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duckmunch1804 karma

Uncle Ron, it's me. Your nephew Dave. Can you get me a gig in porn? I'm not looking to be a fluffer but I don't mind being the awkward guy in the background. Thanks, mom says hi.

duckmunch69 karma

Hey Justin,

I apologize, in advance, if I am out of line hereā€¦.but are you in gay porn?

duckmunch51 karma

Yo Chris!

Do you have any idea what this is???


duckmunch47 karma

Hey Chris!

First off, thanks for knocking out Terry Martin. One of my favorite all time fights.

Second, I could have sworn, at one time, that your nickname was "The Cat Smasher". Was I dreaming about that or is that true? If so, why did you change it? It's because of PETA, wasn't it?

duckmunch24 karma

Hey Mr. Blum,

I'm excited to see THE GIFT this weekend. You know, it's a bit weird to see Jason Bateman tackle something that isn't a comedy. What can we expect with this movie?