We're back for our third AMA! Season 5 of The League premieres tonight at 10:30pm on FXX.

4:09 We have to take a break now and scout some locations where there is crap internet. Be back after 5pm.

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Arts-n-crafts-store232 karma

How many people are responsible for putting Andre's fucking terrible outfits together? They're the perfect amount of douche and hipster and I love em.

theleaguefxx156 karma

Christina Mongini. An inspired genius.

cooperbones132 karma

John Lajoie plays the role of Taco pretty well. Did you originally create the character with him in mind??

theleaguefxx238 karma

We created the role of Taco, named him Taco, wrote the scene where he sings an "inappropriate birthday song" (because we cant afford happy birthday..." and then met Jon who said "i just wrote this new birtday song." It was fate. Honestly, could anyone else play Taco??

rodzilla7269 karma

Not a chance, it's awesome seeing somebody come up from the internet to such an awesome show!

theleaguefxx120 karma

Yeah - he deserves it. Takes a lot of balls and hard work to start churning all that great content on your own from your little French Canadian hometown.

BigTealIsReal117 karma

Will the episodes be online to watch? My dorm doesn't get the new channel.

theleaguefxx147 karma

We are working on getting you that info. Sorry. Not happy about that.

Thumper1372 karma

Goldblum back this year? Please!

theleaguefxx116 karma

We wish. He's off doing a play in NY so has been tough to schedule. We hope. Though you probably will get to meet Ruxin's sister.... We drank with her last night. Very excited about that.

Grayson_G1370 karma

what the fuck is FXX anyway?

readcommentbackwards72 karma

In short it's just another way for FX / the cable companies to make money.

With all due respect, love the show and everything about it. However, there are many of your great fans such as myself that are not going to be able to see the new season because of this move to FXX. Unless of course I up my cable subscription or purchase the show on iTunes the next day.

Do you care to speak to this? Were you guys forced to just go along with it? Is there any way I can watch it if I don't have FXX?

Edit: I have the most basic cable . . . the only reason I have it is so I can watch sports, The League, It's Always Sunny, Archer, Breaking Bad, etc. I called them today and FXX isn't an option with basic cable. So screw me . . . right?

Edit 2: I really hope they answer this because if I could watch the show tonight that would be sooooo nice.

theleaguefxx122 karma

Ugh. Ok here goes. It's really complicated and we will get smacked if we try to talk about things we don't know that much about. It's tough for us to see our loyal fans not have access to our show (do you think we are happy about that?? NO.) But what FX is trying to do it pretty great - create a second network where they can make more shows. And as creative people, we need more places that are great partners like them to buy our shit, or no one will ever see it OR by the time you do see it, some uptight network has taken all the stuff that is funny out of it and then everyone is miserable. So we hope everyone figures this shit out because we are bummed too. But we understand what they're trying to do - bring you guys more good shows.

Searingm167 karma

Are you guys actually in a fantasy league together?

theleaguefxx150 karma

We are. 4 years running. A sad little 8 team league with the 6 cast members and us two.

slickrick234545 karma

who have been the winners in those 4 years?

theleaguefxx153 karma

Katie Aselton, Jackie Schaffer, Nick Kroll, and then Jackie Schaffer. Again. Because she's awesome. And doesn't tinker like the rest of those damn frittatas. - Jackie Schaffer

duckierose30 karma

Are your team names as good as the ones on the show?

theleaguefxx64 karma

Sometimes better. And often a sneak peek into jokes that we are really excited about for the upcoming season.

mb902312 karma

Any good team names?

theleaguefxx64 karma

Some we can't share - theyre too horrible - but right now we are rocking with Seed Servers, Toilet Kitchens, The Cobb Eaters, 50 Shades of Brady - and Jeff Schaffer is The Pocket Dogs (which you will learn about in tonight's season premiere)

Dapshott65 karma

Who is one player you've wanted to have on the show but haven't yet?

theleaguefxx206 karma

Aaron Rodgers, our white whale.

breadstickz36 karma

maybe he won't go on cause you misspelled his name bro

theleaguefxx92 karma

thanks - robin thicke has blurred our minds after last night

redekker30 karma

What's the decision process behind getting players? Do you take anyone you can get on the show and work the script around it, or have specific players in mind for a written scene and bomb their agents until they agree?

Has any player/celebrity denied to appear during season 1 and later come back after its success?

theleaguefxx110 karma

We are fortunate to have more players wanting to do the show than we have space for now. We usually write the stories first, then cast the players. But occasionally we will go the other way if there is someone we are dying to meet. Adrian Peterson is the only guy to turn us down early on - and then to his credit, saw the show and wanted on. We rewarded him with Brooklyn Decker. We think that was fair

brigadeofsweat55 karma

Which actor is most like their character?

theleaguefxx176 karma

Jon Lajoie.

johnman02551 karma

What does Nick Kroll smell like?

theleaguefxx98 karma

Normally like watercress and sarcasm. Last night though, more like Makers and Soda and boneless wings

Just_Hear_Me_Out49 karma

Huge fan of the show here. Probably quote the show at least once a day.

One thing that's been bugging me... I mean Taco is a fantastic character but I think he's getting a little too smart and involved in everything. What I'm trying to say is that I think Taco is at his best (and most funny) when he has no idea what's going on and doesn't give a shit about the League. Taco represents an important person in any fantasy football league, the guy who couldn't care less and only plays because his friends made him and he likes drinking with them. Please bring back the old Taco that only cares about guest bongs and eskimo brothers.

Love the show though!

theleaguefxx77 karma

Think you'll like Taco's entrepreneurial spirit this year. He's starting some new businesses the world desperately needs.

Geneseo9843 karma

Do you guys get ANY push back from the network on pushing the envelope with sex, fart, poop, ethnic jokes? I mean, if you guys get Brown Note, Toliet Kitchen and Vinegar Strokes on the air, what gets shot down!?

theleaguefxx108 karma

Tons. Things get shot down almost every day. Which is how you know we are truly filthy.

Pleasureryan21 karma

What's the one thing you really wanted to put in but couldn't?

theleaguefxx79 karma

The extended version of Naginta in Season 2. We had a 2 week standoff about that. We compromised. Normally, they're pretty great. But they were not happy about that one.

Brosephious40 karma

Would you still consider Matthew Berry to be the prettiest girl in the bar?

theleaguefxx53 karma


pattycakezo35 karma

Just saying...I'm a girl...Love this show...and finally joined Fantasy Football this year with the guys!! Any Advice?? ahhhh

theleaguefxx76 karma

Don't tinker!!! Do your research, make your decision. Stick with it. And be as unbearable when you win as when you lose so no one will call you a sore loser.

josephlinden34 karma

How long do you think the show can keep on running for?

theleaguefxx125 karma

How long are you guys willing to watch it?

Rhane1934 karma

What were you eating when you decided Jon Lajoie's character's name?

theleaguefxx101 karma

Pulled pork sandwich

Goooose31 karma

Have any players approached YOU to be part of the show?

theleaguefxx83 karma

Tons. It's terribly cool. The night of SuperBowl in New Orleans after the NFL Honors show Jimmy Graham came over and gave me a hug and said he was a huge fan. As a football fan, doesn't get much better than that.

AgentBonerjam29 karma

Will the other out of town guys be introduced this season?

theleaguefxx88 karma

Adam Brody plays Ted , the current Shiva Champ.

tallandlanky28 karma

What is Cutler like in real life?

theleaguefxx58 karma

Cutler is terribly cool. And genuinely funny. He and Kristin were both terrific on the show. Totally game, really great

Lhuarc49 karma

Do you think he'd approve of my fantasy team name? 2 Girls 1 Cutler.

theleaguefxx77 karma

Well done, sir. He's cool. Probably. We named his kid "The Cutlet".

wonder_woman_101728 karma

Are we ever going to see Try The Veal socks? I need these in my life!

theleaguefxx25 karma

We'll get on that. Didnt think anyone other than us would want to own them

ARRBC1227 karma

Where did the McAsterisks' dog go?

theleaguefxx40 karma

It ran away. Wouldn't you?

mouldy31127 karma

Fuck Marry Kill: Mike Ditka, Bill Parcells, Bill Belichick

theleaguefxx52 karma

Fuck Belichick and his sweet hoodie, Marry Ditka in the dress Ricky Williams wore for the SI cover, Kill Parcells? Not sure why

Shakey_the_mage26 karma

How do you really feel about the move to FXx and the fact that Cox Communications wont have The League season premier tonight?

theleaguefxx47 karma

Not great

retarpe23 karma

What is your favorite behind the scenes story involving Jason Mantzoukas?

theleaguefxx66 karma

Tell you which one is NOT our favorite. When a fucking Starbucks in Las Vegas sold him granola NOT listing that eggs were in it. Which Jason is deathly allergic to.

pattycakezo23 karma

who comes up with Taco's songs?.. "Vinegar Strokeeeess!!!"

theleaguefxx34 karma

Usually the ideas come from our scripts - we go to Jon and pitch them and work on the lyrics together and he writes the music (sometimes with our awesome composer Jeff Cardoni). It's a really fun process.

kersskerner31 karma

i would guess it's collaborative. like, the conversation goes, J&J: "Hey Jon, we're using [insert urban dictionary word here] in this episode, can you write a song about it?" Jon: "Probably...got any weed?"

theleaguefxx126 karma

We are going to cut and paste an actual email from Jon in 2010 here. Hopefully he won't be pissed:

From: Jon Lajoie Subject: Naginta Date: June 17, 2010 5:57:20 PM PDT To: Jackie Schaffer, Jeff Schaffer

Alright, here's a first draft of something REALLY offensive. You can decide to scrap the entire thing, I won't be offended, seriously. It's just the first thing that came to mind when I sat down. Let me know if this is kind of what you had in mind musically also. Alright, I served, now bounce that ball back with some offensive lyrics and ideas (we're playing racist musical tennis). Kisses, Jon

pfdsotm7322 karma

  1. Are Kevin and Jenny based off of the two of you?

  2. Who provides you with the most laughs on set (besides Jon LaJoie, that's kind of a given)?

theleaguefxx50 karma

  1. Kind of. We had a baby the same time as Chalupa Batman last year.
  2. Everyone in the cast. And our crew are pretty entertaining as well.

jdowpcs20 karma

Have you guys actually eaten at Gibson's Steak and Fish in Chicago? I know the interior scenes are actually shot in LA, though.

Looking forward to Season 5 tonight like crazy!

theleaguefxx28 karma

We all went there after our League Live show in Chicago to eat - fucking carrot cake the size of Rannazzisi's head. We are still full.

garywhitworth20 karma

Ive just become an uncle. Is a Mr McGibletts costume suitable to punish the boy?

theleaguefxx20 karma

And an embarrassing name of course

josephlinden20 karma

Have you ever considered going to New York for Comic Con this year?

theleaguefxx61 karma

You heard it here first - We will be there this year!! Sunday October 13th.

_vi5in_19 karma

What did you use for the Yobogoya meat?

theleaguefxx52 karma

Grade E meat - Un - diseased meat from a Diseased Carcass

burgess031318 karma

If you could have one NFL coach on the show, who would it be?

theleaguefxx45 karma

Pete Carroll.

Weechy16 karma

I fucking love you guys. I hate waiting for new seasons of the league!

theleaguefxx17 karma

So do we

ashhamilton616 karma

I have a draft tonight, how many kickers should I pick up.

theleaguefxx66 karma

Blair Walsh

chrisdolman2215 karma

https://fbcdn-sphotos-c-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-frc3/1094757_10200992739793974_346988729_n.jpg Me and some friends have a fantasy football (soccer - Rafi should get in touch, we have space) league in the UK and made this Shiva-style trophy for it. What do you guys think? :D

theleaguefxx14 karma


butters_owns11 karma

What's a pocket dog?

theleaguefxx26 karma

Watch for it tonight in the season premiere. It will soon be America's favorite snack food

TheBenson10811 karma

Love the show! Big fan of everyone on it!

Will we see Rob Huebel in another episode? Maybe Andre will finally smoke his pubes?

theleaguefxx24 karma

Rob Huebel is on tonight!!! And he is fucking hilarious. Russell is in a League - and you'll never guess who else is in it....

enterthechodezone10 karma

Hey guys love the show been watching since the beginning and I can't wait for the new season. My question is simple: will we be seeing the return of Seth Rogen as Dirty Randy anytime? Because that was one of my favorites.

theleaguefxx22 karma

Yes - you will see Seth this season! He co-wrote Episode 4 with Jason Mantzoukas. It's a whole Rafi and Dirty Randy adventure. Like no ep of The League you have ever seen. And you may even see Dirty Randy tonight too...

Goooose9 karma

why the move to fxx? who's decision was it to move such great show?

theleaguefxx15 karma

Not ours. But we are rolling with it

Mr_A9 karma

What's your opinion on silent film? Which is your favourite and why?

theleaguefxx16 karma

Love them. Home videos of our dog (the yellow lab at the end of every episode)

brycemerckling7 karma

Which actor actually knows the most about football?

theleaguefxx16 karma

Steve Rannazzisi did at beginning.

HeyJayNay7 karma

What's the best unscripted joke out of the whole series?

theleaguefxx13 karma

In our opinion: "Jack The Ripper is slicing up losers" - Paul Scheer

bootsycollinz4 karma

JON LA JOIE!!!! What's your favorite song to sing from The League?? (I get "Pete's Little Tiny Erect Dick" stuck in my head WAY too often...)

theleaguefxx9 karma

I have a soft spot for Fear Boner - JLJ

MispeledStalion3 karma

McCoy or Spiller?

theleaguefxx5 karma


christinaf253 karma

You guys are great, and I'm so pumped for this season. Will there be more vinegar strokes?

theleaguefxx3 karma

Yes - look for them immortalized in Episode 1 tonight at the draft