I am Mac Lethal, and Bennett is on the phone from jail with me

EDIT: I'll try to answer more later, going to train some Jiu Jitsu. Thanks for all the questions. Pick up my book on Amazon right now, for only $9! A free album comes with it!

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fire_marshall_ill35 karma

Coming from the midwest, I've been following you for awhile now. I like your music. I think you should do a collab album with RA the Rugged Man, I think your styles mix well.

Also, did you really say this?

maclethal66628 karma

I did a song with RA the Rugged Man for his X-Mas album last year. We shot a video and everything. He's a great dude. Way more of a sweetheart than he appears to be in his music. Very genuine dude. And yes, true story.

John_McClane119 karma

Hey uncle mac! Huge fan! Thanks for the ama!

Who's your favorite Local KC artist?

Make dutch go outside, He spends too much time on facebook/twitter.

Also, I miss Black Clover Radio!

maclethal66615 karma

Funny you mention it... Maybe.

lyndercat18 karma

Mac! Thank you for doing this. My only question (after attending many shows), how many times has Patrick turned 21?!

maclethal66620 karma

Probably around 200.

bobby3eb16 karma

Fan of 10 years here:

  1. Mac, what's the beef, if any, with Rhymesayers, Grieves, Sadistik?

  2. Where can I get a mp3 of 'bird feeder' that's not day trotter?

  3. Do people still call you out for making up Bennett?

  4. Are you going to stop with the authoring, tv piloting, odd youtube videos and go back to awesome albums?

maclethal66634 karma

No beef with Rhymesayers, Sadistik, or even Grieves. Bird Feeder was on the "Blood in the Water" mixtape. Yes. Yes, dickhead, an awesome album comes with the book.

trippingoverpoop15 karma

I just wanted to let you know jake+olive is a poetic and lyrical masterpiece

maclethal66610 karma

Thank you. I wrote AND recorded it in my old apartment kitchen.

JennyJuice14 karma

What the hell happened to Lethalville? I miss it.

maclethal66621 karma

I need a personal assistant to make me less busy so I can do things like bring it back. Need a job? 311 baby.

moreboozepleasee12 karma


Thanks for the killer music throughout the years, I appreciate it!

  1. What made you decide to compete in Scribble Jam?
  2. Where does most of your inspiration come from?
  3. Have you burned mErCeDe$ a new Drake cd?

maclethal66613 karma

  1. I thought Scribble would be a good place to try to build a name. This was a business plan, not a love for battling. 2. Life. 3. She hasn't been around for a while. Bennett is dating a new girl named Pistol Krystal.

bandhead311 karma

Hey mac!! Big fan here!!

Is Bennett a real person?

Do you live purely off of your music?

Is it possible for you and Tech N9ne to make a song together?

Thanks man!! :)

maclethal66625 karma

Bennett is real and is on the phone. Yes I've lived off of music for a decade now. I would love to make a song with Tech, but he's either scared of me or doesn't know how big I am. Lol

Lennygames133711 karma

Who is you're favourite rapper of all time Mac, also I am a huge fan of your work

maclethal66613 karma

Jay-Z, Nas, Andre 3000, Eminem, 2Pac, Biggie etc.

phearmymind10 karma

I got to see you play in Cedar Falls before Pancakes blew up. It was great, you bought beer for everyone there.

Thanks for being a great entertainer that keeps in touch with his fans!

maclethal66612 karma

Cheers, friend. Slainte!

sixxis10 karma

I've been wondering for years now: where the hell does the quote at the end of Pass The Ammo come from? I've tried searching for it on multiple occasions and found nothing.

It starts with "you never see people looking out their windows anymore"

maclethal66611 karma

It's an indie film called the Day of the Dog or something like that. Damn it, I've forgotten at this point. It's a short film about dogs and war.

fallingsquirrel10 karma

What's the full story of the Pancake song legal debate?

maclethal66687 karma

Legally can't say anything online other than Fuck Chris Brown.

AtTheLeftThere9 karma

I discovered both you and Grieves through Atmosphere and Rhymesayers. What happened between you two? Was the beef on Crown Prime Rib real? What is your professional opinion on him? Would you ever record with him again? Thanks Mac

maclethal66613 karma

The beef on Crown Prime Rib was fake. I have no idea what he's up to right now. And probably not.

Vulgar_the_clown8 karma

Great morning show on the Buzz today. My question is about family. You've rapped about your grandparents (tear to the eye), your mother (sorry for your loss), your supportive dad, and your new baby boy (Hi Rocky!). Throughout the years you have gained notoriety and fame, yet still treat your fans with the utmost respect (source: met you several times).
Has your family and the strong bonds you have with them contributed to your remaining so down to earth and approachable?

maclethal66617 karma

Yeah. My family doesn't believe in fame, so I guess I naturally don't either. People have accused me of being "rockstar-ish" but that usually means they are weird and I am concerned they will rape me in the parking lot. Everyone else gets a free hug.

dickpoop18 karma

Will you let Bennet baby sit your child in the future? If so, any concerns? ALSO COME TO WASHINGTON SO I CAN TURN UP. that will be all for now, thank you

maclethal66622 karma

No. I'd never let him do that. He refers to my son as an "it."

Rone-Star8 karma

i feel like "citrus" was one of the last songs that kind of wrapped up similar themes from a lot of your past music regarding relationships, and was an incredibly perfect and accurate portrayal of the contempt or resentment, toxicity, and staleness some relationships experience. it could really be an anthem for breaking free from that shit. my question is, if there was some truth to your past attitudes toward relationships gone bad, cynicism toward partnership, and embracement of independence and singularity, what caused that to change? how did you know your wife was the one you wanted to spend your life with/give yourself to completely? what caused you to decide this is where you want to put your effort? (its clear you are grounded in understanding the bullshit people go through, and the imperfections people have, and things worth "powering through"...so i know you wouldnt give a fluffy answer like "it was love at first sight, blah blah blah")

also if you have time for another: was there an event that caused you to become an athiest? im curious if you were a "mad at god" transition, or if you just got older and challenged the idea rather than have blind faith.

thanks for doing this AMA, and i cant wait to see you in mpls on wednesday!!

maclethal66619 karma

I think as I got older I realized that most of the relationship problems that happen in your late teens/early 20's are caused by yourself and not the other person (though they cause a bunch of them too).

I don't think anyone belongs getting married until they are in their 30's. But if people can make it work, my condolences. See what I did there?

Brokenbatmancowl8 karma

I love everything you've done with Ces Cru. What's it like working with them?

Also thanks for the AMA!

maclethal66611 karma

They get reaaaaallly high. Their name was well-earned. Great dudes. Lifelong brothers.

thatwesternskyline7 karma

Yo Mac, gonna get that counter top refinished anytime soon? Some slick granite would look ILL.

maclethal66619 karma

God damn it, my wife is going to say "See? Even people on Reddit want us to get granite counter-tops." If this ruins our baby-making tonight, I'm coming after ya!

blee__dat7 karma

you know who doesn't like mac lethal?

maclethal66624 karma

The Austin TX Police Department.

old-rasputin7 karma

What's up uncle Mac !

My name's Pericles and I live in Greece. I could go on about the meaning of your music to me for ever, yada, yada, yada. Well, I'll prefer to say that I am proud to have a Love Potion / Black Clover tattoo. For motherfucking life man.

So, first of all thanks for the music, keep it up ! And congrats on becoming a father, do your best to raise that child...

My questions are :

  • Are you gonna tour Europe anytime soon ? I'd give a kidney to see you play live dude !
  • What's your favorite book ?

Peace !

maclethal66612 karma

Thanks man! Favorite book is Middlesex. And yes, I want to come to Europe soon. Hell yes.

Heitzzz7 karma

Mac, I got to see you on Warped Tour for the first time. Your live show was great. I just wanted to say thanks for North Korean BBQ. That album got me through a lot.

maclethal66611 karma

Appreciate it man. I was in a very fucked up place when I wrote that.

Orion0536 karma

Where do you get your inspiration? Do you lay on the words first or do you work with beats and then the lyrics?

maclethal6669 karma

Depends. I'm usually a pretty slow writer. I listen to a beat for a while, develop a relationship with it, then stock up on ideas and passages I can use for song lyrics. But there's no set order. It works how it works.

osik6 karma

Not a question, but having been a fan for a few years, when I found out that not only were you coming to Alaska, but that it would be on my birthday, I nearly shat myself. Thank you for making music.

maclethal6663 karma

Cheers man, see you in Alaska!

ifandwhen6 karma

How did Bennett find out you'd been sharing his texts online, and how did he react?

maclethal66628 karma

Had to tell him due to the book coming out. He asked if there was a way to "get girls with big titties" through it. I said yes.

smellydickcheese6 karma

Yo Mac and Bennett!!

What's the greatest pickup line you know?

Also, thank you for when you tweeted about Pink Shoe LaRue, had me dying!

you guys are the best

maclethal66627 karma

The best pick up line ever, text a girl and say:

"Did you turn into a cat? Because I just saw the cutest cat that looked exactly like you."

It will confuse and intrigue her all at once.

dayslater216 karma


maclethal66611 karma

For all those reading, this kid was dope. He came to an outdoor concert I did with his mom and held up a sign for me to read. It was a very cool experience and he was a super nice kid. Also, I try to stay away from political tracks. I'm just not sure if I need to be the guy to touch on that stuff. I would rather discuss the things that go on in people's heads.

KittyFooFoo5 karma

Hi Mac. Big fan for many years.

"Take Me in My Sleep" is one of my all-time favorite songs, and it makes me cry like a six-year-old girl.

Please explain the line "take me in my sleep, but don't take me to heaven." I have my own ideas, but I'd like to hear it from you. Thanks.

maclethal66618 karma

It means I hope death will be comfortable, but I don't have any blind faith in the idea that there's an afterlife.

eatazombie5 karma

How do you know Prof?

maclethal66614 karma

Performing shows together in the Midwest. Took him on tour. Fell in love with each other.

Leeench5 karma

AMA = Ask Mac Anything

maclethal6666 karma

Asshole Murdering Assholes

gnarthrash5 karma

Since you're coming from Kansas, let's talk BBQ. What's your method for making ribs. Dry rub? Braised? ETC? What's your recipe?

Edit. Also, huge fan of 10 years. I've driven from Alberta/BC to see you perform on more than one occasion. Your music as got me though some shit, and you're one of my favorite people ever. Keep up the everything.

maclethal66614 karma

Dry rub, molasses based sauced, slow slow slow cook. And you gotta be an arrogant, KC BBQ asshole when you do it, too.

cbpantskiller4 karma

Do you still plan on doing a LP with Kid Called Computer?

maclethal6668 karma

Hell yeah. Shovels, baby!

JohnWeez4 karma

KC kid here, got my first taste of real hip hop listening to Black Clover Radio when I was 12. Thanks for that. I know you're busy but is Black Clover Radio ever comin back? You should get the Buzz to bring it back

maclethal66615 karma

We discussed it today. We'll see. Radio shows require a lot of attention, and on Sunday nights I'm watching Breaking Bad!

flapjack4 karma

What's your favorite thing to put in pancakes?

Mine is bananas and chocolate chips.

maclethal66622 karma

Death, frog-legs, black magic, and goat's blood. Duh.

IVoGxDragunovN84 karma

how did you get the name Mac Lethal

maclethal66622 karma

Jesus gave it to me in a dream. He was wearing a 1996 Chicago Bulls jersey.

KellyCommaRoy3 karma

Hey Mac, have you by chance ever heard my voiceover performance of Texts from Bennett? It's been a long time since I did it, so seeing your name here brought back some memories of the good old days. Thanks and keep up the great work. Sell a million books!

maclethal6666 karma

Yes I did actually. It was really funny. You'd be surprised at how much different we sound. Ha. Thanks man.

maclethal6665 karma

What the fuck? I replied to this and now it's not showing up. Is reddit broken?

johnnybsd3 karma

Do you still practice jiu jitsu? Who is your favorite ufc fighter? Do you remember putting me in Ezekiel choke on my birthday last winter in Denver? I love you Uncle Mac. Keep making great music!

maclethal6669 karma

6 nights a week, Anderson Silva, no, but I'm sure it hurt, and thank you! See you in Denver next week!

fallingsquirrel3 karma

I was at your show in Buffalo and you said that your DJ got arrested at the border coming back to the US. Did everything get sorted out?

maclethal6668 karma

Yeah, he's back home now, dealing with the situation.

scoopaloop223 karma

Big fan for years man. Where do you train Jiu-Jitsu out in KC, who is the instructor out there? I'm a brown belt out here in AZ, I'll be at your show next weekend. Last show out here a couple years back was great! Master P and the No limit soldiers! (joke you had at the show, probably don't remember)

maclethal6668 karma

I train at KCBJJ (Kansas City Brazilian Jiu Jitsu). My black belt is Professor Jason Bircher. He's under Renato Tavares. Is your gym near the venue? Maybe we could do a private if time permits. I'll have my Gi with me. Hit me up on Facebook if you can.

bobby3eb3 karma

From the sounds of it, seems like something went awry with the black clover lifetime membership, what was the deal?

maclethal6669 karma

It was never my idea to do those. Another person ran that, and when he left, it kinda fell apart. However I still let people into shows free if they want to come.

MF_Mood3 karma

I thought I remembered hearing something about you appearing on the Joe Rogan Experience.

I'm an avid listener of you both, and would love to hear you two chat for a few hours.

Is this still in the works?

maclethal6668 karma

Joe Rogan is a busy dude. One of the people who influenced me to step it up in the other artistic arenas (books, blogs, TV shows etc.) and to be a multi-faceted artist. We've talked on many occasions. He's not much for planning ahead of time, so I have to hit him up when I go to LA next (wait, fuck, I'm doing that next week, brb emailing him.)

Hopefully soon.

badideagenes3 karma

Hey Mac!

Congrats on the new kiddo. A few other fathers and myself get together and take the kids for walks around parks or something like that every other Saturday. Would you like to join us?

maclethal6663 karma

No thanks, we have our own group. But enjoy doing that!

YepThatLooksInfected3 karma

Hey, Mac! Been a big-time follower for several years! I would like to know:

1) What is your favorite Illuminati conspiracy?

2) What would Bennett do to help create stability in the middle east, especially with the prospect of the US trying to invade Syria?

maclethal6669 karma

  1. My favorite illuminati conspiracy is that the illuminati exists. 2. Bennett says people in Syria should hit the strip club and blow some steam.

Joe27943 karma

Does Bennett actually get any or are all of his stories about getting laid just BS?

maclethal66612 karma

"100% truth baby. I get the most good pussy in Northern America."

Whatever that means.

bjjoctobadger3 karma

Big fan of your music and honesty Mac. A few questions

  1. Are we going to get another Daytrotter session from you? Sean's building the new studio across the river from the first one and there's talks of him maybe holding live shows.

  2. What made you get into BJJ and do you ever plan on competing?

Also if your ever back in the Quad city's and wanna do some rolling my school would be open for ya. Tarpiens Next Gen (Carlson Gracie affiliate)

maclethal6663 karma

  1. Sean knows I'm always down to do a session. I LOVE Daytrotter and will gladly do it again. 2. I have always been intrigued by BJJ and people like the Gracie Family. They are such intellectual, badass technicians. Also -- I've competed. I won bronze in my first competition.

Ryanhawker273 karma

Mr. Lethal, What is your favorite lyric from your music? From other music?

-Thanks, I'm a huge fan.

maclethal66617 karma

"Every time I make a new friend, that's another funeral in the future I will attend."

iRavens3 karma

Is Bennett ever going to make a public appearance? Also, pumped for mobb deep and you. Hope I'm off work!

maclethal6665 karma

When he gets back from jail, yes.

qskunderground3 karma

Thank you for communicating with fans. Have you ever turned down any label signings? If so, which ones? and why?

maclethal66610 karma

Sony, Def Jam, and a few other indie ones. Because labels are antiquated in 2013.

kevans54903 karma

How do I score an autograph from you, bennet, and hustla da rabbit? And possibly even a group photo? Also, can I get rap from you about southern girls?

Other than that, your stuff is great. It brings daily amusement to my ever so boring life in Alabama.

maclethal6668 karma

Come to a show and maybe Bennett will be there snuggling his dirty ass bunny rabbit.

RenaissancePlatypus3 karma

Hey Mac Lethal! I’ve been a fan of yours for so long. I can’t wait to read the book; I’ve read the whole tumblr. Pretty excited about the new album too!

Anyway, I just wanted to say that I love a lot of the messages in your music and, obviously, I love your ridiculous flow and speed, man. My favorite is actually the whistling one that you recorded on your phone, that one was awesome.

Also, I remember during your earlier videos, people often thought you were fake/sped up. You released the video with the iPhone stopwatch and I’m sure that quelled some people for a while, but I saw there were still doubters.

Since it’s not really possible to fake it in person, has the fact that you’re doing a live tour made that go away? Has it just mostly died out anyway as your fanbase becomes more consistent/loyal? I was just wondering about that because it’s not really in the comment of your videos anymore.

Anyway, congratulations on your success, man! You’re doing great work and I hope I can make it to one of your live shows.

Mac. Lethal.

P.S. Your son is ridiculously adorable. When do we get to see his mom?

maclethal6667 karma

Thanks. This was a very long question, but I think I get it. I guess people saw me do it live and backed off of accusing me of being a fraud.

Stay away from my baby's mama, sucka!

Chowderino3 karma

Okay so I am curious as to if Bennett shares the same love and passion for mma as you?

maclethal66613 karma

"Mothafuckas that do MMA is just some homos that wanna roll around in tights with each other. WWE wrestlin' is better."

Sterch2 karma

I met you at Warped Tour this year; at the Long Island venue; I was the girl rapping along with you in the crowd, you said I was "killing it out there".It was awesome to get a chance to meet one of my favorite rappers. At the end of "Heart of a Pig" you said that "you don't write none of my shit down either...". How true is that?

maclethal6667 karma

I make up my songs in the studio. I used to write lyrics and sometimes will write a few lines here and there, but I like to just sound out my songs and write them out loud.

Tombre2 karma

What is your favorite thing to cook? Any favorite recipes?

maclethal6663 karma

Something all of you should try to make, and the recipe can be found on YouTube, are the Robert Rodriguez Sin City breakfast tacos. Do the ENTIRE recipe though. Make your own tortillas etc. It's one of my favorite things to cook.


Do you have any favorite authors or literary influences and do you plan on writing any more books?

maclethal6669 karma

Vladimir Nabokov, Kurt Vonnegut, Jefferey Eugenides, John Kennedy Toole (for one book, at least). Yes, I'd LOVE to write another book.

Nonoyeaigotit2 karma

I met you backstage at Reggie's in Chicago last year when you performed with my friends in the Wannabe Heroes and I was hammered. You took the time to take about 6 pictures with me and it was honestly only the last picture that turned out. I don't have anything to ask really. Just want to say thanks. And I can't wait to see you kill it again on the 7th at Sub T.

maclethal6663 karma

Cheers man.

cattywh0mpus2 karma

who does your tattoos? any high res pics of them?

maclethal6663 karma

Carlos Ransom from Abraxas Tattoo in Lawrence, KS. He's the best in the biz. Google him.

Toasterbag2 karma

Thanks for doing this! Aside from you, I'm a massive fan of George Watsky. Do you see any collabs happening any time soon?

maclethal6668 karma

I dunno. I listen to a different type of rap music than what he makes.

proudpotamus2 karma

Been a fan for years and was lucky enough to play my last show in a band with you a few years back in Sandusky, Ohio before getting wine drunk and ending up in trouble. I've got one question and its been bothering me for a while.

What exactly WAS that stuff you and Psalm One drank on tour?

maclethal6668 karma

Huh? Psalm and I drank... alcohol. It appears in beer, wine, spirits, etc. I hope that sufficiently answers your question. I have no idea if I'm following you or not.

woodlandmetal2 karma

Can you twerk as fast as you can rap? If yes PROVE IT BRAH!! :p Love you stuff keep it up!

maclethal66617 karma

Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Fa-- Oh wait, different setting.

hangryasfuck2 karma

Thanks for the grind time now vid with thesaurus.. you definitly obliterated him :) .

hangryasfuck2 karma

btw pancake recipie pls?

maclethal6669 karma

1.5 cups flour, 1 egg, water, 3.5 teaspoon baking powder, 1 teaspoon salt, 1.25 cup milk, and a whole lot of love. Stir together, make batter, cook on medium-hot heat for 30 seconds a side. Eat then take a nap.

djail932 karma

Hey Mac! No questions, just wanted to say thank you for the awesome music and I can't wait for your book to come in. Been waiting months for it + the freebie music. I only discovered you shortly after the Pancake Rap exploded but since then I've been a big fan and I've been listening to everything I can find. Much respect, man.

maclethal6664 karma

Thank you sir!

coldslang_dopeart2 karma

did you expect the pancake video to take off like it did? anything you regret about that video and the publicity that came with it?

maclethal6667 karma

No, and no. I rap my ass off in it. Not my fault people like it.

chubmackerel2 karma

I grew up with Tim Philips, do you hate me?

maclethal6668 karma

There is someone walking around telling people he knows Tim Phillips. That name was just made up for the song! He's not real!

WeNolanNow2 karma

Hey Mac, big fan of your tunes. What's up with the elephant/mammoth tattoo on your hand?

maclethal6669 karma

Not sure. I try not to care about my tattoos or give them a meaning.

GermanToast2 karma


Love the music man, just two questions:

You've either mentioned or posted (I can't remember which) vaguely about writing your first song in 10th grade.

When did you decided that you were going to become a rapper? How did you know?

maclethal6665 karma

This question is answered very VERY elaborately at the beginning of the new book. Not trying to duck your question, but I highly suggest you read it.

qskunderground2 karma

I've been wondering this for a long time. I've seen a few comments saying it. But is GrindTimeNow planned? Or do you guys actually freestyle off the dome?

maclethal6663 karma

Depends on how big your balls are!

Imatworkagain2 karma

Mac, I think you're truly underrate when it comes to your writing ability. Do you have any advice for an aspiring writer? I'm also interested in breaking into my rapping (it'd be nice to stop selling all my bars), any advice on how to get that ball rolling?

Thanks for doing this AMA and I'm psyched for the next album.

maclethal6665 karma

My advice would be to stop assuming any of the stuff you think is average, is actually average. The average person will always love you. Or you could be like me and share 1% of your writing with the world.

homestanrunner2 karma

Uncle Mac! Thanks for doing this! I saw a while back that you got arrested in Sandusky Ohio, what is the story behind all that?

maclethal66612 karma

I got SEVERELY drunk, was mad that I didn't know I couldn't fly home the next day and had to stay in Sandusky for another day, and completely trashed a hotel room. I threw the TV, ripped the mirror off the wall, and punched a few holes in the wall. Cops busted in the room and arrested us. The cops thought I was funny and asked me a bunch of questions about me being a rapper. It was like doing a Reddit AMA but being stuck in the back of a police cruiser.

jadedlittlestar2 karma

So.... Do you ever rap lullabies and such to Rocky? Can we high five after your Denver show next week? Will you keep on being stellar in all venues of which you show off your talents? (write all the things, pilot tvs AND airplanes if you want, keep youtubing like a boss, and grind out awesome albums). Eff that guy that asked you to stop.
Also - thank you for both having and using your intelligence! Smarty pants. xx

maclethal6666 karma

I rap to Rocky all the time. I should probably rap to him right now because he's yelling "DADADADADA" at the top of his lungs.

blee__dat2 karma

will you be touring the pacific northwest anytime soon? specifically, Vancouver, BC?

maclethal6666 karma

I certainly hope so.

veecheech2 karma

What's your favorite beer of all time?

maclethal6666 karma

Jolly Pumpkin Oro Del Calabaza

Who_fuses_the_music2 karma

Hey man, I don't really have a question...

I just wanted to say your track Rapz of Death with Sage Francis is one of my favorite raps of all time. Amazing rhyme scheme, and it's become me and my roommates go-to rap-along for car rides.

Keep it up Mac, I'm a huge fan.

maclethal6666 karma

I'm like a mix between Demi and Dudley Moore.

JoePanda2532 karma

Hey Mac, I've been listening to your music for years now! I just wanted to let you know, you are one rad dude!

maclethal6667 karma

Thank you!

woodlandmetal2 karma

What's your general take on today's rap/ hiphop?

maclethal6668 karma

Rap/hip-hop always has and always will be music of the black, inner-city. White people like to pretend that we own it and have the right to say what it should and shouldn't be, but we don't. So while I am not necessarily a fan of the lyricism, I do respect what hip-hop has become. People always say "but modern rappers are so materialistic." Man, KRS-ONE, Big Daddy Kane, Slick Rick, ALL of them wore gold rings, watches, and chains. Nothing wrong with gold, it's a high-value commodity. I just wish some of them rapped better. But whatever. That's what I'm here for.

joshrkc2 karma

  • What's your Xbox Live gamertag?

  • Prediction for the Chiefs record this year?

maclethal6667 karma

I don't remember. I only play Assassin's Creed. If they ever come out with another Fight Night, I'll be back on there. Chiefs 11-5. We'll see if they can get anything done in the post-season.

WorkFriendlyAcct2 karma

Last time you were in Seattle you did a small intimate show with your lap top for about 20 peeps. Some canadians kept making a ruckus. You persevered and delivered a awesome show despite them talking during accoustic Jake and Olive. You showed great restraint not smacking them. Not really a question just wanted to say I really dug that show.

maclethal6663 karma

Enthusiastic fans of mine really enjoy yelling shit out during the show. Probably because they're drunk. They're probably drunk because I rap about alcohol a lot in my music. So I can't fault them, because it's all a byproduct of my music.

ajdellinger2 karma

Hey Mac,

Thanks for doing this. Been a fan dating back to the Scribble Jam days and it's been amazing to see how you and a lot of the cats from that scene grew as artists.

Though you're obviously an experienced songwriter, was writing "Texts for Bennett" an entirely different beast or was the process fairly similar (though with less rhyming, I'd guess)? Have you written anything similar--short stories or the like? Lastly, if anyone disses Doomtree will you still take a knife and cut 'em?

maclethal6662 karma

Rhyming is much easier and requires much less focus and fluidity than writing a book does. The book is a totally different beast and is a full on narrative about life and culture.

AAlpine2 karma

When are you going to do a show in Boston?? I've been a fan of your music since North Korean BBQ. Also, do you think you would ever want to battle rapper again or try to start a big event like ScribbleJam?

maclethal6667 karma

Dude, I'm doing a show in Boston next week.

FreeDaps2 karma

What exorbitant amount would it take for you to do another battle?

maclethal6666 karma

$1 million in unmarked bills, and some delicious Chinese food.

gooniesRulez2 karma

Aye bruh, yoo scene gooniez?

maclethal6663 karma

Pinchers of Power!

duckmunch2 karma


Huge fan. I laughed my ass off when I discovered "Texts From Bennett" and had to show it to my co-workers because they heard me laughing from down the hall. What's Bennett like in real life?

maclethal6669 karma

Bennett is obsessed with pussy, homemade tattoos, and smoking weed out of grape flavored Swisher wraps (gross).

bmb7132 karma

Have there been any texts from Bennet that you thought we're too much to be posted?

Edit: typo

maclethal6666 karma

Yes. I don't post most of the shit he says.

InnerGtheEtard2 karma

So if I ordered your book on Amazon Kindle do I receive a copy of your new CD or is that just for people who ordered the hardback copy?

maclethal6666 karma

Nah you'll get a copy!

Leeench2 karma

Can you finish this sentence? -

"James Lynch always..."

maclethal6667 karma

WINS. America! Eatin' my lunch in my parent's basement! Where I've been living! Happy birthday! I'm 43!

Kemintiri2 karma

Hello. I enjoy your music.

What's your favorite movie?

What's your favorite food?

Who would you like to work with, that you haven't collaborated with yet?

In the history of hip hop, which diss song do you think was the most destructive?

If Kid Twist and Organik got into a fight, who do you think would win?

How often do you check your wiki page?

Thank you for the IamA!

maclethal6665 karma

My favorite movie is The Wild Bunch. My favorite food is amazing tacos from an amazing taco truck in Southern Cali (several come to mind). I'd like to make a song with UGK. I think "Hit Em Up" by 2Pac was the most destructive. Organik seems much more angry than Kid Twist, and he works in a steel mill so probably him. No offense to Twist. I don't check my Wiki page.

TheSuperDanks2 karma


maclethal6664 karma

God damn right!

WorkFriendlyAcct2 karma

"I'm a dark storm cloud that's floatin' over top of suburbia."" and other lyrics have been reused in many of your songs. Is this based on laziness or does these particular lyrics weigh on you heavy?

maclethal6663 karma

Just how it works. I make a lot of drafts of a lot of songs and sometimes try the same passages on different beats. No reason. I stopped releasing ALL of my recorded material though, and have much more restraint than I used to.

narcs2 karma

Hey Mac, hope I'm not too late to catch a response before I got lost in the flood! Found you while looking for some speed rappers and yourself and a few others I came across got me loving rap again after falling into a rut of artists. So, yeah, thanks for that dude!

Question time, is Jake and Olive actually your grandparents life story or mixed with poetic licence? Amazing song anyway, made even manly ol' me a bit choked up on listening.

maclethal6667 karma

Jake + Olive is a 100% true story. Not sure if you've ever seen this, but the people who play the older version of Jake and Olive in the music video are married in real life.

divafrenchie2 karma

Mac, you're great. I think Buffalo NY would love you. Would you ever come here?!?!

maclethal6663 karma

I was just there my friend! Came there on Warped Tour.

TypeOne12 karma

You wanna take my throat and cut it??? You're so wack that you shouldn't FLOW IN PUBLIC!

maclethal6664 karma

Really? Well I have a giant cock, you want to grope and suck it.

noob_goldberg2 karma


maclethal66613 karma

Unlike my ex-girlfriends, I don't photograph my pancakes before I eat them.

DRAWKWARD792 karma

Bennet Cracks Me up! Does he actually believe he is 1/13 African American?

maclethal6668 karma

The weird thing, is we found out Bennett actually IS 1/13 African American. It's not enough for his rampant usage of the n-word though. It think you have to be 51% and higher.

DoogieBrowser2 karma

Hey Mac, I love your blog, Bennett's a funny dude from what I've seen.

1.) When did you know that Texts from Bennett was really taking off as an internet phenomenon?

2.) This might be obvious, but does Bennett know, if so when did he find out and what was his reaction?

maclethal6664 karma

When I came out with the pancake rap video, it was the #1 entry on Reddit within 24 hours, and within another 24 hours, Bennett's texts had taken over. So I had #1 and 2 on Reddit simultaneously. It was a VERY cool experience that I didn't receive in a greedy way. I knew it was a phenomenon and to just enjoy it. And yes, Bennett knows, I had to get his permission to use his name in the book.

Kirky03312 karma

Hey Mac, I've been a fan for a couple years and your music has helped through some tough times. I wanted to thank you for that.

The song "Papa's Belt" described your father as being cruel, while "07 Sentra", "Bird Feeder", and "Basketball Shorts" talk about how he's changed. What was your relationship with him like growing up?

EDIT: Also wanted to say congrats on Rocky. You're going to be a great father, Mac!

EDIT 2: Why did you say, "this song is dedicated to Victor Valdez" in "Papa's Belt"?

maclethal6665 karma

"Papa's Belt" is a fictitious song. It's not real at all. My dad is a great man and has been an integral part of my life and creativity. He's also a big part of Rocky's life. We have lots of fun.

PancakeBoostX1 karma

Hey Mac, first off, thanks for doing this.

I wanna express to you just how amazing 'Citrus' and 'I'm Odd' touched my soul when I first heard them. You really hit the nail on the head in showing off your writing, rapping and production capabilities. Those two really motivate me to make music that can parallel that soul-touching vibe.

So a few questions:

  1. Are you doing majority of your own beat making and production?
  2. What would you recommend for a starter mic?

And most importantly, what we all came here to know,

Mac, would you rather fight 100 duck-sized horses or 1 horse-sized duck?

maclethal6664 karma

Seven does all of my production these days but I am still working on tracks. I'll probably use some of the new stuff I've made on upcoming projects. My first mic was a Berhinger B-2 condenser mic, that cost $250 bucks. I'd say get something relatively cheap, but keep in mind you get what you pay for (to an extent). Fuck horses and ducks.

404dinosaur1 karma

Favorite old school rap artist?

maclethal6664 karma

Whodini or Big Daddy Kane

abltburger1 karma

Mac! I live in Kansas City, do you ever feel influenced by Tech N9ne? Also, can I give you a high five sometime?

You're awesome and give our city an awesome name. Keep it up!

maclethal6665 karma

Tech is the homie! He's everywhere, so of course!

cichington1 karma

Hey Mac, long time fan and listener here:

What is it like now having a son and performing/making music?

Has it impacted your career?

Is raising a kid everything you thought it would be or are you shocked about what has happened so far?

What information can you give us about your upcoming T.V. situation?

Hope to see you at the Minneapolis book signing/concert!

maclethal6663 karma

Having a kid is incredible. You want nothing but an amazing life for them, and lose your mind trying to soothe them. Yes, it's impacted everything. See you in MPLS!

PRKR4441 karma

Mac your energy at shows is amazing, it's one of the reasons I started being an emcee! Your craft is so refined, Mad respect. Just wanted to say what up, and say I'll see you in the Mily High City son!

maclethal6665 karma

Thanks man! See you next week!

CalderLXIX1 karma

Hey Mac! Ever think of coming to Halifax, NS? You'd get a hell of a crowd.

Big fan, you're the shit, and you have amazing ink!

maclethal6664 karma

Yes, I need to come to Halifax. Last time I was there I did ecstasy and had a panic attack.

IVoGxDragunovN81 karma

hi mac ive ben a fan for about two years and i love the music and texts from bennett

maclethal6663 karma

Thank you!

RinconDrone1 karma

You still pounding beers?

Edit: Also do you still want to kick Chris Brown in the noggin? I would love to see that.

maclethal6664 karma

Yes, abso-fucking-lutely!

popsicle4071 karma

I can't wait for your Chicago show! Where are you most excited to play?

maclethal6665 karma

Uh... Chicago!?!

crackacola1 karma

I want to start a rap beef but I don't know how to rap. Suggestions?

maclethal6665 karma

Start a cooking beef against a celebrity chef, instead. More profitable.

munz191 karma

Being from KC, what's your favorite bbq? Mines just off 70 on Brooklyn ave.

maclethal6663 karma

Jack Stack, baby.

SaganTheJames1 karma

Are you going to do any more Drunk Answers? And what's the between the fans that discovered you through hip hop and the fans that discovered you through Youtube?

maclethal6666 karma


HighKingOfReddit0 karma

Do you still sell cameos on other lesser known rapper's albums? How much did you typically charge?

maclethal6664 karma

I'm too busy, but I could make an exception if I really dug the song.