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"I met Mark Wahlberg once and he tried convincing me he was Matt Damon. What an asshole."

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I wouldn't expect too many responses; he is, after all, a Milford Man.

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"The Smell of Rash"

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Dave, you had a cameo as a classmate of Jonah Hill's in Superbad, yet then played a high schooler in 21 Jump Street when he played a mid-20s cop. Is he aging in double speed, or are you aging at half speed?

Chris, just want to compliment you on your music taste; Incubus rock! Haha Steve Rennie just did an AMA, incidentally, and I'm off to see Ben Kenney play a solo show in a few weeks!

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What was the news like? Did it make much mention of the Jews and what was happening to them?