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I'm an atheist who is in love with a cafeteria catholic... He wants to get married in the church (his family is very devout, but he's more relaxed) but I hear this can be problematic given my lack of... well... being catholic.

What steps will I have to take to marry a catholic?

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Thank you so much! This is extremely helpful. I was worried I would have to do things religiously that I wasn't comfortable with. This makes me feel much better. Thanks again!

Side question, I was baptized in a christian baptist church (before I left)... does that make a difference? Also, do they allow outdoor weddings, or is that a big no-no?

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Just talked to him, apparently it's important to him to have a mass at the wedding... I'm sure that makes it much harder :(

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This. So much this. I need more inspiration to get my booty back on the treadmill and a new circular album would get me off my butt.

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My mother has had debilitating migraines... more than five a week, for the past 30 years. She's tried everything from pills to shots to having her brain operated on. She can't do anything outside because of the sunlight triggering another headache. She can't work in an office because fluorescent lights also trigger migraines. Her quality of life is so low it's practically zero. I have very few memories from childhood of her ever leaving her dark bedroom.

Anyways, have you had any success with medical marijuana and migraines? She lives in Columbus, Ohio... so we haven't exactly looked into it yet for legal reasons.