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Pleasureryan130 karma

I hope this isn't too rude, but how much of an impact do you have on the creative side of Future's mixtapes? Are you like an executive producer helping keep the project cohesive?

Love your work with Future. Truly the coolest DJ in the world.

Pleasureryan30 karma

You two really like taking on projects s that sound like a bad idea, then making them amazing. So the real question is, when will you be making the Duck Dynasty feature film?

For real though, you two are incredible and I've been a fan since Clone High. I really hope that you and Bill can one day get a movie made (or continuation of the show somehow)

Thanks for the laughs

Pleasureryan22 karma

I didn't want to sound like I was accusing you of doing nothing on the tapes, hahahaha. Dope.

Pleasureryan21 karma

What's the one thing you really wanted to put in but couldn't?

Pleasureryan15 karma

Brick is out on Blu-ray in the UK (I imported it to NZ...)! So there might be a chance for it to come out in the states?

Can I just say, I love everything you've done and I'm so excited for Looper.