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What do most people buy? Have they not heard of free porn on the internet?

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How do you end up in a Cam Mansion when most girls are just in their bedrooms? Is there some sort of application process or invite only deal going on?

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من اين انت؟ شو بلادك؟

Would you say that the majority of funding you receive to procure arms comes from private donations or direct government contributions? Could you give a rough regional breakdown of your donors and your fighters?

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I'm a big fan of your interview/interrogation techniques. When prepping for an interview, what sort of information do you look for to with hold until the end, and what sort of ques do you look for during the interview to reveal what you actually know about the subject? Is the timing more dependent on the subject themselves or production requirements?

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Why were you chosen to attend such an elite military academy at such a young age? Did you have any major accomplishments under your belt? What was the background of your classmates at the academy? What became of them after the soviet union fell? What became of you?