DaveAndChris16 karma

Can we both be Schneider!??!

Ewwiikk3 karma

Hi Dave and Christopher! Thanks for doing this AMA! I became super stoked when I saw you two were scheduled.

Dave, I just wanted to say that you were awesome on Scrubs and Cole is one of my favorite characters in the series because of how hilarious you were.

Christopher, I'm sure you get this all the time but you were so awesome in Role Models! Augie actually inspired a few of my friends to take up LARP.

Dave: Which movie/show was your favorite to work on so far?

Chris: What's the weirdest experience you've had with a fan?

Dave and Chris: How do you two deal with type-casting? I'm sure that seems like a decent problem unless both of you don't mind that sort of thing?

Once again, thank you for doing this!

DaveAndChris17 karma

Thank you!! I loved working on Role Models, one of my favorites. Weirdest experience....hmm I have had quite a few. People stalking me in a car is up there! We both do worry about being typecast, but I think we are in a good position right now to not have to rush into choosing projects that don't excite us. (chris)

(dave) to be honest, I had the most fun working on Neighbors-- coming out May 2014! Wink.

COboarder3 karma

Big fan of you guys!

Dave Franco: What was it like "fucking yourself" in your funny or die short video clip?? The old spit in the hand technique is a real winner!

Thanks guys!

DaveAndChris22 karma

The rhythm was off... and only one of us came...

Mormolade3 karma

Chris, would you ever let Dave join the young rapscallions?

Dave, would you ever name your cat after Chris or any of his movie roles?

DaveAndChris16 karma

I love the guy, but he has zero musical talent!! unless you count kisses as music :) (chris)

meagatron73 karma

Dave, I think you're handsome and I wanna hang out with you.

Chris, I saw you at FYF Fest and I wanted to say hi and shake your hand, but I was sick so I didn't want to make you sick or something. Anyway, what was it like working with Chloe Grace Moretz?

DaveAndChris10 karma

You should have said hi!! but actually, im glad im not sick, thank you! (chris)

kimsey73 karma

Hi Dave and Chris!!! :D Who will be driving mostly on this road trip??? Who is the better driver between the two of you???

I hope you can make a detour to Canada at some point during the week!!! :D

DaveAndChris7 karma

As much as we would love to drive, we will be having someone drive the bus around! Dave is definitely the better driver (chris)

EmilyK693 karma

Hi Chris and Dave! Would you guys rather masterbate to James Franco's sex tape for an hour, or eat worms out of each other's buttholes?
Love, Emily

DaveAndChris18 karma

(dave) obvi masturbate to my bro!

Keave3 karma

Chris and Dave, What do you love most about each other? Its hard to choose I know, you're both so loveable

DaveAndChris28 karma

(chris) his dimples. (dave) his ass dimples.

mort49182 karma

So exactly why are you guys going on this road trip? What's all this nonsense about It's All Possible? Is this an an anti-drugs PSA? :/

DaveAndChris7 karma

funnyordie and LG is giving us this awesome opportunity to do a bunch of stuff we've always wanted to do-- like skydiving, flyboarding, officiating a wedding, etc etc... Most importantly, we hate drugs!

squidwardsmellsgood1 karma


I saw you on some Fuse "Top 20 Countdown" show a couple months ago as a guest, talking with the host about favorite summer music or something. You listed some of your fave bands/songs, and then the guy, having no clue who you're talking about, goes on to say how he likes Miley Cyrus' and Robin Thicke's new songs...I just kinda cringed, but why go on Fuse to discuss music?

DaveAndChris3 karma

Love music! huge part of my life, plus I play drums as well (chris)