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I'm morbidly curious-- could you see out of the eye that was hanging down your face?

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Hey Al, thanks for stopping by!

A few years ago it was reported that you were writing and directing a feature film, but Cartoon Network Dropped it and you were shopping it around studios-- is that movie still in the works?

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Dave: Don't tell James, but I think you're at least 70% more attractive than him.

Chris: Are you more like McLovin or Red Mist/Motherfucker?

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Hey Kevin! Great to have you back. Two things:

Have you talked much to Megan Phelps-Roper after she ditched the WBC? It would be amazing to hear her on Smodcast.

Can you give us any info about Moose Jaws? Because it's already one of my favorite movies in advance.

Also, I'm crazy glad you got funding for Clerks III. Mainly because in April of 2013 you told me I could be in it. I haven't forgotten, Kevin.

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Hey Kevin! Thanks for doing another one of these. Two questions:

  1. Yesterday, there was a cruel April Fools joke where a site announced that Tarantino and Rodriguez would be making Grindhouse 2, and they listed you as directing one of the fake trailers. Of course, it turned out to be fake, but it got me thinking, what kind of fake movie would you make for Grindhouse?

  2. Can I be in Clerks 3? Like a Quick Stop customer? No? Okay, just the first question.