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What was it like on the set of Hot Rod? seems like a great group to work with.

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Are you concerned that by the time Community has finished you will have developed a Dalmatian fetish? (if you haven't already.)

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Woah, that stuntman thing is crazy. Thanks for the answer.

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Hey Sid, first of all: big fan of your work, etc. etc. I've got three questions:

  1. Who do you think will win the clasico this weekend?

  2. Weirdest place you've ever conducted a phone conversation with Jimbo and the Football Weekly crew?

  3. How amazing was it to watch the Real Oviedo shareholders campaign evolve and eventually succeed? I bought a share and it's something I'm quite proud of being a part of despite having no ties to the area or the team so I can't imagine how it feels for you.

Cheers Sid!