I'm Aella, and I mime on MFC and Chaturbate. I do the infamous 'chair fuck show,' where I dress up a chair in a star trek unifom and a hat and do horrible things to him. I also play the accordion and TF2, moonwalk, do dinosaur impressions, and have a legion of gnomes. I was homeschooled for my entire life and highly religious (until relatively recently), and I have debated all of the verses. All of dem.

I'm currently at Sophia Locke's Cammansion, which is a giganticass sprawling mansion with way too many rooms and naked girls in all of them, and we all cam and frolic about merrily and get way too drunk. It's a biannual event, and it is pure awesome.

I also do surveys to collect data on the habits of camgirls and members, in a search to find what makes a camgirl successful. The biggest thing I've learned is that data analysis is really hard.

Proof: You can find pictures of my boobs here, where I shall also be tweeting that I am indeed a real person whose brain is identical to the brain of Aella. Edit: RIGHT HERE

I also am going to start camming live in an hour or so, where I shall answer questions live and make terribly witty comments while sipping champagne and waving my hands dismissively at butlers. I'll edit the link into here once this happens.

Edit: Not camming, only replying occasionally throughout the night until I fall asleep.

ALSO I would like to share this with you.

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palmtops985 karma

This chick just did a dinosaur moonwalk, it was the single most erotic thing i have ever seen in my entire life.

AellaGirl746 karma

I love you.

Tnuff406 karma

This is how creepy PM's are born.

antidamage98 karma

She's probably PMing everybody by now.

AellaGirl210 karma

I'm so drunk. Hey there antidamage. How you doin'? ;D

thro08807 karma

.....Is this you in this thread and this thread?

AellaGirl1156 karma

...Well what do you know. Yes, that is me, displaying my amazing mime talent. Edit: I like fucking with boners.

QuiteTheOptimist488 karma

I turned off the sound because I didn't want to let everyone hear.

Then I remembered what mimes were.

gmacattack73291 karma

The funny thing is I turned the sound off before I played the video because it's hardwired from years of porn viewing, then chuckled to myself and thought, "it's a mime dude". So I turned the sound back up, but turned it back down about 5 seconds in because I didn't want anyone thinking I was listening to that music.

AellaGirl291 karma

I play slow, sexy music, and whoever uploaded that shit decided to replace the music with the most ear-rapingly awful asspoop. I'm sorry you had to listen to that.

whatthehelpp733 karma

If someone gave you $1 million under the condition that you have to use it all to make a porn movie what would you do with it ? Elaborate.

AellaGirl2022 karma

CG skydiving dinosaur porn.

GuyMeetsWall697 karma

Ayyy-la or A-yella?

Of all the question I should be asking the sexy mime cam girl, this one is fucking killing me..

AellaGirl597 karma


ObeseMoreece590 karma

How much did you make from that one that 4chan got in on and made you explain gravity?

AellaGirl1068 karma

Nothing. 4chan doesn't tip. I like em anyway though, I'm a shitty camgirl in that I don't prioritize tippers very well.

Brot8toChips572 karma

What made you decide that being a fundamentalist wasn't for you? And how did that go with your family? Also, nice tits.

AellaGirl703 karma

The whole 'being a fundamentalist is shitty' helped. Wear modest clothing 'that glorifies god,' bible width of distance between genders, etc. But I left it in the end because I realized the Bible was inconsistent in a way that could not be adequately explained.

koodamonster554 karma

Awhile back you did a chili eating challenge, but your video ends and leaves pure suspense. I must know how that went. Care to share?

AellaGirl1101 karma

Pain. Lots of pain. I'm probably gonna do it again.

AlmightyScoosh453 karma

Do people request you to do the dinosaur impressions, or are they just for you?

AellaGirl689 karma

A mixture of both. I do things I like, and the things that I do that other people like get requested more, and as a result, refined further. Dinosaur impressions kind of floated to the top. I also moonwalk as a dinosaur.

mrenglish22165 karma

So, do you moonwalk as a dinosaur with your mime attire on?

AellaGirl237 karma


AlmightyScoosh83 karma

What is the most requested thing people ask you to do? And do you like to mix up your dino impressions with say, a bear one occasionally?

AellaGirl178 karma

It varies with the night and crowd. I have a staple of about 5-8 things that are officially 'listed,' and thus requested more. I have not done a bear impression yet. I think I will need to.

Edwin_Quine433 karma

Have any of your fans ever confessed their deep and abiding love for you? How did you handle it?

AellaGirl1100 karma

I quote from the last love letter: " it's as almost as if romance made sweet wild love to freedom and they had a gigantic baby named Aella"

...I just don't respond.

thedarkknightcrisis418 karma

How many fingers do you use?

AellaGirl569 karma


thedarkknightcrisis1587 karma

I thought you weren't a christian anymore

iRedditFromBehind285 karma

alright I'll admit it. I don't get it. Someone please explain?

Ndvorsky508 karma

You use 2 fingers to touch the holy water and then bring it to your face

AellaGirl275 karma


Rizzmin407 karma

Are you & other camgirls easy/extremely sexual off camera too? Or is it just a persona you're required to have?

AellaGirl724 karma

It varies per the girl, but I think in general we tend to be more sexual, since that's the nature of our jobs.

Also, off cam late at night in the hot tub confirms this.

Dwychwder211 karma

Could you elaborate on these hot tub experiences?

AellaGirl1151 karma

Let's just say I dual wielded vaginas.

Thanks for the gold! I will use it responsibly I promise.

hnnngg396 karma

I want to live in your butt

AellaGirl538 karma

How did you know

HyperactiveGray388 karma

Do you miss anything about your old lifestyle?

AellaGirl907 karma

The sense of community. If you are a part of the church, it's like an extended family, and you instantly have a huge group of people willing to help you move or watch your dog. It's weird to not have that anymore.

BmoreLax378 karma

Does the Cammansion currently need a butler? How can a guy land a job there? I've never heard of a Cammansion before, it honestly sounds fascinating.

AellaGirl433 karma

We do have a butler's closet. You could live in this closet. ;) Actually you can win a spot in the afterparty in January, if you can get one of the girls to bring you (usually through a raffle or high tip).

coaxfun367 karma

Paid her to lick her elbow. She did. It was totally worth it!

AellaGirl307 karma

YAY. I love you.

HornyGenius352 karma

I see you're an INTP. I'm an INTP also.

Can we masturbate together while discussing really cerebral stuff like analyzing the Internet as a sociocybernetic global brain? That would be hot.

AellaGirl414 karma

Have my babies.

Jiriya80340 karma

Does being a cam girl make it more or less difficult to have a sexual relationship in normal life? Also have you ever mimed sex for fun?

AellaGirl493 karma

Well I'm firmly poly and cannot deal with exclusive relationships, and camming is kind of a milder step than real life fuckery.

mehotab329 karma

https://twitter.com/Aella_Girl/status/341728560261779456/photo/1 says I should inform you if I fap to it. Letting you know now ;)

AellaGirl595 karma

Double points if you get cum in your eye.

andrecosta16c284 karma

At what point of your life did you realize that joining "masturbation" and "mimes" was a good idea?

AellaGirl855 karma

The point in my life I was drunk.

moonshinejester260 karma

What is the most uncomfortable thing someone has asked you to do on cam? Is there anything you just straight up said no to?

AellaGirl444 karma

I had one guy ask me to talk to him like he was my brother. I wasn't really that okay with it, and I called him 'bro' and kind of made gang signs to be more okay with it.

I had one guy want me to dress up as Melisandre, from Game of Thrones, and talk to him sexually. I did it. I love Game of Thrones. I knew all the details.

IGiveUpvote243 karma

My girlfriend has a dino-fetish too. All too often when we are getting freaky, she turns into a bipedal carnivore with short arms, and frankly, it does not turn me on. What should I do?

AellaGirl416 karma

Dump her, dude, life's too short to deal with that.

3MTA3-DJ210 karma

Would you ever consider acting in an independent/short film by a graduate of an accredited institution?

AellaGirl572 karma

Do you need dinosaurs?

guitarben188 karma

My friend fancies herself a "singing mime." And, frankly, I think she's nuttier than a snickers bar in a bag of actual nuts hitting someone in the testicles. So here's some questions that might better help me understand mimes.

  • Why do you mime?
  • Did you have to go to Mime school?
  • Do you sing while miming?

And as an aside... your make-up skills are pretty awesome. Also, you are very pretty.

AellaGirl183 karma

Wat. I don't even know how to process that. She's a brave soul, though.

Because nobody else does it. No, but I had to get drunk. Sometimes... under my breath. Don't tell anybody.

Thank you!

blucherie155 karma

I would watch one of your shows purely out of curiosity. bravo.

AellaGirl176 karma

Follow me on the tweets, I will let you know when this shit goes down.

jewfro667152 karma

What made you get into the whole camgirl environment?

AellaGirl309 karma

I had a boyfriend last year who suggested it, and I wasn't brave enough to try until after we broke up and I needed money.

credy145 karma

How do you end up in a Cam Mansion when most girls are just in their bedrooms? Is there some sort of application process or invite only deal going on?

AellaGirl157 karma

There's an application and approval process, and a fee.

zer0nix52 karma

what is the benefit of working in a cam mansion rather than going it alone?

AellaGirl106 karma

Guys get more than 2x boners over 2x girls. as a partial lesbian I can confirm this.

Terraplant143 karma

Favourite TF2 class?

AellaGirl318 karma

My favorite TF2 class is the engie, followed up by the pyro and then the sniper.

Re1nForce132 karma

What is your personal opinion on your viewers?

Do you often generalize them into a group of people that you find are "x"?

Do you take them for granted?

AellaGirl220 karma

I like them.

Who doesn't generalize people? I love generalizations, and yes, I do it all the time. Especially statistically speaking - men who frequent camsites tend to be significantly more introverted than the average population. So I kind of assume they are worse at talking to people.

Hatewrecked127 karma

So... have you ever put a shoe on your head?

AellaGirl168 karma

Yes, I have put a shoe on my head. Multiple shoes, in fact. And then I dance with them. I'm also answering this while reading it out loud, so it may come across as choppy.

I_Want_Upvotes121 karma

How much can a cam girl make a week?

AellaGirl211 karma

Can? I wouldn't be surprised if it were 8k. But those would be the uber-top girls, and I don't know how long it lasts.

Skeeders117 karma

Does the church community you were a part of know what you are doing now?

AellaGirl272 karma

Fuck no. At least not yet. Now I'm on reddit.

GeezManNo84 karma

Do you watch any sports?

What's your opinion on Snowden?

Soft or crunchy peanut butter?

Favorite video game?

AellaGirl158 karma

No, sports are butts.

I held signs in protest of the stupid NSA shit. I'm very enthusiastic about him being awesome.

TF2, probably, though that's a hard one.

HipsterPokemon81 karma


AellaGirl210 karma

Are you sure you want to see my porn videos?

dancing_raptor_jesus80 karma

What's on your ipod? Annnddd what's your favorite scifi show? I will accept the answer mimed.

AellaGirl226 karma

I'm currently working through Next Gen, but my favorite would have to be Firefly. Of course. I can practically quote the entire show. My laptop is named Jubal.

TSammich73 karma

Are you the type of girl who would deepthroat her husband 4 times a year during special occasions, or the kind of girl who can't wait until the next time she can have the back of her throat bruised by a cock?

AellaGirl421 karma

I am the type of girl who would take your hard, throbbing cock, and shove it deep inside of my throat, gently massaging it with my yearning tongue, before my inner dinosaur emerges and becomes one with your genitalia.

capybroa71 karma

How many hours a day do you spend camming, on average? What percentage of the take through MFC and Chaturbate do you get to keep for yourself?

AellaGirl119 karma

I get 50% through both sites - though they do pay out additional prizes for the girls who are the most awesome. I don't spend that much time camming, maybe 20 hours a week max.

MyNameIsJason1664 karma

Do you enjoy your job? Why do you enjoy it?

AellaGirl198 karma

Because who else gets paid to mime naked?

sinner863 karma

What kind of cookies are you eating?

AellaGirl88 karma

Chocolate chip cookies of wonder.

TheRedBaron1150 karma

How does it affect you mentally to know that people fap to you, like, all the time?

AellaGirl139 karma

It doesn't, really? It's flattering, I suppose - but then people fap to anything with boobs. It makes me happy that I can help them out.

PanniculusHam40 karma

What flavor of Christian were you?

AellaGirl134 karma

The shitty kind.

brodro36 karma


AellaGirl119 karma

Yes. I pet them every night.

infantinemovie513 karma

are you the one i just saw the gif of on the front page?

AellaGirl16 karma


The_Modern_Pict9 karma

What made you decide to do this? Money? Attention?

Also, favorite color?

Very perfect tits, by the way

AellaGirl16 karma

My job prior was intense hours at a soul-sucking factory, and I didn't want to work a minimum wage job again. This allows me to be so much more creative.

Aella_Question7 karma

I made an account just for this. What are your thoughts on me trying this webcam thing out myself but for the girls ;).

P.S. I am a guy.

AellaGirl16 karma

It can work if you're cute and go on a lot, but don't expect to make nearly as much money as if you had a vag.

youarejustanasshole4 karma

Obligatory "Move over Jennifer Lawrence"

AellaGirl13 karma

I want her vagina.

KingOfSockPuppets4 karma

What do you plan to do once you retire from camming? Or at least I assume camgirls eventually retire

AellaGirl7 karma

I want to fly planes or do data analysis.

HipsterPokemon3 karma

You're amazing,

How many tokens to show your pussy with legs spread and you laying back or laying at an angle ?

AellaGirl5 karma

Too many.

jhordyk2 karma

Are you part of the skeptical community? Have you been to a skeptics in the pub? Were you the homeschooled type of fundamentalist? (IMO the shittiest type) Do you listen/read Dan Savage?

AellaGirl2 karma

Yes I have been, and yes I was homeschooled, and yes to everything.

football21062 karma

Is your MFC username the same as your Chaturbate?

AellaGirl3 karma

Yes, it is