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Please provide some sort of proof that you actually are who you claim to be. Simply linking to the website is not enough, because anyone could link to it.

Edit: OP has not provided proof after an hour; this post has been removed until sufficient proof is submitted.

Edit 2: Proof has been provided here and here; the post is now reapproved.

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okay. what is the best way to do this. You want my ssn? jk Umm my name is Jesse Mark Stanley, my brothers are Josh, Joel, Jon, Jordan, Jared, and J Austin. Im not sure how to do this. Direct message me on twitter maybe? Americaweedjess

StanleyBrothers3 karma

Pretty sure proof was provided in several ways

StanleyBrothers2 karma

Thank you

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Does it bother you that many of those who are supporters of legalizing marijuana are casual tokers such as myself, and not necessarily people who want to benefit legally from its health advantages?

StanleyBrothers49 karma

not at all. I believe this plant is given to us for a variety of reasons. I think Sanjay Gupta's "Weed" documentary shows a couple of the most legitimate reasons. We see, on a daily basis, just how important this plant can be to some patients, still we don't judge the recreational.

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How far do you think we are from legalizing the use of marijuana, especially the CBD plants in the majority of states in the USA, opposed to just a few? Any way it will be legal on the federal level?

Thanks for doing this and doing what you do!

StanleyBrothers19 karma

in the states we are on the brink of being over 50% in the next few years. Federally in the next 5 to 10 years. Sort of broad but who knows what the future administrations will do

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Thanks for what you do man. It's people like you that helped me get through my post traumatic stress disorder.

StanleyBrothers12 karma

Thanks for your willingness to share brother.

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May I ask what strains you started with when creating your high CBD strain, Charlotte's Web? About how many generations did you have to breed before reach that product? Are you still working on that project, breeding up the CBD?

StanleyBrothers13 karma

Absolutely we are still breeding. It took us about two years to get positive results. We started with a high cbd harlequin and sour tsunami I believe. It has since been changed with other low thc strains. Good question

brandoncordell3 karma

Did you focus on any other specific traits when you were backcrossing, or just high CBD/low THC?

StanleyBrothers6 karma

preferably high yielders

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Wait, so is Charlotte's web an Indica? A sativa is a high thc strain?

StanleyBrothers3 karma

Charlottes Web is a hybrid

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If you are brother number 1, 2 or 3 from this image, how you doin'?

StanleyBrothers12 karma

brother number 6. sorry

bopbot11 karma

Ridiculously photogenic family.

I'll buy you all a drink.

StanleyBrothers3 karma

I like scotch

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I'd like to start by congratulating you on your success in the field.

I only just saw the WEED documentary last night but me and a few friends have been planning something similar in another country where medical marijuana is regulated at the state level only.

TLDR; 1. Did you guys ever have any problems with lower level lobbyists trying to fight directly with you? If so; how did you handle it?

  1. How should we go about growing high CBD medicine? Would we have to breed our own or are there any particular strains available on the market which are suitable or could be used as a starting point?

Thanks by the way, the work you guys have done will surely make it easier for us to convince the state to give us our growers license :)

StanleyBrothers14 karma

Awesome. The more people helping the better. Great questions. So 1. Yes we have had our problems with anti interest groups and pro pot groups but we just separated ourselves from opposition. "Do not go where the path may lead; go instead where there is no path and leave a trail." Emerson This is cliche but you will do great things with your group. Light always shines through.

  1. Great CBD strains out there. CW will be available at some point. Harlequin, ACDC, Sour Tsunami.

[email protected] for question man. Good luck and thanks for the good work.

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What is your favorite part of being in the medical marijuana business?

StanleyBrothers30 karma

Changing the world. Seriously. We are changing the way people think. I love it. I want to leave this world with my footprint on it.

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Thanks for your part in the documentary. What impact do you believe Eric Holder's reforms will have on the medical marijuana community?

StanleyBrothers28 karma

not as much as Sanjay Guptas press. Also the people are starting to speak. Kind of like LES Miserables. Do you hear the people sing? Lets keep our voices up

Davidisontherun6 karma

Any chance we'll see Sanjay Gupta and Eric Holder in a production of LES Miserables?

StanleyBrothers3 karma

Depends on who is play Valjean.

SIRmackenzie6 karma

How much weed do you smoke per day?? What is your favorite method of ingestion (spliffs, joints, brownies, pipes, bongs, cannabutter, oil, etc.) ??

StanleyBrothers9 karma

I actually do not smoke much. In fact I smoke less than most. I prefer honey oil though. It is very clean and my buddy frank makes it. He is the Wax Wizard

urethral_lobotomy6 karma

No questions, just thankyou for all the work your doing to help people like charlotte.

StanleyBrothers4 karma


Silversun55 karma

Do you feel that Dr. Gupta was sincere about this reevaluation of cannabis? Or was he just swaying his opinion to match public opinion?

It seemed ridiculous to me that he took the information from the DEA as fact instead of an opinion or having an agenda when he first was against cannabis.

StanleyBrothers8 karma

I do. He is incredibly genuine and a complete professional. Top 5 best people I have ever met.

Silversun5, most people take DEA bullcrap as fact

phlyfree5 karma

Do you smoke your pot as well? Or just grow?

StanleyBrothers4 karma

I do a little of both. ;)

hewasneverhere5 karma

I am a big supporter of MMJ, and congratulate you and your brothers on your work. My question, since they have compounds like Marinol (synthetic THC if I'm not mistaken), which according to patients is worthless, but still used (prescribed), do you think there will be a big push towards a synthetic CBD compound?

StanleyBrothers7 karma

Great question. The FDA approves only single compound medications, so it seems logical that either a synthetic, or completely isolated cannabidiol will be coming down the pike. The largest potential problem with single compound is this. Our bodies have evolved with these plants, and it only stands to reason that it evolved with the whole plant, not just a single compound. More research is needed, but there is solid evidence that cannabinoids will work best when matched with the plant's terpenes, flavenoids, and other cannabinoids. There was a study in 1980 in Israel in which cannabidiol alone was not effective in stopping seizures, but with a small amount of THC, there was success.

StanleyBrothers1 karma

probably but it will end up like marinol, sold on the streets for the real thing

sunsource5 karma

You mean Ganja Gupta?

StanleyBrothers5 karma

Gotta love Colbert

NolanTheIrishman4 karma

What do you think of the research being done which shows the potential negative neurological effects of marijuana on teens? I don't have the sources, but they are finding links with manic-depression and increased schizophrenic activity among those who started smoking at an early age.

If the claims are proven, what could be done to reduce under-18 year olds from smoking cannabis after it is legalized?

StanleyBrothers8 karma

Great question Irishman, I have not seen these studies but I don't think that kids should be smoking. None of our pediatric patients smoke cannabis. It is administered in their food or in pill form. Legalizing it would get rid of the black market over time which is responsible for most underage possession. Unfortunately teenagers will abuse the plant in some form forever because that is what teenagers do. Alcohol is legal and more teenagers drink than smoke. Education is very important

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How much information about marijuana that is drifting around the internet is bullshit? What are some common myths, used by either pro- or anti-marijuana folks do you hear a lot?

Also, you are a hero. I'm glad there are people like you in the world who can stand up for what they know is good despite the laws that obstruct them.

StanleyBrothers8 karma

Thank you for the compliment.

There is a lot of bad info out there. This is a direct attribute, firstly, of prohibition; and, secondly, of stupid people. Prohibition has warded modern medicine and science away from good research.-----

Favorite myth-"Marijuana is a gateway drug". This is almost a moot point by now, thank God! If caffeine were schedule 1, dime bags of coffee beans would be your new gateway.-----

Then there are lots of silly things from pro mmj activists too. No this doesn't cure everything. Still, I think humanity has yet to see some amazing things coming from a plant that is one of the only external sources for something our bodies make, Cannabinoids.

Delbunk4 karma

Do you hire security guards to protect your product? Are they armed? What defensive measures do you have in place?

StanleyBrothers15 karma

Do you have a plan to rob us? jk. yes we do. They are not armed but the local po po is on our heavily alarmed property in less than 5

Delbunk10 karma

Has anyone ever tried to get in or set off your alarms, or is it quiet and uneventful?

Just curious about this since you have such a valuable crop. There must be large incentive for dumb kids/adults to steal from you.

StanleyBrothers11 karma

not really. They wouldnt get high from CBD. The sirens and bells are loud. Not too mention we have a wolf. ;)

nummnutz4 karma

As someone recently diagnosed with thyroid cancer, I've opted to monitor rather than cut. I'm interested in finding more info about CBD, yet it seems nearly impossible to weed through all the information regarding concentrates. Where can I go? What (legit) resources are out there for this information? I need my CBD.

StanleyBrothers9 karma

If you are in CO, please contact realmofcaring.com This is our foundation for severe conditions needing concentrate treatment. If you are anywhere else, still shoot us an email and we will try to connect you with a good source within our network.

StanleyBrothers3 karma


Jedi_Joe4 karma

On the note of growing. There has been great yields using root hormone stimulants before the flowering cycle. Have you guys ever tried this out?

Do you then having hydroponically grown plants empirically increase the potency assuming the same strains?

Have you ever heard of aquaponics? Could this be applied to medicinal plants?

Being that cleanliness is super important in the medicinal scene, what do you guys do to control infestation/ contamination?

Lastly thank you ever soo much for your willingness to speak openly about this. It is people like you that need to educate the general public on the herb.

StanleyBrothers6 karma

Thank you for the kind words. We use natural rooting hormones (willow/aspen = salicylic acid) only when cloning. I have heard of this technique though.
We have seen the best potency and health with organics. Aquaponics is incredible. If time allows, I would love to have a tilapia farm underneath our beautiful plants in at least one section. Great, green, sustainable way to do it. Conditions are everything. We are Environment freaks and therefore don't deal with most contaminants. Also, big fans of natural predators for bugs. Our greenhouses are full of spiders, ladybugs, and beneficials.

WXGirl833 karma

My mother has had debilitating migraines... more than five a week, for the past 30 years. She's tried everything from pills to shots to having her brain operated on. She can't do anything outside because of the sunlight triggering another headache. She can't work in an office because fluorescent lights also trigger migraines. Her quality of life is so low it's practically zero. I have very few memories from childhood of her ever leaving her dark bedroom.

Anyways, have you had any success with medical marijuana and migraines? She lives in Columbus, Ohio... so we haven't exactly looked into it yet for legal reasons.

StanleyBrothers4 karma

CBD works wonders for migraines. Probably the second best results we have seen. Look into it for sure. We hope to see you in Ohio as soon as the rules allow us too

KustyTheKlown2 karma

i suffer from massive migraines, tho less frequently than WXGirl83's mother, tho possibly more intense. I lose sensation in the left side of my body, I lose the ability to speak for a while, I vomit 5-10 times over 8 hours or so, and I obviously get the massive pulsing localized headache.

When I was young, like 10 years old, and was just diagnosed, my dad was speaking with a family friend and they asked me to leave the room. I suspect they were discussing marijuan's efficacy with migraines.

I'm a daily smoker just because I love to smoke. However, I haven't ever found marijuana to help me with my migraines. Maybe a little bit with the lingering pain in the "come down", but it has absolutely never stopped an oncoming headache in its tracks. Everyone is different obviously, but in my experience, marijuana is not a migraine treatment.

I have heard and read some itneresting things about psilocybin and LSD in the treatment of migraine and cluster headaches, tho.

StanleyBrothers2 karma

High CBD cannabis is rare. Are you sure you have tried CBD? THC has not been effective like CBD in our patients for migraines. With you on the possibilities of Psilocybin. There seems to be a real connection there scientifically, depending on the role of serotonin in a person's migraines. Excited to see a good study on this.

Hope you find safe relief!

throwaway509559323 karma


StanleyBrothers5 karma

I have indeed. They are great collaborators and offer us much advice. We hope to work side by side in the future

throwaway509559322 karma


StanleyBrothers2 karma

Janet is a sweetheart

StanleyBrothers2 karma

We are working on distribution.

monroeface3 karma

When do you see cannabis becoming legalised/decriminalised nationwide? Do you feel the documentary will be a catalyst?

StanleyBrothers8 karma

great question. Absolutely I see that in our future. Not for awhile though. You will see states do it rapidly though. Sanjay Gupta did an amazing job of stirring the pot for sure. Pun intended

enferex3 karma

Do you all do the cannabinoid analysis on site, or is it conducted by a third-party?

StanleyBrothers3 karma

Both. Third party is not required yet, but this keeps us knowing exactly what we have in our concentrates to create final batches with. For pediatric patients especially, it is extremely important to know exactly how many milligrams of which cannabinoids are in the medicine.

enferex3 karma

Thanks for all of your hard and rewarding research.

StanleyBrothers3 karma

Thank you for noticing it. It really is a pleasure though. We're very lucky to get to help people and have a little impact for positive change.

Peptatum3 karma

I'm a plant soil and insect grad. Gimme a job dammit!

StanleyBrothers6 karma

Well gimme a resume dammit!

radio-fish3 karma

Hi Mr. Stanley, my great uncle is a retired prominent Medical Marijuana Doctor in Oregon. I read the "Charlotte's Web" story. Brilliant. Keep up the good work.

StanleyBrothers2 karma

I would love to meet your uncle. Twitter me AmericaWeedJess

stillcole3 karma

Who or what do you think is the main obstacle to legalization at this point? My own guess is that it is major companies that have a financial interest in things staying the way that they are, who are pouring millions into lobbying.

StanleyBrothers6 karma

I think you've got it right. Major sectors of economy stand to lose from legalization. Pharma, Prisons, Drug/Alcohol abuse centers, Defense Attorneys, Courts, Law Enforcement Budgets, and the list goes on and on. The only other obstacle beyond money is PRIDE. Humanity's inability to say what Dr. Gupta recently did, "I WAS WRONG". Many politicians have championed the drug war for so long, they don't have the integrity to say these three words for fear of losing face. Despite all that is against it, this little plant is WINNING!

StanleyBrothers3 karma

Big Pharma, Dupont, Timber industries, and uneducated people

AeirsOne3 karma

Hi, I am also a medical marijuana pioneer, from Seattle l. How can I get the Charlottes web strain? Please help.

StanleyBrothers4 karma

We are hoping to come to Washington. Email us. [email protected]

BeyondAddiction3 karma

What do you feel is the greatest obstacle you face in your business?

StanleyBrothers16 karma

Big Pharma, Feds, and uneducated people.

BigUptokes6 karma

How do you feel about big, uneducated feds?

StanleyBrothers9 karma

I feel sorry for them.

Wildweed3 karma

Why do the feds not hassle you for having over 99 plants? I don't want to risk my property.

In Washington were only allowed 45 plants even with a 10 person collective. I worry about property seizures.

StanleyBrothers4 karma

It is in Colorado's constitution that we can have 6 plants per patient. we have a lot of patients. If you help people with a lot of things they will hopefully stay away

RedwoodEnt3 karma

I watched the special last night and fought back tears watching charlotte. I know the feeling as I have been in your same position of helping people in dire need with cannabis. Our main CBD strain here in humboldt is harlequin. I have been working on a strain that also has high CBD and thc content, and another strain that focuses on THCV which is an appetite suppressant (for those who don't want to eat everything in their kitchen.)

Do you worry about some sort of backlash from this special? In the past, people who go on these specials and national news seem to have a bad time afterwards.

Also, if someone in my position were wanting to move to colorado, how difficult would it be to find a cultivation position, especially with years of experience?

StanleyBrothers4 karma

Good to hear from people who care to take cannabis further than merely getting stoned. Keep up the good work out there. Very interested in what THC-V may hold for certain conditions. You obviously care about helping people. Ca's mmj crowd needs that, and CA needs to come a little further in legislation. I'd say the movement needs good people doing good work and less of the big money under the table/over state lines stuff. Keep it up out there. Should you come to CO though, reach out.

StanleyBrothers2 karma

also thank you for your hard work

gjvoicegj3 karma

Which brother are you!

StanleyBrothers3 karma

Jesse. The bearded one. although I dont have a beard. Follow me on twitter. Americaweddjess

sofkt2 karma

What can you tell me about strains that are bred for nerve pain? I have Type 1 Neurofibromatosis and have a great deal of pain from the tumors on the nerve roots in my lower back.

Thank you for all the hard work and the great deal of risk you take just to increase the quality of life for people who are suffering.

StanleyBrothers3 karma

There are two ways to go at finding what will help. There are strains, then there are specific cannabinoid ratios through mixed, tested concentrates. Unfortunately, modern science doesn't have enough to tell us about the endocannabinoid system yet. So, You're your best doctor. If you have access to tested cannabis, try strains and combos gently and you will begin to see which cannabinoids are helping

PremiumR2 karma

What do you imagine the future of marijuana industry will be like in 10- 20 years?

StanleyBrothers3 karma

I have a pretty good imagination. I imagine Marijuana to be legal and hemp to be the number one crop in America.

Javistavi2 karma

Do you think cannabis should be strictly for medicinal purposes or legalized for recreational use?

StanleyBrothers9 karma


StanleyBrothers9 karma

but with regulations.

amphoteres2 karma

Haha. 420 comments. Oooops.... 421 now :-(

StanleyBrothers4 karma

Noticed it too. someone had to break it

DrinkCocaine2 karma

what are your thoughts about how to make sure that giant corporations like rj reynolds/ Monsanto doesn't just take over the cannabis biz?

StanleyBrothers2 karma

I am sure big corporations will make a push for it, but hopefully people will remember that they are the source of the problem in a lot of ways. We have a choice of who we buy from.

NoNickNameJosh2 karma

Are the genetics for Charlotte's Web exclusive to your guys only and your caregivers or is it able to be obtained in any dispensary in the area?

Whats the highest rated CBD strain you guys have grown?

Lastly, How did you just come into a greenhouse? Family heirloom?

StanleyBrothers2 karma

Lol. Charlottes Web is not for purchase yet. It will be soon. The highest CBD we have seen in above 50 to 1. We built everything we have from the sweat of our backs and teamwork. Greenhouses included

Davidisontherun2 karma

Your thoughts on legalizing all drugs?

StanleyBrothers2 karma

This is a tough question. I am a libertarian so I think all drugs should be legal. I dont think they are all good, but I also dont think the government has any right to tell people what they can and cant have.

StanleyBrothers2 karma

Joel here. Some drugs are worthless, life destroying, and it is insane behavior to seek them out when we know how bad they can be. However, I think it is more insane for humanity to think that we should tell adults what they may or may not do with their bodies. I'm a big fan of age limits though. I have kids, and If I catch someone selling psychoactives to them, I'll go midevil. Strict penalties for distribution of this sort. When my kids are older, I hope they will listen to me. Ultimately, I believe in individual responsibility when the issue in question is about individuals rather than distribution.

Mastah_Blasta2 karma

How long before my home state of Massachusetts gets full legalization? Huge fan of your work thanks!

StanleyBrothers3 karma

soon. top of our list

Leopardbluff2 karma

Hello My Name Is Inigo Montoya. AMA.

StanleyBrothers5 karma

who killed your father?

StanleyBrothers2 karma

You don't by chance happen to have 6 fingers on your right hand?

slappytheclown2 karma


StanleyBrothers5 karma

Sorry, this is our first reddit experience. I think Jesse did prove it through twitter earlier in the post though

FizbandEntilus2 karma

First of all let me thank you for the fantastic work you have been doing with educating people on Cannabis but also on creating specific strains to help alleviate specific conditions. My family has a long history of MS, Crohn's, alheizmers, arthraitis, Cancer and IBS, and while I don't particularly suffer from anything right now, knowing that in the future there will stains developed to help those specific conditions is huge. How do you feel about big marijuana, AKA Monsanto? Do you think this will have a positive influence on regulation and the getting legalization moving?

StanleyBrothers9 karma

I hate Monsanto. I am not for BIG anything. I want this to be controlled by many folks

smokeydesperado2 karma

How did Sanjay Gupta approach you to do this? And what was the processes?

StanleyBrothers7 karma

Contacted us through a friend and then they came out and did interviews and followed us for a couple weeks. Lots of material ended up on the cutting floor but they did a great job. Sanjay is a complete professional. As is his team

ehrgeizium2 karma

Why can't we have an open, honest discussion about both the pros and cons of marijuana use? I'll explain:

When scientific research finds benefits of marijuana use, drug advocates accept these findings without any skepticism. They use these findings as "solid proof" marijuana needs to be legalized, even if these findings are on a small scale, or preliminary, or haven't been repeated elsewhere.

When scientific research finds risks of benefits use, drug advocates say the researchers are biased, the findings are wrong, and assume every aspect of the research is incorrect. They are highly skeptical of the conclusions regardless of a large sample size or how frequently the results have been reproduced.

In short, science is right when it supports getting high and wrong when it does not according to drug advocates.

It seems unfair to pretend that marijuana is a perfect substance that can do absolutely no harm and is purely beneficial, because there is no evidence to support that claim. I think this lopsided viewpoint is hindering legalization because drug advocates are lying to the public about what weed can actually do.

For example, marijuana can be terrible for people who suffer from mental illness, and they are currently group most likely to self-medicate with marijuana. Drug advocates say marijuana is a cure-all for mental illness however, despite having no firm medical proof to back that up. Isn't that doing more harm than good?

As you are somebody who supports medical marijuana, wouldn't educating and informing the public about all aspects of marijuana, both good and bad, be a positive thing? That way people could make an informed decision about using it. Shouldn't we stop pretending the risks don't exist?

I'd love to get your input on this matter.

StanleyBrothers10 karma

I think you have very good points here. There are dogmatic and biased responses to research from both sides of the isle though. There are those who believe that marijuana is as safe as water and you can't tell them other wise; and there are those who genuinely believe that it is an evil plant. Can there be adverse effects from marijuana? Of course. Not everyone finds benefit for their condition, whether they are searching for medicinal or recreational purposes. Still, there is no comparison between the dangers of this plant and most other drugs, including alcohol. Even caffeine has annual overdose death statistics. I think this has been one of Dr. Gupta's main points lately. We provide cannabis for many people who wouldn't be alive without it. Many who would not have slept or eaten through chemotherapy. Many more who no longer have grand mal seizures every hour. We push for credible research, no matter what the findings. The world needs to know!

StanleyBrothers3 karma

coming back to you soon

randomrandomtandom1 karma

First of all thank you for all you do! Second, do you think the documentary gave medicinal marijuana enough credit?

StanleyBrothers2 karma

We're honored to do it.

I think that the documentary gave more credit than any such legitimate source as Dr. Gupta can right now. There is much to learn, and I expect that Sanjay will find the truth in more aspects as time goes on.

As an industry worker who is passionate about what we do, I always wish for more. Not this time though. It was honest, objective, and gave multiple sides. Most importantly, Charlotte's story was held in tact with all the impact it deserves. Very thankful for that. It's nerve racking to put a precious family like that out there for speculation.

reefer_madnesss1 karma

Thank you for the incredible service that you provide to many Americans.

what can be done currently to further the scientific research of cannabis at this time?

are there currently jobs available for science oriented people to help this cause?

my mother would also like to ask how many people are currently using that strain mentioned in the documentary (charlotte's web) to help treat their seizures

Thanks again for your time

StanleyBrothers2 karma

I think Dr. Gupta just did a lot to push credible research. There is excellent research being done in Israel, Spain, Germany, and soon here I think.

Yes, I do believe that bio-chemists and M.D.'s will be brought into good research as the future unfolds. We, and others in the industry, are bringing science, lab testing, and observational research to the front.

There are more than 40 pediatrics on CW, with more on the waiting list. While many are growing CBD for profit because of stories like Charlotte's, we are producing as much as legally possible and providing it to life/death situations first, though our Realm program. realmofcaringfoundation.org

Thank you for the kind remarks. We are blessed to help people for a living

esantipapa1 karma

If you're still here...

Do you guys plan on opening up a greenhouse out in VA? (when it's legal, because it IS coming to VA)

StanleyBrothers2 karma

if it becomes legal. Yes we will be there eventually. Follow all laws and protocols.

AGoodMan3241 karma

Top five favorite movies?

StanleyBrothers2 karma

Braveheart Amelie Tree of Life Legends of the Fall The Fall

henkhannes1 karma

do you only produce weed for your state, or also for the netherlands?

StanleyBrothers4 karma

CO is the place right now, though we will be branching as we can legally. Would love to go to the netherlands

norahm1 karma

What's your favorite strain and why?

StanleyBrothers3 karma

Charlottes Web, because of the obvious. My personal smoke is Northern Lights x Haze. It has a ratio of about 10% CBD and 1% THC. Great mellow high with incredible medical benefits

YouSoberBro1 karma

I just want to thank you for your beautiful work. The Charlotte Figi's story helped many members of my family understand marijuana is very useful.

StanleyBrothers2 karma

thank you

ExcessiveIrritation1 karma

Any chance of getting Charlotte's Web to the West Coast? I would Love to get the full potential of CBD's. I swear everytime I ask about high CBD meds people give me the same type of response that Charlotte's family got when they were trying to get more of the R4....people just tell me that it won't get me high. 85% of the time I don't care about that I want to feel normal. Thanks for everything you guys are doing.

StanleyBrothers2 karma

Stay in touch with the Realm. realmofcaringfoundation.org You will see CW out there soon enough

Jedi_Joe1 karma

I've personally found that plants very high in thc do not always alleviate my sciatica, but ones primarily indica dominate do. Have you any thoughts on this?

StanleyBrothers2 karma

Each person is so unique in their endocannabinoid system, and, unfortunately, there is a lot more to understand about this as it is still an infant discovery (1994). The best advice is that you are the doctor here. You know your body. Test strains gently and you will find a few that will work the best.

DeathHaze4201 karma

What strain are you guys most proud of?

StanleyBrothers2 karma

Charlottes Web and 3D

Itsjustmedsman2 karma

Is the 3D based off subcools strain third dimension? We used to run a cut for a few patients that had spasticity issues (muscle or leg spasms, RLS), and this worked amazingly well. Lost it though.

StanleyBrothers3 karma

different one. ours is a 12 to 1 ratio favoring in cbd. Love to hear about the work. Come to colorado for the best strains. ;) (biased)

bopbot1 karma

Hey, Stanley Brother! I'm super excited about the Charlotte's Web strain you developed. Have you bred any other strains to treat specific illnesses? What other illnesses might you focus on in the future?

StanleyBrothers3 karma

We are working a strain/CBD ratios for Austism, Alzheimers, MS, all types of cancer, Bipolar disorders, sleep deprivation, and many others

BeebyGun1 karma

What primarily got you into the industry? Was it an interest in medicine, horticulture, or cannabis culture itself? It's a very interesting blend of disciplines.

StanleyBrothers2 karma

My uncle had cancer and we read about Phoenix Tears which supposedly cured cancer. We bought our first pound for 4400 dollars and then decided to start growing it ourselves for many patients

AlexHernandez1 karma

I am God. AMA


StanleyBrothers2 karma

why do people hate cannabis

Cycoboy1 karma

First question. How does one go about buying your weed?.

Second question. Do you guys plan on expanding your production of Charlottes Web, to make it more readily available, and how will you do it?

StanleyBrothers3 karma

Buy our weed at Indispensary if you are a colorado resident. If not come January 1st 2014.

We are currently expanded into other states asap

mikeymora211 karma

Have you ever had any issues with break ins or attempted robberies at your hidden location in Colorado?

StanleyBrothers3 karma

We have had a robbery at one of our stores. the details are in American Weed for Nat Geo, episode 2. Our grow is very well protected and alarmed. We have a good relationship with our local law enforcement. When an alarm goes off, they are there guns drawn in minutes. 24 hour security is a must when you are growing a medicine that some thugs think is gold.

StanleyBrothers2 karma

nope. It is hidden like the mines of Moria

Row_Low1 karma

what are your thoughts or responses to those who say Weed makes people lazy and that it takes away their motivation to do anything?

StanleyBrothers2 karma

I would say that for some individuals this might be true. Had plenty of friends who needed to put the bong down and stop playing video games all damn day. Still, this only hurts themselves, provided they work somewhere. Or maybe it doesn't hurt them. I've never known a lazy pothead to steal for weed.

It's so vast how cannabis effects one person to another. I have also known many who are more functional when they use the plant. Some of these are "prominent members of society".

Perhaps it's just that some people are lazy???

I personally haven't used in 12 years. Not because I was too lazy when I did, but because I would analyze everything to a point of dis-ease. Some are like me, some are lazy, some are functional, and some need to finally sleep or eat something because Chemotherapy is killing them.