Hi reddit, Jim Rash here. You probably know me best from playing Dean Pelton on "Community" or hosting "The Writers' Room" on Sundance Channel or as the co-writer / co-director of "The Way, Way Back" or as one of the Oscar winning screenwriters of "The Descendants."

I'm here to take your questions about anything from "Community" to writing to anything in between - so AMA!

proof: https://twitter.com/RashisTVUgly/status/364525386555617280

edit - Thank you everyone for your questions about "Community" and writing. And cue selfish plug: catch "The Writers' Room" tonight at 10 PM ET/PT on Sundance Channel. Tonight's guest is "Parks & Rec" and next week, "Dexter". Thanks again.

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sneaky_banana1341 karma

How does it feel to have Jeff Winger inside of you?

HelloItsJimRash1687 karma

It's very complicated.

apistat1278 karma

When will you contact Doc Hammer about making a live action Venture Bros so you can play Rusty Venture?

HelloItsJimRash1485 karma

I get told this a LOT. It feels like if enough people put this out into the universe, it will happen.

LevarBananaBurton1136 karma

If they decide to make a Full House movie, can you and Nat Faxon write it, with Steve Carell as Danny, Sam Rockwell as Jesse, Nat as Joey, and yourself as all three daughters?

HelloItsJimRash1202 karma

Done, and done.

jmunneymalone1109 karma

I have been told by a fellow Community fan that I resemble you. Since there's already a Deanelganger (or DoppelDeaner), can I play the doppelganger of the Deanelganger? (The DoubleDoppelDeaner?)

HelloItsJimRash1414 karma

Absolutely. Simply so that we can say that phrase over and over again.

lobstahfi979 karma

I will never get tired of seeing you and Joel singing "Kiss from a rose" in that karaoke booth. Thank you for that. As for questions, what do you like to do for down time? (besides wearing outrageous costumes, that was clearly taken right from your daily life)

HelloItsJimRash888 karma

I'm glad you're not getting tired of it, because I wouldn't be surprised if Seal reaches out to Joel & I to do a re-master of it. My downtime is hiking. And if I'm not hiking, I'm always loving doing improv shows at the Groundlings.

empossible731 karma

I wanted to first say that the episode you wrote of Community last season was miles away the best of the season, and cannot wait for more The Writer's Room. Has Dan invited you into the writing fold for this season?

Also, I once misread a description of you as "oscar winning gym rash," which was… a unique visual.

HelloItsJimRash690 karma

First of all, thank you. It was a huge honor to get to be a part of "Community" on the writing side of things. No plans to do that this year, just excited that Dan is back and that Chris is back.

And I've long known that my name was an ill-conceived idea from the beginning. By the way, thanks for checking out "The Writers' Room."

glazomaniac520 karma

i just want to say that the dean is my favorite character on community in no small part because he's the first flamboyant, over-the-top, pansexual imp on television with any depth. i love that you bring humanity to such a character, and i love that he has created/is part of/been accepted by a place that takes his outward oddity in stride.

the show doesn't have a perfect record, but it certainly has the best record on television of treating a character like the dean not as the butt of the joke, but as real person. the fact that the show seems to go out of its way to do that has always impressed me. i made a similar comment to dan harmon when he did an AMA, but i thought you deserved to hear it, too.

as someone whose gender is somewhat fluid, whose sexuality doesn't fit into a box, and who yearns to be accepted, i just wanted to thank you.

HelloItsJimRash517 karma

Thank you for your comment. I'm glad that you let both Dan and I know. It's been an honor to play a character who is very confident in who he is, and who is safe in a world that accepts him for who he is.

Frajer480 karma

What was it like being on the last episode of Friends?

HelloItsJimRash736 karma

It was exciting, but it was a very interesting time to be there because it was a closing of their chapter. So it was a highly emotional week for them. I felt privileged to get on the show, but you couldn't help but feel for this moment in their lives that was coming to an end.

Aiscmas427 karma

Hey Jim! Massive fan of you in community, thanks so much for doing an AMA! Which one of the deans costumes did you like the most? And which episode has been your favorite to film?

HelloItsJimRash900 karma

My favorite costume is Lady Gaga, only because they literally made that from scratch. Very impressive. As far as favorite episode to film, I'd have to say it was both the paintball episodes. It's probably the closest I'll get to an action star right now.

dustmite333368 karma

Jim Rash! I’m a huge fan, and I’ve been waiting for today ever since I saw your Reddit announcement.

You’re an Academy-Award winning screenwriter, but you also often act in your own films and on television. When all's said and done, though, would you consider yourself more of a writer or an actor? Why?

Also, I know you’ve expressed a love for the Remedial Chaos Theory episode of "Community"…but what is your least favorite episode?

HelloItsJimRash394 karma

That's tough, I'd say that I from the very beginning I was an actor / writer. I began my training at the Groundlings Theater in Los Angeles, so in a way I was already performing and writing at the same time. I've always wanted these 2 things to converge. One of the reasons that I got involved with "The Writers' Room" was very much that I enjoy the conversation and the process of writing. I enjoy both equally.

I've enjoyed filming all the episodes.

assholetriceratops335 karma

Are you concerned that by the time Community has finished you will have developed a Dalmatian fetish? (if you haven't already.)

HelloItsJimRash617 karma

Too late! It's done. My whole bed is a pile of Dalmatian puppies.

kjkaber331 karma

What's your favorite Dean phrase? What's it like being bald?

HelloItsJimRash807 karma

I don't think you can ever go wrong with "dean-a-ling-a-ling." And as far as being bald: it's magical.

Alex12345678910249 karma

Hi Jim Rash loved your work on the Deanscendents and on Community. My question to you is what shall we expect from the Dean on the upcoming season of Community?

HelloItsJimRash377 karma

Well, with Dan back this year, we're quite (and in a glorious way) completely in the dark about what is to come. From what I understand from Dan, it's going to be a nice reset of all the characters, so I think it's going to be a very fun season.

spacepie8232 karma

What happened between Fenton and Fez? Come on now, give us details.

HelloItsJimRash341 karma

From my recollection, we fought intensely over a pair of pants that featured both of our behinds in such a way that we had to have them.

i_eversaw220 karma

Convince me in three words to see "The Way, Way Back"...again.

HelloItsJimRash748 karma

My. Handlebar. Mustache.

Traceofbass178 karma

What is your favorite Christmas movie and why is it Die Hard?

And a serious question: What was your favorite role you've ever worked in? Not necessarily just acting (Dean Pelton looks like a lot of fun to be), but I'm sure it must have been interesting to be a writer for "The Descendants" or hosing "The Writers Room".

Also, thank you for your work on Community. It never fails to bring a smile to my face.

HelloItsJimRash246 karma

Well, my favorite Christmas movie would probably be "A Christmas Story," but I wouldn't kick "Die Hard" out of bed.

For the serious question: that's tough. I'd have to say I think my absolute favorite role that I've ever worked in is as the co-writer / co-director of "The Way, Way Back" simply because it was a script we wrote 8 years ago, and it took forever to get this movie made. Which makes it all the more rewarding, because at the end of the day, it was our baby.

WeAreARedVineFamily173 karma

Jim, you've won an oscar for screenwriting, just co-written and co-directed an amazing film, acted in a critically acclaimed TV series, written an episode for the same show, and made me laugh once or twice.

What the heck are your other aspirations?

HelloItsJimRash333 karma

To invent a time machine. And create my own cologne.

SkeletalSides155 karma

Deanaling I just saw The Way Way Back which I really enjoyed but I remember reading somewhere that some of Duncan's experiences were things that had happened to you. So I was wondering what personal experiences of yours did you write in?

HelloItsJimRash319 karma

The very first scene of the movie, where Steve Carrell's character asks Liam James' character what he is on a scale from 1-10 and he ends up calling the kid a "3" - that actually happened to me when I was 14 years old.

rainbowfunfetti155 karma

Hey Jim! You're my absolute favorite on Community and I can't wait for next season. I was lucky enough to visit the set last year after making a donation to Ken's Mulligan charity (they were filming Abed's flashback episode where he connect's everyone's story), but you had already wrapped for the day :( I was the girl who was super excited to meet everyone. Is there any chance I can come back and see the dean machine on set some day? I'll donate to Chang's causes again! Or yours :)

HelloItsJimRash207 karma

Absolutely come back! In a perfect world, you would have waited for me to return, but I'll have to wait for you to come back.

uberlad150 karma


HelloItsJimRash306 karma

My best piece of life advice would be to always be proactive. As soon as someone tells you you can't do something the way you intended to do it, prove them wrong by finding another way. Each hurdle is just another challenge.

And thank you!

dylan89136 karma

No question, just wanted to thank you for your work on Community.

HelloItsJimRash149 karma

Thank you!

NinjaDiscoJesus126 karma

What is it like winning the academy award as a writer?

Does it open more doors etc?

HelloItsJimRash196 karma

It was an out-of-body experience just being at the Oscars. Winning an Academy Award for anything is an out-of-body experience. But it was an honor and a privilege to be a part of "The Descendants." I think getting movies made is difficult, regardless of accolades and how many movies you've done it is always going to be a challenge, but I would be lying if I said that it does not allow people to listen for at least one minute to what you have to say.

JPree104 karma


It's my birthday and I wanted to make sure I was here to catch you. You deserve all the love possible.

Can you wish me HBD like you were The Dean and I was Winger riding a dalma-corn (half unicorn and half dalmatian)?

HelloItsJimRash266 karma

Happy Birth-dean!

Winger, pull me up onto that and let's ride off into the sunset!

scrappyisachamp101 karma

Hey Jim, this past Easter you came to my family's beach house for an oyster roast. Just wanted to say thanks and that was a really cool thing to do!

HelloItsJimRash144 karma

Oh! I remember those oysters. Thank YOU, they were fantastic.

lakeone99 karma

Have you ever met, or even better, taken a picture with Moby? I need this in my life.

HelloItsJimRash151 karma

I've never met Moby, but I hope to one day so we can sort of commiserate possibly about being mistaken for each other.

Dorsid92 karma

Hey Jim! Huge fan, which actor on Community is most like their character? And why?

HelloItsJimRash143 karma

Tough one... I would say that I feel everyone is playing somewhat of a departure from themselves. I think there's a little bit of each of them in all of the characters, but I wouldn't say that any of them are exactly like who they play.

violue84 karma

Do you ever worry that J.P. Manoux will steal your identity?

HelloItsJimRash126 karma

No, but we probably will do our own personal body-switching episode in real life.

itsfrantastic73 karma

Hi Jim! I'm a really big fan. Basically from the line, "I hope this doesn't awaken anything in me," from Community, I decided to support you in all endeavors.

I've really enjoyed The Writers' Room so far, it's so interesting to watch. Two semi-related question:

  1. What is your writing style with someone like Nat Faxon when you have collaborated on movies?

  2. Do you get to pick all the shows for The Writers' Room?

HelloItsJimRash58 karma

  1. Nat and I both came from the Groundlings Theater, so our training is rooted in improv and character development. So as improvisers, our style of writing is collaborative. Sitting in the same room and working out story and dialogue, mostly together.

  2. No, I did not. Sundance Channel selected all the shows. But they were all shows I was a big fan of.

OrphanBlond61 karma

Writers' Room is rad! Did you get any new perspectives from any of the shows you talked to?

HelloItsJimRash68 karma

I've had limited experience working on a writing staff, so pretty much the whole process of a collective writing staff was very interesting to me. It was fascinating to find out how each show had a slightly different process on how they broke a story, resolved issues, and so I was genuinely (as a fan of all these shows) curious to find out why they made the decisions they made. So really, overall, it's been sort of a dream job for a fellow writer.

tiag059 karma

Hi Jim! I love your Dean Pelton. I truly hope you have a lot of fun playing him, at least that's the impression we get.

Where there any good or bad consecuences to the gag you made at the Oscars regarding Angelina's leg?

Keep up the good work!

HelloItsJimRash99 karma

No, because that was more me trying to find a way to celebrate that moment without words. So I stole that idea of owning that dress and made it about owning that moment. I can't imagine that anyone took me very seriously.

rhodrir56 karma

How do you feel about having Dan back?

And how do you feel about the evolution of the Dean going from side character to cast member

HelloItsJimRash117 karma

First, love having Dan back. He's the genius behind this show, and he single-handedly probably has given me one of my favorite jobs of my career thus far.

Well regardless of whether it was as a side character or a series member, the evolution of the Dean alone has been a blast. Whether it was being obsessed with Dalmatians or locomotives or making bad choices, I'm on board.

redflagbear53 karma

What is it about your relationship with Nat Faxon that makes you guys such good writing/directing partners?

ps. The scene in S3 of community where you see Jeff in aviators is one of my favorite things ever, thank you for "even his shadow!"

HelloItsJimRash59 karma

Nat and I are, at our core, opposites, so there are parts of us that feed each other. Sometimes that makes for the best relationships.

Thank you. I don't know how many times we did that, but eerily probably brought me as much joy as it did you.

NinjaKillBunny50 karma

Which group of writers was the most interesting for you to interview?

HelloItsJimRash111 karma

I think they were all interesting for different reasons. One of the great things about "The Writers' Room" is that each episode takes on a different tone based on both the show that we're talking about, but also the collective staff. That said, I had a lot of fun chatting with "Parks & Rec" peeps, mainly because I need to live 24/7 with Amy Poehler.

colvincc49 karma

Hey Jim, I absolutely loved the way, way back. What's your next project? More directing?

HelloItsJimRash104 karma

Right now, we're back to writing - Nat and I are writing an action-comedy for Kristen Wiig, as well as another movie for Fox Searchlight, but the immediate future is back to "Community" in 2 weeks.

DaddyPenguin48 karma


HelloItsJimRash73 karma

I don't know if there will be more Dalmatian references. The Dean is always evolving in what gets his full attention. He's already shifted away from locomotives at some point. I would be excited for us to find him a whole new passion to occupy his time.

liamquane47 karma

What was the greatest challenge about The descendants? what was it like directing for the first time?

HelloItsJimRash64 karma

The greatest challenge of "The Descendants" was an adaptation in general. This was our first time ever tackling a novel, so really it was a learn-by-doing experience. As far as directing, we were warned that it would be a stressful experience and the people who told us that were not lying. That said, it was a good, rewarding stress.

Zairex43 karma

Seeing as the dean has developed from being just incompetent to fabulously incompetent, do you think the dean's character has settled there or are you looking for some further development of his character?

HelloItsJimRash74 karma

What I love about the Dean is that he tries his best, because this is the place he loves. So while he runs into issues often for his choices, at his core he believes in what he does. And so I think that's a very admirable trait to have, so I'm very happy to be in that place.

sprite18540 karma

Love you on Community, congrats on all the accolades too. My question is what is your favourite animal?

HelloItsJimRash89 karma

An otter. Sea and river otters.

ChuckJose36 karma

Did you have an idea on how to portray the Dean from the start or was it, just like the other characters, something that it evolved into?

HelloItsJimRash47 karma

I think that naturally, characters tend to evolve from their beginning as the writers and the actors start to play around and find new things and new aspects about each character.

kevinwares_tibia36 karma

What was it like working with the great Sam Rockwell?

PS love The Writers Room. Can't wait for the episode tonight.

HelloItsJimRash44 karma

For lack of a better word, awesome. He's the sweetest, most approachable guy you will ever meet. Not to mention an immense talent.

Thanks for checking out The Writers' Room! Tonight's episode is awesome. It was great to sit down with "Parks & Rec," and since now is a good time for me to plug it - next week is "Dexter."

CommonsCarnival31 karma

What inspires you? Is there a daily ritual you have to become more creative? Thanks!

HelloItsJimRash52 karma

I don't have a daily ritual other than trying to start as early as possible, when I am at my freshest. To be truly creative, I chop off a block where I make myself unavailable to anyone (including email and phone) so I get 2-3 hours of uninterrupted time.

aspbergerinparadise29 karma

Hi Jim, you're awesome!

What character from Reno 911 do you think would fit in the best at Greendale?

HelloItsJimRash52 karma

I think Lieutenant Dangle would have an easy time working as a security guard, although Jeff Winger would give him a lot of shit.

TJSimpson1026 karma

Hey Jim! First of all, thank you for being awesome in everything you do; from Community to writing to interviews, everything you do seems to be with the utmost sincerity, whit, and perfect facetiousness.

Will we ever see you host Dan, Bobrow, McKenna, the Russos, Joel, etc. on "The Writers' Room"?

HelloItsJimRash76 karma

I would love to do an episode of "The Writers' Room" with Dan & the writers of "Community." I think it would be an honor to get to pick Dan's brain more on the subject of writing. And I would make Joel serve us coffee while we chat.

franks1no26 karma

Liquid preferences? Coffee? Alcohol? ...soup? Any etcs?

HelloItsJimRash73 karma

Iced tea. Unsweetened.

CeltPats123425 karma

It's unDeaniable how excited I am to see you doing this reddit. When are you going to write an episode of Community. Also which character do you identify with more: Fenton or Dean Pelton?

HelloItsJimRash53 karma

Well, I did have the chance to write an episode last year. It was the body-switching episode. And it's hard to decide between Fenton and the Dean, I just seem to be nailing sexual deviants.

rangotaegorpolox25 karma

How did you get started with your acting career?

HelloItsJimRash47 karma

As far as acting career in LA, my first thing was to start taking classes at The Groundlings theater. I ended up becoming a member of the company and have taught and performed there for well over 15 years. It's a good place to start.

BandBoots23 karma

Hi Jim! My brother and I met you at the Huntington beach premiere of The Way, Way Back. I'm sure you met a lot of people at these events, but in case you possibly remember, my brother was the one who told you about his friend that goes by the name "screw you".

I just wanted to say again that The Way, Way Back was a really great movie. Really streets ahead.

HelloItsJimRash35 karma

I hope you and your brother and your friend "Screw You" are doing well.

MacAndTheBoys22 karma

Just saw The Way Way Back yesterday, and I gotta say, once I put two and two together about who you were ("That's the dean!") the already good movie just got that much better.

Was the mustache your idea?

HelloItsJimRash29 karma

Sort of. I grew as much of a beard as I could, and then slowly shaved it to a goatee, and then to a long handlebar mustache, and then a little bit more, halfway up, until we settled on the look you saw.

trayvon_shartin21 karma

If you could own a mythical creature, what would it be? And why?

HelloItsJimRash49 karma

I guess a Pegasus, just so I can get around easily.

Bayoublaster20 karma

Since you are an actor and a writer, does that affect how you watch TV and movies? Have you ever seen something and thought either the acting or writing was excellent while the other was terrible? If you could recommend one film or show everyone should see, what would it be?

Also, would you rather visit San Deaneigo or Changcago?

HelloItsJimRash26 karma

Well, I think I would be remiss to say that there are things where one thing is stronger than the other. Whether the acting was stronger than the writing, or vice-versa. But I try to just watch movies for movies. As far as a must see, I'm having a hard time thinking of just one show or one movie for people to see.

I would go with Changcago, only because it seems more humble.

ironballoon20 karma

I am a huge fan of your work, I think you are absolutely hilarious! Your characters are always a priceless addition to whatever you appear in. What was it that made you want to get into acting, it's just you are so excellent in your fields that it makes me wonder what inspired you to go into them? Thanks so much for doing this.

HelloItsJimRash29 karma

I think I loved acting from certainly high school (although the theater we performed in might be questionable, it got me excited). But my love for everything in the entertainment / creative world started in college, when I worked at a student television station. It was very hands on writing, directing and acting. Again, questionable shows, but it was fun to do.

wishyouwerebeer_19 karma

What are you dressed up as right now?

HelloItsJimRash52 karma

I am dressed up in "Casual Jim Rash mode" - sensible pants and a top. No shoes.

MrTeapott17 karma

Hey Jim, big fan. I was wondering what you thought of more established directors using Kickstarter,

1) Do you think it is fair to would-be filmmakers and would you consider using it in the future? 2) Do you think this is where the future of the industry lies, in smaller VOD films? 3) Lucas and Spielberg are predicting a sort of Hollywood implosion in the next few years, do you subscribe to this theory?


HelloItsJimRash26 karma

  1. I know that the Kickstarter debate is a big one, but I feel like it's up to each individual who they want to donate their money to. So I'd say that it's really up to them.

  2. I don't necessarily know if that is the future. I think that the entertainment business is constantly evolving. The good news is that there are outlets for young and old filmmakers to make movies.

  3. I don't know. I would say they probably have more insight than I probably do, having been in this area of the business far longer. I guess I am also more of an optimist, since for me, everything is cyclical so hopefully Hollywood will be open to movies of all levels.

O-_-017 karma

Hello Mr.Rash, I have a question that I would appreciate your answer to. Do you ever wake up and realize that "holy shit, I'm a star" moment?

HelloItsJimRash41 karma

I wouldn't say I had a "wake up, I'm a star moment." I've had the "wake up and feel very lucky that a number of dreams have started to come to fruition" moments. I think I always want to keep level headed that there is more for me to do and to say, and that my growth as an actor and writer and director has just begun.

hubbahubba211214 karma

Hi Jim!

So I remember hearing that part of The Way, Way Back was based off of events in your life. Way are some of those moments? Also with the whole water parks theme ... If you could name a water park and or a ride in a water park what would it be? And what would be its theme/design?

HelloItsJimRash23 karma

Well I sort of answered the first part of your question. But if I could name a water park or a ride in one, I'd keep it simple. What if we just call the ride "The Rollercoaster" and just mess with peoples' minds?

Ididmybesttonotice8 karma

What is the most tedious part of being an actor?

HelloItsJimRash19 karma

It would be hard for me to say that anything about being an actor is tedious, when you love what you do. Like with anything, hours can get long, but I can't imagine anything I could complain about with that aspect of my career.

fisch097 karma

What are some of the "donts" you habe found in being a writer.

HelloItsJimRash20 karma

Don't judge your work too fast. If you're beating your head about it, maybe take a little break from it and give it a fresh read a few days after the fact. Often we become overcritical of our own work when we can really see that it's not that bad, or maybe there's something in there that we really love that we can bring out more.

olajuwonsfeet6 karma

Hi Jim. I am a huge Groundlings fan and have been one of your biggest supporters since I first saw you perform there in 2006. Every time a new featured show is announced, I hope that you are a part of it... either as an actor or director. As a big Groundlings fan, my questions are Groundlings-related.

  1. How much of your current success can be attributed to the Groundlings?
  2. As you continue to "blow-up", will you still be involved with the Groundlings?
  3. Any chance you will be in one of the main shows coming up? At least maybe the holiday show? That is always a favorite.

Hope to see you soon! And keep up the fantastic work! Excited for season 5 of Community.

HelloItsJimRash7 karma

  1. My time at the Groundlings was like graduate school for acting, writing and directing, so it was quite influential with at least the beginning of my career.

  2. I continue to teach at the Groundlings as well as be involved with the improv shows; I can't ever see myself letting that go.

  3. I definitely have plans to be performing in the Gas show there as often as possible and I definitely would think about doing a holiday show, if at all possible, because it's my favorite as well.

Manaconda5 karma

Do you have any certain mental obstacles when beginning to write something new? And if so, how do you overcome them and could you describe your processes for writing?

HelloItsJimRash16 karma

To be honest, one of the reasons that I wanted to be a part of "The Writers' Room" was to get nuggets of gold on how to make writing easier. But the truth is, we're all in the same boat - it can be a love / hate relationship. I love writing implicitly, but sometimes it's a tricky bitch. The best advice I ever got from a writer was simple: when you get writer's block and you don't know what to do, step away from your computer and run one errand. Make it simple and easy. Go to the bank, pick up your dry cleaning. And more often than not, the solution will have hit you while you've stopped thinking about it.

EveChelios5 karma

Hello Mr Rash, How was working with John Goodman?

HelloItsJimRash15 karma

Working with him was great. It was intimidating only in that I've long been a fan of his, but genuinely had a wonderful one-on-one time with him as we shot the episode.

mrssycamore5 karma

No questions, I just want to tell you that the only reason I watched The Descendents was because you wrote it and you're awesome. Can't stand that Clooney guy.

HelloItsJimRash15 karma

Well, thank you.

DudeWithAHighKD4 karma

How often do you get mistaken for Moby on a daily basis?

HelloItsJimRash2 karma

Quite frequently. I'm curious if he gets mistaken for me.

catherineoryan3 karma

Are you ever gonna grow a full beard or just keep the sensible stubble?

HelloItsJimRash10 karma

Due to "Community," I never have the time to get into full beard mode before I have to shave again. So my ZZ Top beard will have to wait.

liamquane3 karma

what is your favorite thing about winning the Oscar? do you think comedians can do amazingly serious pieces? if that makes sense. :~)

HelloItsJimRash9 karma

At least for one night, everyone seems to want to talk to you. And absolutely - I've long believed that the first thing you do doesn't necessarily define who you are. We're all multilayered and we're all looking to evolve. The first thing out of the gate is not necessarily the only thing we can do.

skkew2 karma

What were your thoughts while being interviewed by Ronna & Beverly? Were you annoyed they would not let you talk? (I personally thought it was a hilarious interview)

HelloItsJimRash3 karma

I loved hanging with those two! Happy to be interrupted, and happy to be shepherded along through the conversation.

Breadish2 karma

Jim, just wanted to say I am in awe if your writing. Your penmanship is remarkable. Content is good too.

HelloItsJimRash2 karma

First of all, thank you for complimenting the content. Secondly, how have you seen my penmanship? Do you love that it's all just capital letters and looks like a third grader wrote it?

randallfromnb2 karma

I just wanted to say that I watch Community every week with my 14 year old son and he thinks that you are the greatest. Your character in Reno 911 deserves praise as well. Please keep entertaining us for years to come. Thanks.

HelloItsJimRash2 karma

Thank you so much!

princesssquish2 karma

What's your real personality like? WHO IS THE REAL JIM RASH? thank you for your time.

HelloItsJimRash5 karma

In any interview that I've done, I'm pretty close to real life.

enlightenedsimba2 karma

I've never had such instant affinity to a person as when I discover they're also community fans and I know you're aware of how devoted we can be. From your perspective do you think makes the show mean so much to us?
Dean ya later!

HelloItsJimRash2 karma

We do have a rabid fanbase, and it's because of you guys that we are still around. It feels like it's our own precious secret, and we get to share it.

AMA_requester2 karma

Do you improv a lot on Community?

HelloItsJimRash2 karma

There's not that much improv. The scripts are very tight. More often than not, we just do what's on the page.

MorgaineDax2 karma

Life or death situation, you can only pick one, held at gunpoint, etc:

  • Act in a movie by your favourite director.


  • Direct a movie with your favourite actor.

And no fair just picking yourself. We all know you're awesome and multitalented.

HelloItsJimRash7 karma

I would say act in a movie with my favorite director, simply because we just began this journey as directors and I'd love to continue to observe great directors.

Joeger06982 karma

Hi! Big fan! whenever you get on a plane do you always check to make sure the phalanges are working properly?

HelloItsJimRash4 karma

Absolutely. I always believe in art imitating life, and life imitating art, so as soon as I play a character or say a line, I make it truth.

Redrammer2 karma

I know you're not supposed to play favourites, but if there was a fire would you let me know first? Before the study group even!?!

HelloItsJimRash4 karma

That's a tough one, because it would break every rule that the Dean had made to himself and to the study group privately. That said, maybe this one time, I'll save you first.

JayReel2 karma

What advice can you give a writer that will be moving to Los Angeles from Chicago within the next three years? Am I doomed?

HelloItsJimRash7 karma

First, you're not doomed. You're making that journey for a reason. Second, the best advice I can give to a writer is to never stop writing. No matter how bad it gets, try to write a little bit each day.

EliotJFallows2 karma

Hello! I'm a huge fan of yours so this is really special for me. Question: As a writer, what steps do you take to create good characters in your scripts? I'm working at becoming a screenwriter at university so your advice would inspire right now!

HelloItsJimRash4 karma

For me, the key to good characters is to tap into the people you know the best. So your family, friends, coworkers, they are always a wealth of material when inspiring characters. I always like to ask the question "Why is someone the way they are" and keep asking that question until I know everything about why they are the way they are.

fringe_event2 karma

I had no idea you hosted the Writers Room, I DVR'd one that had the Breaking Bad staff but haven't watched it yet. Will DVR the rest now!

What movie do you like to watch over and over?

HelloItsJimRash6 karma

You gotta watch it! I like to watch "Raising Arizona." Best. Movie. Ever.

peanutsbeta2 karma

Did your interpretation of Dean Pelton flow from the text you were given, or did you draw on something/someone as inspiration?

HelloItsJimRash7 karma

I'd say that the Dean's voice was very clear to me from Dan's pilot script. If anything, he evolved over the course of the show, but Dan's characters leapt off the page from the very beginning.

theboneycrony2 karma

What are you going to wear on Halloween?

HelloItsJimRash2 karma

Well, as far as what I am going to wear on the Halloween episode of "Community," I have no idea. In real life, I will dress as a couch and just write "Free" on me and sit by the curbstop. AKA I have no idea.

saulgoodmandr2 karma

Thank you for deaning this first off. My question is, was the cross dressing something you brought to the character or part of the initial conception?

HelloItsJimRash5 karma

The cross-dressing started in season 1 when the Dean saw the Dalmatian YouTube video, and he commented something along the lines of hoping that it didn't awaken something in him. From that moment on, I think the writers started having fun with the idea that it, in fact, did awaken something within the Dean.

tylermccsays2 karma

You are a huge inspiration. I occasionally see you working at a coffee shop in my neighborhood. Can I say hi next time? I never know how people feel about this...

Thanks for the AMA... Here's a different question: what's your technique for writing with a partner?

Thanks again!

HelloItsJimRash4 karma

Yes, I am not averse to a sweet hello. Our technique for writing as partners is rooted in improv, in that we proactively break story and work on things together in the same room. I know partners who separate and divide scenes and write individually, and then come back and work on it together, but on our end it's usually us working together.

teleluke2 karma

Whats your favorite breakfast entree?

HelloItsJimRash5 karma

I go through phases where cereal seems to be my favorite thing.

riskyplissken2 karma

Saw an early screening of the Way Way Back and it was awesome! I read that you guys were constantly fighting against the weather on the last few days/weeks of shooting. How terrible was that?

HelloItsJimRash2 karma

It was stressful. We had rain on the very beginning and very end of the movie, and since we were shooting in a water park, we didn't have anywhere else to go, we had to wait out the rain. When you are working on a very low budget, and you have your investors watching both your budget and your time, it's a challenging situation. We were able to make up the time, however.