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Pluto Energetic Particle Spectrometer Science Investigation (PEPSSI)

Solar Wind Around Pluto (SWAP)

For the curious, like me.

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Why are the podcasts so short? I need an infinite monkey cage, not a finite monkey cage!

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Jesus christ Ari, read the effing books, like all you tv only fans. ITS FUCKING JON SNOW GOOD SER. He is a bastard and not a Stark The book beats this into your head as his character is very conflicted about his identity.

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It also isn't that bad. Chances are a half dozen skunks have been near you at one time or another aand you would never know. They don't go around spraying that stuff all Willy nilly. Its a defense mechanism.

Basically don't piss it off and it won't piss on you.

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What about the disease makes all patients of it look the same?