Hello reddit. Nat Faxon and Jim Rash here. We co-wrote THE DESCENDANTS as well as the film THE WAY WAY BACK. We would love to take your questions about anything and everything, so ask away.

Update: Thanks everyone for your questions! We had fun. Be sure to check out The Way, Way Back on Blu-ray and DVD!

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xrm421 karma

Hands down -- you guys have made some of the best movies released in the past five years. I honestly cannot think of a single movie with better character development than The Way Way Back, and I’m very excited to see the stuff you’ll be putting out in the near future. That being said, what made you decide to cast Steve Carell as more of a dickish character rather than his usual typecast of a goofy guy?

I also noticed in the closing scenes that Duncan’s eyes are full of lust for Susanna. Does he ever come back to bang her?

NatFaxon41 karma

You'll have to wait for the sequel when he comes back #LustatWaterWizz

no1partyanthem20 karma

On scale of 'streets behind' to 'streets ahead', how was your first taste of directing?

NatFaxon26 karma

Streets Ahead

TomRalphio16 karma

Can you tell us what the joke was that Sam Rockwell cracked which caused some drama at the water park?

NatFaxon28 karma

Sam started riffing on the joke of making out with Lewis' mom and getting a case of the herpes that played over the entire water park on the speaker system.

TomRalphio13 karma

Hey Jim and Nat, what I love about your writing is that the situations and conversations always come across as very real. Do you draw inspiration from your own lives?

NatFaxon40 karma

We usually draw from things we know. Things from growing up. The first scene in the movie where Duncan gets called a 3 is something that happened to Jim when he was 14.

TheOnlyBoss3 karma

Looks like I got here first second, but I can't think of a question..... uh.... What's you're favorite pizza topping?

ninja edit: Ok I have a real question now: Towards Jim: What do you consider as the most hilarious scene you've acted in or directed?

NatFaxon7 karma

Nat - meat Jim - no meat