Mac Lethal

is an indie hip hop artist from Kansas City, Missouri, of Irish descent.

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maclethal66687 karma

Legally can't say anything online other than Fuck Chris Brown.

maclethal66634 karma

No beef with Rhymesayers, Sadistik, or even Grieves. Bird Feeder was on the "Blood in the Water" mixtape. Yes. Yes, dickhead, an awesome album comes with the book.

maclethal66628 karma

I did a song with RA the Rugged Man for his X-Mas album last year. We shot a video and everything. He's a great dude. Way more of a sweetheart than he appears to be in his music. Very genuine dude. And yes, true story.

maclethal66628 karma

Had to tell him due to the book coming out. He asked if there was a way to "get girls with big titties" through it. I said yes.

maclethal66627 karma

The best pick up line ever, text a girl and say:

"Did you turn into a cat? Because I just saw the cutest cat that looked exactly like you."

It will confuse and intrigue her all at once.

maclethal66625 karma

Bennett is real and is on the phone. Yes I've lived off of music for a decade now. I would love to make a song with Tech, but he's either scared of me or doesn't know how big I am. Lol

maclethal66624 karma

The Austin TX Police Department.

maclethal66622 karma

Jesus gave it to me in a dream. He was wearing a 1996 Chicago Bulls jersey.

maclethal66622 karma

No. I'd never let him do that. He refers to my son as an "it."

maclethal66622 karma

Death, frog-legs, black magic, and goat's blood. Duh.