Jackie Schaffer

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is an American screenwriter and television director, producer, and executive producer.

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We created the role of Taco, named him Taco, wrote the scene where he sings an "inappropriate birthday song" (because we cant afford happy birthday..." and then met Jon who said "i just wrote this new birtday song." It was fate. Honestly, could anyone else play Taco??

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Aaron Rodgers, our white whale.

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Jon Lajoie.

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Christina Mongini. An inspired genius.

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JACKIE AND JEFF SAY: It didn't complicate filming because Steve apologized to everyone, including the crew. No one - including and especially Steve - is making an excuse for, or condoning what he did. But it is our experience after all these years together that he is a supremely good dude who made one supremely stupid mistake. We all love him and and accept his apology, and hope everyone else does too.

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Katie Aselton, Jackie Schaffer, Nick Kroll, and then Jackie Schaffer. Again. Because she's awesome. And doesn't tinker like the rest of those damn frittatas. - Jackie Schaffer

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We are. 4 years running. A sad little 8 team league with the 6 cast members and us two.

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We are working on getting you that info. Sorry. Not happy about that.

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Some shitsipper took Neckflix to Shark Tank and tried to pretend our fans would not notice....

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This one we love because it’s reality imitating art. Context: We (Jeff and Jackie) play in a fantasy league with the 6 cast members - The league of the league. It’s very fun and all the team names are things from the show (The Toilet Kitchens are squaring off against The Yank Bankers in the championship this week). In the make up trailer one Monday, Steve Rannazzisi (who plays Kevin) is venting about how his team played like shit, can't believe he lost etc.. Jon La Joie (Taco) is sitting next to him and sweetly asks "Who where you playing? Steve turns to him with the face is red as a tomato can and says "You I was playing you! You didn’t even set your line up! You had players on a bye! AND I STILL LOST!”