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is an American actor, comedian, producer, and Academy Award-winning screenwriter. He is best known for playing Dean Pelton on the NBC sitcom Community

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It's very complicated.

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I get told this a LOT. It feels like if enough people put this out into the universe, it will happen.

HelloItsJimRash1414 karma

Absolutely. Simply so that we can say that phrase over and over again.

HelloItsJimRash1202 karma

Done, and done.

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My favorite costume is Lady Gaga, only because they literally made that from scratch. Very impressive. As far as favorite episode to film, I'd have to say it was both the paintball episodes. It's probably the closest I'll get to an action star right now.

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I'm glad you're not getting tired of it, because I wouldn't be surprised if Seal reaches out to Joel & I to do a re-master of it. My downtime is hiking. And if I'm not hiking, I'm always loving doing improv shows at the Groundlings.

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I don't think you can ever go wrong with "dean-a-ling-a-ling." And as far as being bald: it's magical.

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My. Handlebar. Mustache.

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It was exciting, but it was a very interesting time to be there because it was a closing of their chapter. So it was a highly emotional week for them. I felt privileged to get on the show, but you couldn't help but feel for this moment in their lives that was coming to an end.

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First of all, thank you. It was a huge honor to get to be a part of "Community" on the writing side of things. No plans to do that this year, just excited that Dan is back and that Chris is back.

And I've long known that my name was an ill-conceived idea from the beginning. By the way, thanks for checking out "The Writers' Room."