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How did i never notice that he parts his hair on different sides as Clark vs. Superman? I always though that it was just the difference of curly-q bangs vs. straight.

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Elijah Wood calls you out for not waiting in line for Franklin's BBQ on Marc Maron's Podcast yesterday!

TL;DL (too long; didn't listen): There's definitely beef (pun intended)

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i would guess it's collaborative. like, the conversation goes, J&J: "Hey Jon, we're using [insert urban dictionary word here] in this episode, can you write a song about it?" Jon: "Probably...got any weed?"

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I wonder if video games could help develop this as a skill. I remember a study many years ago, that demonstrated certain types of games help children develop spatial awareness early. Not that I know anything about the difficulties of Turner Syndrome, but if you can pass a drivers ed test, perhaps its just a harder skill to develop than most people, but one that can be improved with the right game.

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Studying any instrument does wonders to connect left and right brain tasks. I play several instruments, but I'm no phenomenal at any one of them because I'm self-taught. I can say that I totally wish my parent would have had the means to introduce any instrument to me earlier in childhood. I started teaching myself at 15 years old, since I had to buy my own first instruments. Had I started earlier, I'd probably be better at all sorts of things. Having learned at an early age yourself, you at least reaped some cognitive benefits.

The great thing about learning music is that there is always something new to discover. You could be a complete virtuoso, and an expert in music theory, but there's always something you can uncover. You can pick it back up if you want, and have the patience. Even if you're not a great player, the self-fulfillment one gets from playing an instrument is incomparable, IMO.